Monday, May 31, 2010

Eberhard Replica Watch

Basking in the glory of its innovations and drawing inspiration from the traditional process, this name has rewritten the philosophies of watch manufacturing methods. Georges Emile Eberhard found that his interests in watches were deepening continuously and transformed those into a passion called Eberhard watch company in 1887. Backed by the knowledge given to him by his father, Georges crafted watches of high technical capabilities and soon earned the clientele from reputed families. His expertise empowered him to churn out exceptional watch movements of pure elegance and beauty. His company is now one of the top watch companies in the world, which can brag of rich quality products and tasteful clients.

In 123 years of illustrious past, this brand has showcased collections of watches like Chrono 4 series, Extra Forte, Tazio Nuvolari, 8 Days collection, 8 Jours, Les Coubees and few more. The advancement in technology exhibited by these timepieces is highly spoken of. Not to forget its magnificent style and dainty grace. The connoisseurs of watch do not get tired appreciating and admiring these amazing gadgets and the celebrated people from the fields of glamour, sports and business echo the similar feeling.

Accessories yourself in the most flawless demeanor and flaunt a look which will engross every mind and heart coming across it. This has become possible with the Eberhard timepiece copy models, which are an absolute copy of the original brand. Taking down every little detail about the design and technique of the actual watch, these copied watches boast of the same look and feel and will enable you to style yourself just like the renowned and accomplished figures. Be sure not to wear these watches when you intend to get in water. Eberhard watch fake designs are not pricey so rush and pick your style today and enjoy the everlasting freshness of it.

Beauty School For You

Want to learn more techniques about cosmetology and about beauty? Then this beauty school where only high standards of excellence are being implemented can help you. Not all schools can give their students like that but at Regency Beauty rest assured that only qualified and skilled are there to guide you to hone your talents in cosmetology career and they have latest salon equipments. Regency has lots of campuses around US and they are expanding and continue growing.

Sometimes it’s not all from experience where you can perfect your craft; we also need to learn from school the basics and some techniques that you can’t get outside the school.

It's Gonna be a Busy Day

Hey all…. I hope you all had a great weekend with your own family.

Wow, it’s another Monday morning and it feels like more good things are coming for all of us this whole week, only if we have faith. I have done some house chores already and even gave my dog Sophie a bath. I thought of doing those chores early so that when I start to work there’ll be no distractions anymore.

Now my work has started and for sure it’s gonna be once busy day for me. Life is just too good that sometimes I hate to think that I’m whining over an acne treatment that I needed for this unwanted zit on my face. I’ve learned not to complain and ask for too much because some people have more and big problems that I have. I should be more thankful which I am right now.

Time to be Thrifty

These days eventhough I'm earning quite well, I can't seem to overspend or indulge in too much materials things because I'm not really that time of a person. I may buy one or two expensive bags, which is my weakness, I can never buy left and right on things that seems not so important. Sayang ang pera hehe.

I know that money will not be free flowing all the time so I might as well save and save for the future. Probably save it to get health insurance since I don't have any family of my own. I'm just too sad to hear and see that some mommies are spending too much on some things that I see not urgently needed when in fact they can save it for their children's studies. Oh well, to each its own. I in turn salute mommies or homemakers who put their children and their living needs on top of their priorities.

Save some penny today.


Gold.. Ahhhh, they glitters and they’re so precious and valuable long before. If given the chance and if I have some money, I’d probably buy golds to have it as an investment. Looks like a very practical to do but I guess I still have to learn the ins and outs of investing in gold so just in case I ventured into this, I’ll have some knowledge on how it works. For a lot of investors they are not having second thoughts of investing in gold for they know that gold are stable form of investment even if they will remain in your hands for long time.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Sweet Cravings

My brother is always telling me that I'm kuripot (penny pincher) even to myself sometimes . He told me that if I work so hard I should treat myself or indulge in something that I want once in a while. Well, I've rewarded myself with some material things lately and I'm happy about it. When it comes to food I'm not into it so much, maybe that's why I also don't need to find any fat burners that work because there's not much to burn

Seriously, I've never been adventurous when it comes to food. I don't go on food trips just to try different meals or cuisines and that's what  I envy about others. There are those who likes food so much and even love to dine  all  resto to taste other menus.

Anyway, just satisfied my sweet cravings last Sunday by buying a whole cake of Black Forest from Red Ribbon. Would you believe that I still have a slice left in the fridge that I can munch again tomorrow? Yum!

No Work

I spoke to my friend the other because I'm inviting her to play badminton but unfortunately she can't make it last Friday because she is going to attend a birthday. She also told me that she seldom go out anymore since she quits her job this year. She had to sacrifice because their company transferred to the province and eventhough she tried commuting from Rizal to Batangas it's just too tiring for her. With that situation, she opted to just quit her job.

I've been telling her about my online work and other best affiliate programs long time ago to her so she can have extra work just in case but too bad she didn't heed my advice. She seemed not interested, oh well she should have listened to me ... tsk tsk.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

School Time Once Again

Since I don’t have any kids going to school, I don’t feel the pressure that every parents are having right now that another school year is about to unfold. I just saw my sisters-in-law preoccupied with their children’s enrollment at school. In fact, just last Monday, my SIL bought already books after she enrolled her daughter. Since SIL is working and earning, she didn’t opt to use her payday advance for the enrollment fees but I promised her that I will be the one who will buy school supplies for her daughter and son so that it will take some load off to their finances.

My niece already knew about it she’s been telling me to get her a Sakura notebooks (her fave cartoon character) and pencils. She's not going to buy school anymore because her uncle gave her a Barbie one as a gift on her 7th birthday last May. I bet she’ll be excited to buy her school things probably this weekend or early days of June.

Paying our Bills on Time

Though it maybe hard to pay our bills all the times, I reckon it’s always the best thing to do because we can avoid penalties. Late payments can also lead to service interruption or your connections being cut off and I’m sure we all don’t want that to happen. I’ve experienced that one time when I need to pay our water bill and it slipped my mind. I was surprised one day when a representative from the company came to cut our water

Not only it was so embarrassing and uncomfortable for us not having water for half a day, it incurred a penalty or the reconnection that is much higher than the water bill itself. Right now, I have to make a list of things to pay and dates for it. If you also have credit card bills, try to settle it so that bills will not overlap. Interests and penalties will be summed up and it’s another burden on your part. If you are in deep depth, credit card debt settlement can be of help for sure.

Monday, May 24, 2010

I Feel so Blessed

I’ve been busy these past few days and work seems to be doing great. With all the blessings that I’m getting right now, I’m very blessed and so very thankful of what I’m receiving. Not all days are the same but when work pours, all I have to do is to focus so that I can do all of them. It’s pretty hard if I’ll neglect and be choosy because there’ll be time when work will not coming.

Anyway, I just wished that many people will be blessed as well so that we all have money to pay for our bills. I know it’s not easy to look for money when nothing is coming on your pocket. Others will find themselves inquiring about payday advance when they think they have no other option but to do this. There are now companies where you can get instant cash when you need it on emergencies.

How Intuitive am I

My intuition is often right, and I use it more than I may realize it. My gut feelings are usually a good guide, but I need more to go on when making a decision. I often check to see if the facts back up your feelings. And when my intuition is wrong, I work to improve it for the future.

I also have this feeling that something is fishy or not going right when I hear stories from friends or when I talk to somebody and sometimes that saved me from being harmed

WSOP Player Spotlight: Phil Gordon

You have to wonder sometimes if there's something lucky about the name "Phil" when it comes to poker. After all, with so many big name Phils in the professional poker field today (Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, and Phil Laak to name a few), it seems like it may be more than just chance. There may be no one better to tell you about it than Phil Gordon. His ability to teach, act as a commentator, and player poker successfully are all noteworthy hallmarks of his success over the years.

Gordon graduated with a degree in computer science and went on to work with a company known as Netsys Technologies. Netsys was bought out by Cisco, and Gordon's ground floor position in the company allowed him to become a literal millionaire, freeing up his time so that he could focus on things that were more important--like poker. He began traveling the world, playing the game, participating in more tournaments, and steadily progressing up the brackets of major tours.

Gordon placed fourth in the 2001 WSOP, narrowly missing his chance at the bracelet but building his poker winnings even further. He made two additional final tables in the WSOP over the next few years, and placed well in World Poker Tour and other events. His live tournament winnings as of the end of 2009 exceed $2 million, but this isn't the only way that Gordon makes money with poker.

The name Phil Gordon is familiar to many spectators of poker simply because he's a frequent commentator for major events. He also frequently hosts poker television shows (including invitationals, showdowns, and long term television series). This same skill has allowed him to teach. He offers high quality one-on-one teaching, including a poker boot camp, and gives advice through published books on poker.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Internet and Me

These days, it seems that I can’t separate myself using my laptop or desktop pc and hooking on the Internet. A day will not be complete without reading my mails, working on some of my online works or simply browsing for some cool stuff. I reckon it has grown on me and become part of my life and I will not wonder anymore why some people are feeling the same way too.

The Internet has been a good source of anything and everything that’s why entrepreneurs also see it as a good tool for their businesses. Why not? Millions of people all over the globe connect to the Internet not just to read mails, chat or reconnect with friends & relatives, pay bills, do online banking but to shop as well.

Who would have thought that we can purchase or order products without even going out of your house? Business owners realized that they can get targeted clients online so they opt to put up online stores. You need not have knowledge on we site building because; there are companies who offered such services plus web hosting. If you want to get started or you want to see some reviews on web hosting, you can read info and reviews on Blue Host which happens to be the webhost of my blog.

How much coverage should you buy?

This is not an easy question to answer. While in the negative it can always be said that you should not just stick with cheap third party coverage, it is not easy to say exactly what you should cover. Should you do collision coverage as well as comprehensive, or should you only retain collision coverage? There are also other types of coverage like GAP, and you should have some knowledge about all of these, and your particular situation, before deciding how much coverage to buy.

If a car is so old or so badly damaged that it will cost more to repair it than to buy a new one, its owner should, or should have, bought gap coverage. If you consider the likelihood of natural disasters in your region to be low, you may choose to opt out of comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage, however, is a must, because when an accident takes place, that is what cars do, they collide. This has more chance of happening to a car than its getting stuck by a lightning bolt, for example; so, in order to gamble less but gamble sure, collision coverage is a must.

If your region has a tendency to produce various so called "acts of god," like floods, tornadoes, lightning and what not, you will want to consider comprehensive coverage. This takes care of all non-collision accidents like the ones mentioned above.

Finally, it all depends on your particular situation; there are no preset rules about it. The best way to go? Find out a good car insurance agent who talks straight, then talk to him. He will be able to help you out best with how to make a choice in buying coverage.

The Art of Deception in Poker

The amount that you can bluff and the tactics that you can use to deceive and manipulate your opponents will vary depending on where, what, and how you're playing poker. Your opportunity to bet in limit games will have much more slender effects than your bets in no limit games. Furthermore, if you're at a casino, your physical appearance and persona will play a major factor, and hiding tells is very important. In online play, these factors aren't visible, and you will lose the chance to read your opponent's tells. Still, you can bluff atCaesars Online just as well as you can at Caesars, Las Vegas, if you know what you're doing.

Bluffing is risky business, since by its nature it means that you do not have a winning hand. If your opponents can tell this and call you down, you will lose. If even one of your opponents has a winning hand, they will call you down. In any case, you will lose, and generally, you'll lose substantially.

Keep track of your opponents and what they are playing. Pay particular attention to when your opponents seem willing to fold. Once you have a basic read on people, you can take opportunities to bluff for a pot. You should never bluff when you have more than two or three other players in the pot with you, and when you bluff, you should always choose to represent a card or hand. By representing (or acting as though you had a specific card or hand), you will be able to have a more consistent and believable display. Beware of the risk of the other player actually having that very hand. This is why it's so important to do this only when there are a few players, since this diminishes the likelihood of other players having a made hand.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Random Thoughts

It’s another hot and humid morning and I’m starting my day early as I have many pending works that need my attention asap. I hope it’ll be a productive morning for me and I’m hoping to accomplish over half of the work that I need to make before I immerse myself with designing stuff once again. I’m just so inspired to tinker at photoshop lately unearthing my buried designing ability anew. Though I’m tempted to play games at faceboook or this monkey defense flash game, I need to focus on work first because work is piling up.

I’ve been reconnecting with old friends at facebook lately and it’s always nice to see them and interact with them once again. Been seeing updates from relatives as well and my sister who is working in a big hospital in Riyadh is promoted and we are happy for her. I guess she’ll have the privilege of going to Dubai once again for conference with pleasure as well and hopefully try the Dubali mall when she’s there. My other sis in Sydney will soon start to build their dream house and I hope once it’s finish I can visit them once again. Can’t wait for that!

Another week has passed and it’s a busy one for me, hoping yours is good as well.

Life Can Be Sweet

Oh yeah it can in many different ways.

A simple smile from someone can be sweet as it can brighten up your day. A pat on a shoulder for a job well done can send an employee to cloud 9. Pouring online works just like in my case, brings a smile from ear to ear. Life is sweet though it can be boring at times hehe.

A hug from your hubby and your baby will forever be cherished by moms out there and I can see some moms nodding and agreeing with this. So no matter what makes your life sweet, embrace the moment that it is there.

Home Mortgage Calculators: The Process of Interest

Mathematics is a fiend. Of this you are sure. Numbers elude you, offering no comfort; only tired confusion. You cannot understand them and you're not certain you want even to try. They are nonsensical necessities. You want only to avoid them. But you can't. Your future depends on them. Because a mortgage is more than the simple loan. It requires you, instead, to consider all things monetary. So many percentages can overwhelm, leaving you disheartened and unwilling to continue. You need help. Home mortgage calculators can provide it.

Each calculator offers you the ability to place your information within a secure site and allow the interest to be determined. You no longer have to decide each number for yourself. It is, instead, condensed for your understanding (and potential approval). Many, however, may not be aware of what is required for these tools to work. There are certain prerequisites you must be willing to provide.

To begin, remember that all home mortgage calculators will need to know the amount you have gained. Understand your loan and how much you will ultimately receive. Nothing can be learned without it.

Once that is done, you must then provide the interest rates you have been given and the years you have been assigned (this number is flexible, however. It can reflect the effort you intend to offer). The worth of your property is then evaluated, as well as your tax requirements. All of these elements must blend together, allowing you to see what you must pay and how long it will take.

This becomes a true value of time and energy.

Home mortgage calculators grant you the ease you were certain could not be found. Use it. Learn from it. Let it be your guide to success.

The Perfect Locations for Above Ground Pools

So, you are interested in above ground pools and are considering buying one but want to get a landscaping plan in mind before the big purchase. There are many ways to incorporate a pool into your yard, especially when it comes to above ground pools. Above ground pools can be moved from their original location in your yard and they can also be taken down each year when the warm summer months come to an end.

Many owners of above ground pools prefer to put their pools in the back yard. Back yards are typically surrounded by fences, lending more privacy during your pool time. Back yards usually have more room to install larger above ground pools as well.

When it comes to landscaping for above ground pools, many people opt to create a sand pit. Your pool can be placed over the sand pit so that you don't damage any grass in your lawn. You could also plant some shrubs and flowers near the pool to help the pool blend into the lawn landscaping. Assemble your pool in an area that receives a lot of sunlight. This will help keep the pool's water at a comfortable temperature all summer long. You can place the pool in a few locations before filling it with water to make sure you are completely satisfied with where you have it.

Many owners build a deck around their above ground pools. A deck can give the feeling that the pool has a permanent location within your yard. A deck around your pool can also be a great place where visitors can lounge and sun tan when they tire of swimming. You could buy some lounging lawn chairs to put on the deck for extra seating. The deck can also double as a barbeque hangout if you decide to invite the neighborhood over for a grill out.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Online Games Have Gained Popularity Across the Globe

According to a study on consumer spending from Newzoo, a research firm determined that the total budget of U.S. gamers (aged eight and above) is a staggering $25.3 billion. Newzoo reported that the remaining 54 percent of the budget goes to new game retail. The data was provided by Gamasutra, a company that specializes in online games.

The research firm also determined that 46 percent of that budget goes to the used game trade, virtual currency, digital distribution, and other virtual economic needs. The firm conducted a study of 13,000 online gamers and determined that the U.S. claims 183.5 million gamers. The study was done in conjunction with TNS, as part of the 2009 Gamers Survey. TNS is a leader in global market research.

Globally, console games consume over half of the money spent on video games. However, Germany, which has a very strong PC market, is an exception. Newzoo's survey also reported that U.S online gamers spent a whopping $15 million on home and handheld software. PC games followed with $4.15 billion spent total. Game portals claimed $2.78 billion, mobile devices $1.1 billion, and MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Onliners) $2.12 million. MMO games support literally hundreds of thousands of players at the same time.

For most, MMO games are played across the Internet by necessity. However, newer game consoles like PSP, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 can access the Internet and can therefore run MMO games. In addition, some mobile devices and smartphones can also access MMO games.

Traditional, new retail games have gained popularity in European markets. For example, in Belgium, packaged retail games account for approximately 59 percent of online gamers' budgets. In Germany, retail games account for 62, the UK claims 64 percent, the Netherlands accounts for 69 percent, and France claims 78 percent.

JCPenney Coupon Codes: Chasing Time

You sit at your computer, astounded by what you've found: a discount that will slice dollars and worries away from a much craved product. You've been wanting this item for too many days to name, and now it's finally yours. You select it, as well as the savings now attached to it. You expect a reward. But there is one complication -- when you choose the discount, you discover that it no longer applies. It's ended and all that remains is the original high cost. You're defeated (yet again) by shopping. JCPenney coupon codes, no matter how advantageous they may be, require some scrutiny. Otherwise you may find yourself even more frustrated than usual; and that would be unfortunate.

All JCPenney coupon codes eventually expire. This is a long established rule that will never fade. Assuming a discount will stay in tact is creating an inevitable sense of failure for yourself. They all, in time, vanish. And, while they may be replaced, there is no guarantee that what appears will satisfy. It may not be what you need.

That is why it is imperative that you do not waste precious seconds (and savings) in consideration. If you spy a reduction that seems ideal, take it. If you see a sale that can't be missed, chase it. All codes will one day disappear, and you must always be willing to pounce upon the one that is best tailored for your needs.

With JCPenney coupon codes, you receive instant discounts for the products you want. There are few things within the realm of shopping that will aggravate more than hopes being broken by a missed date. Pay close attention to all deadlines and seize every opportunity as it comes. Bargains may now be easier to achieve, but they still require dedication. Find what you want and then claim it. Hesitation may be the greatest mistake.

It’s Tee Time

I guess you are all having a grand time with your summer vacation eventhough most of the times the heat and humidity is just unbearable. I have lots of friends and relatives who have packed their bags and went on a family vacation with their family out of town while some enjoyed the cool breeze outside the country.

There are actually lots of activities that we can do this summer; you just need to choose what you feel like most doing. Going to the beach swimming, snorkeling, diving and more are no doubt a hit for those that love water. There are also those that love attending seminars in cooking, baking and more.

Sports aficionados will find basketball, car racing and even golf irresistible. I remember my brother in law who loves to play golf after coming from work. I’m not sure if he is a fan of Tiger Woods though but he has love and passion for this disciplined sport. I know if he had his way, he’ll be wishing to play at one of the Myrtle Beach golf courses, where he can practice his playing skills.

There are many golf courses, as what I’ve read there are about 80 and that will excite him for sure. It’ll be a tee time for him and his son Braiden, another bonding time not just with his friends but with his son as well. If you’re a golf lover too, you can opt to choose at the various Myrtle Beach golf packages being offered and let the fun starts.

Check out more details and see photos/ video of their golf courses at .

Monday, May 17, 2010

Virtual World

We have seen the surfacing of virtual games over the years and a lot of people around the globe mostly guys have been addicted it to. I remember my nephews being glued playing counter strike, Dota and lately World of Warcrafts and DiabloIII. Such an engaging games and I see them enjoying themselves and trying to beat their opponents.

These massively multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG as they call it are played in the virtual game world where multiple: can be hundreds or even thousands of players can play and interact with each other. Each player must have an account and take a fictional character. Just like any other game, their characters must then perform and complete a task.

MMORPG community have blossomed and played around the globe. Those that love playing such games like World of Warcraft or Diablo3 and more

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Fill Ins

1. I just had iced tea and cream-o biscuit for meryenda.
2. I need to break this monotonous routine of mine because it is boring as it is.
3. The third sentence on the 7th page of the book I'm reading: it was widely assumed that he was quietly serving his time until one glorious day when he would walk free. (from John Grisham- The Brethren)
4. Buying some digi-kits lately tickles my fancy.
5. I was walking with my dog Sophie yesterday afternoon and she loves it.
6. Wowowee makes me laugh (sometimes)!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to digi scrap, tomorrow my plans include still staying at home hehe and Sunday, I want to go to church, see a friend and laze around!

Power Nap

Wow, I just had the longest rest today. My morning was not as productive as I want it to be bec. I wasn't able to finish any online task and I guess the pms mode is creeping on me again. Had my lunch and after taking my bath after that, as usual I was in my bedroom for TV time and mandatory rest. I fell asleep eventhough it's so hot and it's already half past four when I got up.

Quickly turned the laptop on only to find out that it's not catching any wifi signal so I have no net. I went to SIL's house where our Linksys router is connected and saw that it was turned off. Looks like that my small niece must have accidentally switched it off.  Now, I'm ready to work again and hopefully I can whip a digi layout as well because I'm excited to work on the kits that I bought last night and this morning.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Thought of Driving

Driving around have lots of advantages that’s why I see no reason why there are many people want to learn how to drive. Anyone can learn to drive through driving school while some just learn on their own. Whichever you prefer just make sure you are always driving safely on the road and following all the road rules is a must. It’s not only for your  own sake but for all the people on the road.

I guess to be able to learn how to drive, it also requires courage that unfortunately I didn’t have. Shame on me for not pursuing my desire to drive one of our vehicles before for I’m not that confident. Oh well maybe one day, I’ll be able to find that courage and be behind the steering wheels and drive my way to anywhere. I know that driving feels liberating as my cousin who recently just learned to drive a car bec. her husband bought her one. I’m proud of her and in fact she’s been encouraging me as well when she enrolled in a driving school.

Owning a vehicle also involves responsibility of having it registered and insured. Owners can also easily get car registrations number for their vehicles online that can add a personality on your vehicle. I guess you see vehicles with plate numbers with their names on it and that always is cool. Look, I have my name on the plate.


2010 Election Finished

It’s the National Elections day yesterday at our country and what makes it special is that it is our first automated elections. I wake up early yesterday morning and tuned in my TV to news and special coverage regarding the elections. It was pretty exciting to watch the very first precincts to open at 7 am and voters to cast their votes early.

Many are excite dto vote this year and in the mornings though there are some instances where the PCOS machines are not working but the BEI managed to make it work later on. There are also reports of isolated violence in some parts of the Phils. where some were left dead because of election related incident. Anyway the election ended also at 7 pm and hopefully we can know the winners by tomorrow.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day


To all the mommies out there, it's your special day today and I hope you are having a grand time with your family. We had a simple celebration today at my brother's place, the food is overflowing but I failed to take photos bec. it slipped my mind maybe because I'm too hungry already.

My mom is 77 already and eventhough she already needed some wrinkle creams, many still say that she didn't look at her age. She is also a bit active compared to her other friends and former classmates the same age as her. I just wish her good health and that is what I'm always praying for bec. lately she's been a little sick. The weather is just making it worst but I hope she'll be healthy all these years.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Just One Click

Been pretty amazed at how technology have evolved through the years. It always makes me smirk when I remember the beeper days and when the cellphones used to be so heavy and big that it is impossible for us to put it on our pockets. I still have the old cellphone of my sister and I'm keeping it as a souvenir.

These days shopping can be a breeze as well, just one click of a mouse and you already made your purchase, paying bills and other chores have become convenient as well. At the grocery your items will be scanned easily by a Symbol LS2208 barcode scanner. No need for the cashier to manually input the price bec. it will add up quickly.

Ahhh love new technology, it's making our lives a bit easier in just one click or so.

When Lazy Mode Strikes

Oh dear, I've been stuck in the house for over a week now, though I'm loving it (at some point) I still need to break this routine or else I'll be in my lazy mode all the time. Being at home doing my online works, doing some house chores and on the side looking after my niece and nephew at the other house can be ok but boring at the same time. It's not my usual routine before because I'm already at my net cafe in the morning, doing some errands and going home almost at 9 pm.

At home, mostly I'm in front of my pc working or if not digi-scrapping but I need to do something else. I need to socialize once again and go back exercising. I'm not looking for the best ab workout but a simple workout that will keep me going. I'm guessing that badminton will be enough for me and I hope that next time I can join my friends to play.

Blog Hoppin'

I was browsing and blog hopping from one blog to another and I could not help but to be inspired on some blogs and admire their writing skills. Wish I was born to write like them bec. it's so profound, artistic and the words are just so perfect that just captured my attention. Other blogs are just plain spammy and I hate those too much blinkies and animations on their pages that's making me Oh well that's their style and it's their blogs so be it.

I've also seen blogs where posts are well written but a bit opinionated and have strong and sharp messages over some issues. I can't help but to chuckle a bit because I saw lots of hateful comments on almost every posts that she made. She's been defending her posts and arguing back and forth and to me that is stressful and if shell not even need a lipozene if she wants to shed some weight bec. that alone will make her sexy, LOL??

Anyway, owning a blog is a way to release stress and to gain more friends but if you've got some enemies bec. of that, then it's not fun at all.

Desktop Publishing

Before I even become a blogger, desktop publishing is my line of work for many years aside from having a net cafe. I'm making business cards, flyers, thank you cards, all kinds of invitations such as baptismal, birthdays and wedding invitations and more. Actually I don't have a formal training in a school on how to make them, I just learned it because my sister who has the same business showed me how to. I also experimented on some and fortunately I was able to do it quite ok.

It was just a small neighborhood business and actually when I started I only use MS Publisher to layout my designs then later on I learned how to use Photoshop. It was a bit lucrative business when I first started it but when lots of shops sprouted and doing the same thing, the competition becomes tough.

Since I also became a full time blogger I have not much time to do the orders so I have to decline some. Right now, I'm not accepting orders from clients bec. I'm busy but hopefully I can still make some of them in the future.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

1st Automated Election

The much awaited 1st Automated Election this coming Monday, May 10, 2010 is very much anticipated by many. I could hear jingles of our local candidates on the streets over and over again that it's already annoying my ears most especially when I'm taking a nap in the afternoon.


I already have my choices Pres and Vice Pres. slots but I still need to fill about 3 more names for the Senators. I guess I need to read their bio and flatforms once again so I'll have more ideas. For the local ones, I have my mayor and vice mayor but it looks like that I'm not picking too many councilors. There are not too many good choices and frankly I don;t want to vote someone that has no track record in our town.

With all the booboos on the pcos machine and all, i hope the election will turn out peaceful, honest and a lil' organize if not perfect. Let's all vote so that we can exercise our rights.

It Needs Some Tune Up

Oh dear the weather is making us crazy lately because of too much heat. Just imagine having temps from 35-37C everyday with matching humidity then probably you’ll whine as well. I just got out of the shower few minutes ago and it feels like I’m inside a hot oven in the house. We have no choice but to drown ourselves with water and turn the electric fan full blast.

Not only humans are complaining but if only machines, gadgets and our vehicles can speak then for they will say that they got hot easily when used. Just last Monday, our Toyota Lite Ace broke down while my BIL was driving it in the middle of the hi-way on their route to the mall. With so much luck, my BIL was able to drive it again and fortunately the timing belt is not the one having a problem but they've got an overheated engine which brought the aircon  to shut down as well (yay too hot!).

How’d we wish we have a brand new vehicle, a Honda Accord is not bad to consider but we still need a bigger van that will carry us all when needed. Right now, my brother will have to schedule our Lite Ace for repair and hope he’ll find one a good one bec. good mechanics and shops are hard to come by.

Our second hand van needs some check up and I just wish nothing major repair that will require us to shell out lots of money will surface.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

24 Years of Marital Bliss

My sister and brother in law will be celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary on May 10 and it’s such a blessing. I can see their love and affection with each other up to now but of course there are moments of times where there is misunderstanding and arguments. How I wish more couples will celebrate years of years together. Meanwhile my mom and dad (if he is still alive) will be celebrating their 53rd anniv. on May 5th.

I’m not sure what their anniversary plans are since my sis and bil are both working in Saudi as contract workers but I’m pretty sure they will both have a dinner together or with their friends. I know they also love vacation, having been to many Asian countries to unwind with their children but a vacation  in Jamaica would be perfect without their kids in tow. Since their Silver Anniversary will be next year, I guess giving their selves a well deserved vacation is just right.

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Ahhhh Jamaica….. it boasts of pristine beaches like Negril beach and other fun activities for all vacationers. Explore the nature while mountain biking, mountain climbing, white water rafting or horseback riding. There’s so much fun when you are out there. How I’d wish I’ll also experience Jamaican magic.

A Caribbean Dream

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Establishing Online Presence Through Web Advertisement

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Vacation that you Deserve

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