Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Her Holidays are Over !!

The vacationing days of niece from Sydney is about to end in 1 1/2 days as of this writing. She's been here since Dec. 14, 2009 for her holidays and she had a blast. I know she will miss the Philippines once again when she got back to Australia but I know she also loves too her friends back home.

We have been shopping most of the times since she wanted to bring new clothes and other stuff in Sydney. Last Sunday was our last shopping day together where she bought items not just for her self but she also looked for some gifts for her friends. Good thing is we found wallets, necklaces and more.

I know she is excited already and is looking forward in coming back home here in Pinas in the future.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

SIL's Sideline Business

My sisinlaw, who is a SAHM for about 6 years worked again just at the latter part of 2009. She wanted to have an extra income for her family that's why she wanted to work again. Good thing is that she got a work at a local cooperative where she do paper works (accounting) 2x a week. Her salary is a good addition to their income.

On the other side she also sells Avon products, MSE (shoes and clothing) and even health insurance. She even wanted to venture into other things and later on maybe she'll be giving me home insurance quotes as an added income for her. At least she is trying her best to have sideline business for her family.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Time to Tie the Knot

Summer is just around the corner and like any other family, it's the perfect time to pack your bags to unwind, laze around the beach or go on destinations of your choice. I reckon that anyone deserves a vacation even just once a year. A person with only work in his head and does not think of taking a vacation is a dull and boring individual.

It's also a a good timing for weddings, the sun is up, the skies are clears and it's perfect time (minus the heat) to tie the knot. Just in case you didn;t know, destination weddings are popular these days. Check out karismahotels.com for wedding packages that will suit your budget. It's ok to splurge on your wedding since it's gonna be a lifetime experience.

When Kids Get Cranky

I can hear my niece crying outside, I am guessing she wants something but her parents won't give it to her. I know there are parents who would give in to what their kids want most of the times to spare them from seeing them cry or get cranky while other parents would not allow them for fear of getting their kids spoiled.

I am not a parent yet so I don't know how will I react when if I will have my own kid but judging with how my sis in law treats it, there are times that they give in especially if it allowable but most of the times, I can hear my SIL nagging. There is also some instances that she can hit them because she told me so that they will learn. Hmmm..

What about you what do you do when your kids get cranky about something?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Found this nice quote and I thought I'd share this. It made me also rethink about myself and my situation.
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Monday, January 18, 2010

From SAHM mom to part-time Career Woman

My sis in law who got bored just by staying at home cleaning , cooking, taking care of the house, kids and all has decided to work again. Her 2 kids are also grown up (11 and 6) and don't need that much care like infants or toddlers. She was working before when she got married and before she got pregnant that's why I don't see her not wanting to work again.

Fortunately she landed a small job at a nearby cooperative and only works there 2x a week so she has still a lot of time with her family. On the side she also learn to sell some few things, like Avon (makeups), clothing etc. With those sales jobs that she has she was also able to generate a little income for her family.

Want an Infiniti Car?

Having a car or any vehicle for that matter is very convenient for every one. We have 2 vehicles (van) and it is only mostly used when we go to our store every morning and going home at night. Though we can still commute and ride the public transport everyday, we still thought having our own vehicle is still the best as it can be used anywhere we go without paying fare or boarding from one bus to another. I just wish that petrol will go down because it’s a bit pain in the pocket plus the maintenance but that’s how it goes when you have your own vehicle.

As much as we wanted to have a car, I don’t see it fitted our big family. However for those that is seriously wanted to own one this year and been eyeing an infiniti all these years, i think this is the time to save and read reviews. I know you’ll drool over 2010 Infiniti FX35 model which is a wagon type vehicle with strong acceleration and high performance.

To help you with your choice of other models, I think it is also best to find photos and reviews online or even ask as friend who has similar vehicle bec. it can also help you to decide if the Infiniti is for you or not.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Improving One Self Esteem through Self Affirmation

Many of us have low self esteem for many reasons. We may feel that we are ugly, dumb, fat that needed a quick weight loss, not intelligent and other negative connotations about ourselves in some point of our lives that it can hinder our attitude in life.

In this video we can learn how to improve our self esteem through self affirmation by saying positive things about ourselves. We can find what is best in us maybe we have a good talent in singing, dancing, drawing and more and get strength from there.

I Better Do It

The weather is changing constantly, the last few days i noticed that it's a bit cool then all of a sudden it will become humid and sticky, then the other day it's windy and scorching hot in the afternoon. I see this the reason for me getting sick lately but I'm better today. Thank goodness.

I have to watch what I eat also, fatty foods can be the culprit and lack of exercise. Gone are the days when I use to play badminton daily. I gained weight since the holidays and I'm not sure if I can play badminton once again. I should and I must do it or else I will find myself looking for the best fat burning exercises online to cut some weight off me.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Teen Woes

I got teen nieces whom I'm always seeing in front of the mirror for several hours. I sometimes make a joke on them that the mirror will already break if they will stay longer hehhe. As usual they are conscious about their appearance and a small appearance of an acne will send them scouring the net for skin id reviews to read.

I told them that it's normal for teens to develop acne because of their hormones and they should not put just about anything on their face because it may make their face worst.


A friend texted me and asked how am I doing, told her that I'm sick but I'm getting better. I asked her the same and she told me that she's about to go to her doctor's appointment to follow up on her hemorrhoids treatments since last year. Yay I bet it's pretty hard to have that ailment, must be so uncomfortable to seat properly. I think she already has undergone a surgery and a follow up is needed to make sure that she's really doing well already. It's really hard to be sick these days, not it will make you feel worst but it will drain your wallet as well if you are taking lots of medicines.

Sick and Working

Arghhhh it's pretty hard to work when you are sick. Here I am still feverish with cold and in my pajamas and still online. You know I still need to work because deadline is coming and of course being a good employee I don;t want to be swamped with work and be labeled as lazy. Haha I know I can excuse myself because I'm sick but fortunately my work is online and my net cafe is manned by my sis inlaw right now. No, i'm not sick because I wanted to lose weight and looking for the best diet pills. I'm sick because of a cold and fever probably due to ever changing weather recently.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Traveling is fun!

Now that Christmas holidays is over and new year is upon us, we are all back to work and our goal is to work harder and save for the next holiday or vacation. It's always good to plan your vacation ahead of time so you have something to look forward to and of course you have an ample of time to save for it.

It's always fun to travel and see different cultures, places and hotels like this hotels in panama city beach. I am dreaming to go to Paris, to go to Caribbean, and other places. Ahh.. if only money is not a problem then I'll pack my bags and travel right away!. Who knows they might come true!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Naming and Branding your Company

Have you noticed that some brands or products are popular over the others? With lots of competition these days companies will try to do their very best to stand among the rest of their competitors. A copy-cat will never succeed and those with genuine, unique and quality products and or services will be the ones left behind.

Establishing a company is not just an overnight thing, it’s a series of brainstorming, product research and development and of course long process of branding and naming of your brand. Every company need to have a logo, tag line that is catchy and can easily be remembered by consumers. If you have no knowledge and would like to work with an expert, a Naming Company can definitely help you with that. BrandIdentityGuru.com has couple of services like web design, marketing, branding and SEO that can be useful to your company.

For sure it would be great, when consumers saw your logo; they can immediately identify your product right away and that would be a bonus for your company. It only means that your logo and brand name is already clicking or communicating with your consumers. Just like what BrandIdentityGuru.com says “A great brand name is the ambassador of your company.” I guess you already got the idea by now.
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Monday, January 4, 2010

What a Mess!

I hope that we'll not have a messy house the whole year because we started the New Year with it. It may seem not appropriate to share it here but the house is literally on mess right now. Just imagine 3 teens vacationing in the house who doesn't know how to clean their mess when you don't ask them to. Our luggage from previous trip to Hongkong are still out and have not been put in the storage room.

I still have tons of clothes to iron, our bathroom glass tile also needs some cleaning, my room which I am sharing with vacationing niece is jumbled and I have no time to do all of them asap. Soon I hope I'll get them cleaned.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Life is Too Short

Yeeehah... It's a brand new year for all of us and maybe some of us have New Year's resolution that they wanted to do. Well for me, I don;t really make resolutions because I know I can't keep them anyway hehe. I'll get let things flow naturally and just decide which is better and what are the things that I need to change in me. Right now, I have no concrete future plans yet but I'll be praying that another overseas Asian trip will come our way.

Life is too short and we need to enjoy it. Just like my mom said, she'll go anywhere now as long as she can still ride the airplane and go on a trip. Ok, with that trip in mind once again I need to keep working hard this year if I want to shell out some money again. If you like going on a trip or buying an LCD TV or maybe a Slingbox, a new car or a designer bag, we just need to work hard for it to get it.

Something to Consider

Hey all, I hope you are all having a great New Year. We all had a blast last new year's eve and until now we or I felt like I was still on vacation because my sis and her family is still with us vacationing from Sydney. Almost everyday we are out of the house because they don't want to get bored but there are times, I can;t come because I feel burned out and exhausted already.

Gosh, maybe this is already also a sign that I need to take care of my health more since I am not that getting any younger. I'm still being asked by a friend also to get a health insurance and because she talks good and her skills in insurance advertising is good, I don't find it hard for her to get a client. As for me I will still think about it.