Saturday, May 22, 2010

Random Thoughts

It’s another hot and humid morning and I’m starting my day early as I have many pending works that need my attention asap. I hope it’ll be a productive morning for me and I’m hoping to accomplish over half of the work that I need to make before I immerse myself with designing stuff once again. I’m just so inspired to tinker at photoshop lately unearthing my buried designing ability anew. Though I’m tempted to play games at faceboook or this monkey defense flash game, I need to focus on work first because work is piling up.

I’ve been reconnecting with old friends at facebook lately and it’s always nice to see them and interact with them once again. Been seeing updates from relatives as well and my sister who is working in a big hospital in Riyadh is promoted and we are happy for her. I guess she’ll have the privilege of going to Dubai once again for conference with pleasure as well and hopefully try the Dubali mall when she’s there. My other sis in Sydney will soon start to build their dream house and I hope once it’s finish I can visit them once again. Can’t wait for that!

Another week has passed and it’s a busy one for me, hoping yours is good as well.

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