Wednesday, March 30, 2011

School Break

My college nieces and nephews are already having their semestral break. 3 of them are taking a vacation at our house and right now, we're all using our laptops at the same time doing different things. One is playing games, the other is building a website and the other is doodling at Photoshop. I noticed most of the times that they got so bored easily and they need to do anything to keep them occupied. Oh well, they only have a month of semestral break and after Holy Week, they'll be back to school as the university that they are in have 4 semestrals in a year unlike the regular univ that only has 2 terms.

I still have a niece in elementary and 2 nephews in highschool that are still going to their school. They've been doing some clearance stuff and some rehearsals for the recognition day and on Friday they are finally on vacation. It only means that their house will be noisy once again. I hope they also take advantage of the summer vacation to sleep and take more rest so their body can release more hgh releaser for their growth. As of now, they've been asking me to treat them on a swimming at a nearby pool and we'll see if I'll grant their request.

Not Yet Too Late

It's always heartbreaking to watch the news about crimes being committed because most of the times the perpetrator is under the influence of drugs and liquor. Many people have become victims of these bad vices that can result in the destruction of their lives. Not everyone can enroll in a rehab centers like california treatment centers to cleanse themselves that's why many lives are ruined and more crimes are increasing.

I just hope that the families of the victims should seek help when they learned that they have a family member who's into drugs or other forms of bad vices. It's not yet too late for them to change, there is always hope.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Outside my window…I can see lots of jeepneys, tricycles passing by. Actually I'm at my store right now.

I am thinking… of planning a birthday vacation treat for myself and few of my friends. An out of town getaway would be fun I guess. I hope there's another seat sale so I can avail some more promos. I would love to go to Davao, Cebu, Bohol, Palawan and experience the nature here in Pinas.

I am thankful for…all the work blessings that I'm continuously receiving.

From the kitchen…I've already cooked chicken with pineapple for lunch and there's a left over. I just told mom to fry some fish later on so when I come home from work we can already eat our dinner.

I am wearing…my loose jeans and my fave brown shirt.

I am going…make more photobook templates tonight and rest early as I feel achy today.

I am reading…some posts about Eva Longoria and how I love the fashion style that she has.

I am hoping…that I'll finish more works tonight, make some templates and business card for a friend.

Battery's Dead

I bought my laptop in June of 2009 and after a year my laptop battery went dead on me. Now, I have no choice but to use my laptop with direct source of electricity. I have no one to blame but myself because I wasn't able to take care of my laptop's battery. After fully charging my battery, there are times that I don't unplug it from the socket and that is the reason that I might have been overcharging my battery.

Looks like I already need to buy a battery and check out the prices of batteries online. I know it's kinda pricey especially if I want to buy an original Dell laptop battery. I already called the store where I bought my laptop and they have no stock and I need to order from them just to get one. Yay!

I learned my lesson now, don't overcharge my battery!

Cold Feet

Oh dear I'm having a cold feet (literally) since last night. My feet are so cold up to now and I'm having cramps once again. My monthly visitor is knocking once again and I don't like the feeling that it's giving me every month. I need to drop by the drugstore later to buy a pain reliever just in case I can't take the pain anymore.

Right now, I'm still trying to finish some work loads until I'm not down yet in pain. There are times that I feel so bloated and "heavy" because of my pms and the only thing that I can do it to lie down and rest. Migraine can attack anytime as well so I should be ready as well. Yay, the pains of being a woman.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Creative Geniuses

I always admire people who are very creative and have so many ideas in their heads. Sometimes those ideas can immediately be implemented in their works through arts & crafts, photography, visual art, print and advertising ads and more. Have you found yourself pausing for a moment while admiring an ad that you see while you are walking on the street, reading a newspaper or watching on TV? Little that you know but there’s too much effort and hard work put into that ad before it was even printed or shown.

If you run a business, advertising is an integral part of the success of your company and working with companies like Grok can make your advertising more effective and often shows good results.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Happy Thoughts


"Whoa, it's Wednesday once again!" as what my niece blurted out today. She's on sem break and could not believe that days passed by quite easily. Anyway, here are some of my happy thoughts for today.

1. Sweet ripe mangoes for lunch. I have not eaten this for a long time since I'm just too afraid to put more acid in my stomach but since my doctor told me I can eat them only if I have eaten rice already so I ate a slice of it today. Yey!

2. The balikbayan boxes from my sis and BIL in Riyadh are here and it only means that we have lots of goodies once again. Ahhh.. the perks of having a relative overseas!

3. Slowly gaining a bit of weight. Actually, I don;t even need any diet pills that work because what I want is to gain more weight since I got sick lately. My appetite is back and been eating foods that I don't and can't eat before.

4. More works pouring in once again.

5. Payments at my Paypal account coming in. Yey, after 100 years, the company that owed me money, paid me and other bloggers today.

6. My aunt had a Facebook account already. I was so thrilled to see the FB account of my 70+ yrs. old aunt in the US. I'm guilty of not writing to her via snail mail but now, we can update each other all the time. I'm sure, my cousins taught her how to open and browse her account.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Conveniences of Owning a Vehicle

Just so thankful that we have several vehicles that we can use anytime we want. A van, tamaraw (which we always use), motorbikes and a tricycle can make our travel more convenient and much faster. We also wish to have a Ford vehicle but we can’t afford to buy it anytime soon. Even though the oil prices increased once again, using our vehicles gives us more ease when we travel if we need to carry our stuff and if we have kids in tow.

Owning a vehicle can have some advantages but owners need to be responsible in maintaining it. As much as possible you need to check your brakes most of the times and if you suspect that it’s time for a brake job then by all means go to your repair pal immediately. Also check your oil, water and tires most especially if you’ll going to travel long distance. Nothing beats being prepared.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tension in the Middle East

I guess you already know about the unrest in Libya in the past few days. It has affected thousands of people, not just their locals but many foreigners as well. There;s so many OFW or overseas Filipino Workers that are coming by batches from Libya to escape the turmoil there. Upon hearing the various stories of our workers, I can;t help but to feel sad for them and their family as they not only lost some of their belongings while they are escaping in the borders but their jobs that are giving them salary that can feed their families. I'm not so sure (nobody really knows) when the tension will subside but I hope it's soon.

There's also a news that in Saudi there'll be a huge demonstration and protest come March 11, 2011 and it's very alarming. I have a sister and a brother-in-law who are working there and it seems that if worst will happen, they are going to evacuate and go home in the country as well.

It's just so sad as there are many workers that will be jobless when they go home here. I just hope and pray that it will not surface. We need to pray that everything will be alright and not many will be affected. It's just too sad.

Fab Weddings

I was watching several wedding videos taken by wedding videographer, Jason Magbanua and viewing wedding photography of Nelwin Uy. I can't help but to admire their skills and be in awe of their work.

Here's one wedding that I find very nice. Cy and Kai's beach wedding was so beautiful and Boracay made it more special and memorable for them. I also love the pastel colored pinwheels & umbrellas, destination wedding dresses, the white sand and all. It's just so inspiring.

Watch the video by Jason Magbanua, so you'll know what I'm talking about.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Appliance Shopping and To Buy List

It was last December when I had an appliance shopping. I asked my mom to come with me and we’re going to buy kitchen appliances at the nearby mall. She was happy when she heard it as she’s been asking me to replace some of our old appliance. I bought a Kelvinator refrigerator which I find the metal color very nice and the size perfect for our house. It’s also a self defrost ref so I will not have a hard time defrosting every now unlike our old ref.

I also bought a bigger washing machine with dryer. It seems that our laundry woman is having a hard time washing our bed sheets so my mom insisted on getting a bigger one. Our shopping doesn’t stop there because we also bought 3 electric fans for our home. The old ones are then given to my brother and can be used as spare when we need it. So far, I’m happy with our purchases and I intend of buying more soon.

I’ve been meaning to buy an LCD TV and soon we’ll have one. I already asked my sis overseas to buy us one and she’ll bring it when she gets back home here this year. It’s always thrilling to buy appliances for the house and next on my to buy list are blender, mini oven and new Corell dinnerware. I hope that I can save more this year so that come December I can already buy what I wanted.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I saw this idea from a friend, so I asked her permission if I can also do this.

Outside my window…I can see my dog Sophie wagging her tail because my brother and her family came from work. She's so happy to see them and she immediately lay on her back as she wants to be cuddled and scratched.

I am thinking… of opening an account in our local e-bay so I can sell my own stuff. I've been asking friends to sell my used bags online and it turned out that they gain more profit than me.

I am thankful for…all the work blessings that I'm receiving.

From the kitchen…I'm frying tilapia fish while I'm making this blog post. I'm also re-heating the toge dish that I cooked for lunch.

I am wearing…my very loose green duster that is a handdown from my mom. I love it as it is so comfy while I'm at home working.

I am creating…another digital scrapbooking kit. Actually it's a Mother's Day digi kit that I'll be releasing soon.

I am going…download some photos on my new camera and hopefully I can put watermarks on them before I can post it on my other blogs.

I am reading…a blog that I stumbled upon while hopping and it's a nice read. I read lots of tips and tricks about photography and photo processing.

I am hoping…that I'll be healed fully with my mild antral erosion on my stomach.

I am hearing…that electric bills will go down in next few days.

Around the house…my niece is here using her new samsung laptop that her parents sent her from Riyadh. She'll be back at the dorm tomorrow.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I'm planning to finish the digi kit that I'm making so I can make new templates. Need to have my FBS and other tests done at the laboratory.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Traveling Around the World

It’s my routine already to open my e-mail, twitter and facebook account every morning before I go to work. Sometimes it’ll take me an hour or 2 (or even more) to finish those tasks. I was so happy to see lots of photos and updates from my facebook account each day and it makes me connected with my friends, family and relatives.

A shoutout of my cousin caught my attention because she mentioned that she already had visited 96 countries in 3 years, 80 of which after she recovered from stage III cancer. I was so happy for her for she’s on her toes once again. The latest photos that she shared was from New Zealand the other day and now she’s in Bali. I bet she’s having a blast with all her travel.

Meeting new people, experiencing new culture, going to tourists spots, eating new food and hearing language are just some of the exciting things about traveling. I commend her (my cousin) for being so brave traveling alone, not to mention the language barrier sometimes is too hard. With all the countries she has been, I wonder if it came to a point where she needs  translation services so she can communicate much easier. You know, there are countries that not all of their native people can speak English, the universal language so mostly communication will be tough.

Meanwhile, I’m excited to know where’s the next destination of my cousin. Ahhh.. I envy her, How’d I wish I have lotsa money and can travel around the world too.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Filipino Accent Tutorial by Mikey Bustos

A friend of mine shared this Filipino Accent Tutorial by Mikey Bustos youtube link at Facebook and I can't help myself laughing because what he is saying is true. I also remember my Aussie bro in law used to laugh at my Pinoy English because when I say no. three, he said it sounds like tree.

Watch this video as it is so funny and true. I guess I have watched this over 3x already.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Scary Identity Theft

I guess it's not new to you that your identity can now be stolen. It's pretty scary to know that identity can really happen especially these days when technology is on its surge. Credit cards can now be stolen and used, your paypal account can be hacked, your social networking account, sites or blogs can be accessed by internet hackers and more. Poor thing, we come to an age where technology is used in bad ways by crooks.

I had an interesting read a while ago and it's about those Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) that are used and put on ID's, credit cards, passports and other places to transmit different data. It can speed up transactions but the bad thing is that your data or identity can be stolen when some crook people or hackers try to make a rfid readers to get all your data. Wow, that is pretty scary and it's really happening.

Since those things are happening already, rfid blocking wallets are invented to prevent those readers to read your data in your passports, credit cards etc. thus preventing identity theft. I hope more ways will be invented to stop those hackers from invading our privacy.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts


Whoa, it's another Wednesday and I could not believe it . It's also the 1st Wednesday of the month. Anyway, here are some of my happy thoughts for today.

1. Finally, my endoscopy, colonoscopy, ultra sound, ecg and fecalysis are done. Went through those tests last week and this Monday and I'm happy with the results because all along I'm having negative thoughts about my stomach. I really thought that I have a colon or rectal cancer, lol . I just have some anthrum erosion on my stomach and like what my doc said it can be treated easily.

2. Got rid of coffee for a week a now! Yey! This must be the real culprit for the too much acid in my stomach.

3.  Mom getting new lcd monitors for our computers at the shop.

4. Balikbayan box coming from overseas coming this week. Wahoooo!

5. Sophie going inside her cage at night to sleep without me telling her to do so. I think this is pretty cool, she already knows our routine.

6. Star apple (kaimito) fruits given by a relative fresh from their tree. I haven't eaten this for a while since it's seasonal and I ate half of it this lunch time and it was just so sweet. Love it!

7. Chocolate cupcakes on our fridge but oh no, I can't eat them all. Should I cheat and take a bite? lol

8. Sis finally moved to their new constructed house in Sydney. Oh boy, they have a big and very spacious house. The only problem there is, is that sissy will have a hard time cleaning it

Back to Work

I'm having some health issues for quite sometime now and finally I had it addressed this week. I'm so glad with the results and now I'm back to work. I need to work again so I can earn what I spent on my medical fees since I wasn't able to get good discounts because of my lack of medical cards.

Anyway, I took a complete rest on Monday and Tuesday morning, I went back to work. Nope, I don't have like those of the merchandising jobs, which can be so demanding and tiring. My work involves reviewing products/services etc. and graphic designing for digital scrapbooking.

As of now, I have lots of work to do and of course I'm still praying and hoping that there'll be more to come.