Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ceiling Fans: Keeping Us Cool

If you’re living in a tropical county just like me, I guess you’ve experience having a warm climate all throughout the year. There are times that the weather can be too hot or just too unbearable so we have no choice but to find ways on how we can keep our family and ourselves cool. Summer months can be a pain so we need to install air-conditioning units or use electric fans.

Not all homeowners can afford installing an aircon at their homes, so the best choice that they have is to buy ceiling fans, desk fans and other types, which is much more affordable. Aside from that, using fans can be energy saving as well. We can save some bucks by not using aircon all the time.

Not only tropical countries uses a ceiling fan, in fact you can even see it all over the globe where the need of that kind will arise.

Gaining Self Confidence

We can’t hide the fact that, our self image plays an important role in our lives. All of us have flaws in our bodies and sometimes it hinders us from being confident. We may not know that we have a great talent or skill because we are blinded about our physical flaws and that is very sad. Our bodies come in all shapes and sizes and that makes us all different from each other. Unfortunately, not all of us are gifted with beautiful bodies that we can flaunt and show off to everyone and that’s where the problem arises.

Those that are faced with overweight issues are finding a lot of ways in resolving their problems. There are practically a lot of ways to do: eating healthy, exercise, dieting, change of lifestyle and cosmetic procedures. These days, cosmetic surgeries are already such as liposuction have become common. How many times we have heard celebrities and common people undergoing such procedure and proven to give a good result. Many testimonies have shown that after going a cosmetic procedure their self confidence came and that is a positive sign.

We also can’t hide the fact that many people have the fear of going under the knife but going to certified facilities with fully qualified surgeons like River Medical is a must.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reconnected Through Facebook

I just found out that a friend of mine whom I have not seen for the last 10 years has a recently opened salon business. I only knew about it when she found me through Faceboook. I scoured her photos and shout out and I was so happy to see her family and her business. I sent her a private message congratulating her and to update each other with our lives. It’s always great to reconnect with friends after so many years.

Thanks to Facebook for I have been reconnected with my former classmates and even with my relatives. About 2 years ago, I do not intend to sign up at FB as I don’t see the need for it but when I saw some photos of my cousins in US via my SIL’s account, I immediately signed up. Now, Facebook has become one of my venue to look for old friends/relatives, share my thoughts, showcase my digi-designs, and follow my favourite websites.

People have been reconnected faster and now have the chance to easily follow what sites they love.

Monday, January 17, 2011

America's Next Top Models

There are times that I had the chance to watch the America's Next Top Model over at ETC channel 21. Not sure if that is a new episode or re-run but I enjoyed watching it. All the models are too skinny, as if they've taken lipozene to get that body. I wonder if they are still eating hehehe.

The show is a great venue for newbie models to hone their skills. One of my fave judge is the handsome photographer Nigel Barker as he's always giving good and frank advice to the models so they can do good the next time they face the camera and pose. Tyra Banks on the other hand, became an inspiration to all the contestants. Her tips and tricks about modeling are graciously shared to the models while giving her constructive criticisms on the performance of the model.

It's great to see how the models evolve and grow while they are on the show and the experiences that they got from the show can be a good credit on their credentials.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

From X-Large to Medium

Another good story about weight loss problem solved that I watched recently. The biggest loser TV show and other similar shows are very inspiring to those that wanted to shed off those extra weight that they've been battling for many years now. A local TV show has had a guest that shared her experience about her being big and how she overcome that trial in her life.

It was a very long process and trying all sort of ways to reduce her weight such as dieting, taking weight loss pills, exercising and more has made her even more determined along the way. She made herself determined and focus on her goals. Controlling herself to limit her food intake is hard and no joke but she managed to do that step by step. Now with all the hard work that she has done, she can now wear medium ladies shirt from XL size. Yey for her and wishing that more people have success story like her.

Dermatologist of the Stars

I always love watching Salamat Dok every Sundays after waking up in the morning. This morning, Dra. Vicki Belo, a renowned dermatologist of local celebrities is the guest and they're talking about skin problems like acne and how to properly treat it. She has suggested numerous procedures and products that can alleviate that skin problem and even showed some video footages to help viewers.

It was always a delight to see her on TV teaching some tips and answering questions of the callers. How'd I wish I'll have the chance to her clinic and have my oily face. I don't have an acne but I'm also wishing to have those flawless and beautiful skins that many of her clients have.

Aside from going to her clinic, there's so much info about acne and treatments that we can find online, you can start if you click here. The best thing if you have an acne is not to prick it and consult your derma if you can.

A New Car

Wow, my uncle just bought a new car for their family before Christmas last year and of course how'd we wish we can afford to buy the same. We have no budget right now but my mom is really dreaming of buying a replacement for our van just like what I've been blogging here the past months. A second-hand van is good enough as long as it is in good running condition.

Owning a vehicle these days has become a necessity rather than being a luxury. Car owners also will not find it hard to find car insurance quotes for they are now available online. My uncle who also has a small business can now deliver his good faster and that only means more productivity.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Want a New Phone

With all the latest phones that are coming out in the market every now and then, it makes me even more puzzled what to buy soon to replace my "jurassic" Nokia Phone that I'm using for over 3 years now. Blackberry, iPhone and this HTC Desire Z are just so tempting to buy. I'm even reading htc desire reviews online to help me decide.

I reckon I have to know what  features in a phone that I need and will use over and over again . Aside from that, I have to consider its affordability and the one that will fit my budget then that's the time I can buy a replacement. Oh boy, now I'm torn.

Life Can Be Unfair

Sometimes I could not help myself but to pity our helper as he was having a hard times with his life and family. They are living in slums which is not very conducive for his children to live in. Having a big family hindered him from having a comfortable life as he has 8 children to feed. He only works for us when mom called him to do some repair works in the house and at time he works in a construction area where he's not even wearing work gloves as he can't afford to buy one.

We always give them food and other stuff if we have extra but those are not enough for them. How'd I wish he has only few children so he can support them well. With only few salary and many mouths to feed, it's impossible to give them a good life. Oh how sad.. but sometimes, I can't help but to blame them for being uneducated and not knowing the results of having too many kids. I can only sigh.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Business Legal Issues

Owning a business can be lucrative but owner needs lots of determination, research, patience and hard work to make it really successful. Just like in reality, there’s always been ups and down and things not going or favoring our side.

In some cases, you or your business can experience legal issues with regards to licenses, trade secrets, trade regulation, product liability, employment problems, copyright problems and more. If that happens you need to find the best commercial litigation lawyers to represent you in court. The Butler Firm, is an

Only a Business Litigation Austinfirm like The Butler Firm can handle your corporate bankruptcy matters and complex business litigation problems as their attorneys are focused in giving professional legal service services to their clients as they have handles numerous disputes already. There’s no doubt that Butler Firm’s Complex Commercial Litigation Austin expertise can help any business straighten out their legal issues.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Local Celebrity Weddings

It was last December 22, 2010 when Asia's songbird Regine Velasquez and singer composer Ogie Alcasid tie the knot in Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, Batangas. The private ceremony was witnessed by showbiz personalities and her close family members.

Regine's gown was stunning red gown made by Hollywood designer Monique Lhullier and was said to be worth Php 1.6 million pesos. Not sure though who is the designer of their bridesmaid dresses but they are equally stunning.

Soon to wed this month is Oyo Boy Sotto and Kristine Hermosa but the wedding date is not so clear and I think they want to keep the ceremony very private that's why they are not too vocal of the date and place. I just wish them all the best and I just hope that their marriage will last.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Investing This Year

Another year is gone and 2011 just came in. There’s so much to be thankful for the past year and this year we should all be hopeful for more blessing to come. If you’ve been meaning to start a new business this year, just one of the many business investment options is gold. We know that gold has been one of the safest and more stable investments to date.

Just like any investment, it’s always safe and practical to know more about gold investment and to know how gold spot can be very helpful if you want to invest in gold. You can even ask or request for free gold guide to know more about recent gold prices spot gold and more.

Experts say that if dollar drops while gold advances, chances are there’ll be an increase in demand for gold investment.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Becoming a Nurse

There are still many students taking up nursing to become nurses and work abroad. We can’t hide the fact that nurses’ salary if you’re working in the US and other country is incomparable than the salary you’ll get when you work here. I also noticed that nursing uniforms have been upgraded in the recent years. Gone are the days when they can only wear white uniforms because colored ones are acceptable in many departments in hospitals.

Working in a hospital where it can be very busy and tasking, a comfortable uniform and shoes is what nurses have to have.

I have many relatives and friends that are nurses and I believe that aside from wanting to earn more, they wanted to hone their profession and share their knowledge in health care.

Back to Work

Hello all, Happy New Year! Hope you all had a grand holiday with your family and friends.

I'm back to work now eventhough I wanted to extend my holiday vacation. I wanted to start the new year right so I'm getting myself work once again after long vacation. I have lots of work to do and I want to beat the deadline so I can have a good record. I'm also looking for a document management software that can help me with my work. My nephew was kind enough to give me his Genius tablet, now my drawing and doodling at Photoshop will be easier.

I'm looking forward for more blogging works and digi designing stuff so I can be very productive this year.