Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Enjoying TV and Movie Time

The reason I bought a new 32" samsung lcd last April was to enhance our viewing times. We love watching TV all the time and it’s great to watch Tv shows and even movies in a bigger and clearer TV so I decided to buy a new TV for us. Mom and bro accompanied me to buy one last summer and thankfully, a store is having a sale on their appliances so I was able to get a decent discount for it.

Now, watching TV is more pleasurable and if it’s movie time, the fun and excitement is doubled. Recently, I’m also back to watching movies on DVD and I can’t wait to watch all the old movies that I weren’t able to catch on the big screen.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Praying For Speedy Recovery

We’re so shocked last Tuesday when my oldest brother was rushed to the hospital by my other bro and her wife. He is apparently experiencing some chest pains and dizziness and when he can’t take it anymore he asked my bro to rushed him to the nearest hospital.

It was found out that he had a mild stroke and that he needs a change in eating and living lifestyle now. He loves coffee (too much of it actually), pork with fats, cigarette and staying up late at night and all of these are the reason why his health is failing recently. We love having bbq on our electric grill sometimes on weekends and he is the one who keeps on telling to us to have liempo, tenga ng baboy (pork’s ears), and even crispy pata. Oh dear.. now his body is asking him to slow down.

We’ve been asking him to also stop smoking as it is really not good for the health and we always remind him that our dad succumbed to cardiac arrest too when he was only 55 so he better take care of his health now if he wants to live longer. I guess he’ll heed our advices.

Right now, he’s out of the hospital and recovering at home. He needs to take all his medicines and consult another doctor soon.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Trip Down Memory Lane

I was brought down memory lane when I happened to find some old photos of my dad and of us when my siblings and I were still kids. We seldom spend time with him as he's always stationed on different far provinces due to his work. Mostly, he comes home during weekends and that is the only time we can bond together to eat out, shop or even just staying inside the house.

Dad was not here anymore for over 20 years now and of course there's no doubt that I missed him. In fact, I still dreamed about him from time to time and wishing he's still with us to see what we have turned out.

There’s no Father’s Day or his birthday that we can’t remember him and if he’s still alive I’m pretty sure I’ll be busy looking for gift ideas for dad too. There are actually many gift ideas that I saw online like cooler bag, mouse pad, solar powered system, watch case, and lots more.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Music Lover

Dr Dre Headphones I always see my nephew with headphones on his head everytime I come to visit their house. It looks to me that he enjoys music while working in front of his computer. I just wished that he is not putting the audio into full blast for it is not advisable by doctors. We can only tolerate certain amounts of sounds and if in excess, it can already affect our hearing. Much to say that using them for long periods of time every day is also harmful.

Anyway, one time, I asked what he is into and he mentioned me that he is also mixing sound music and helping his cousin with the music on the online game that he is making. Wow, I never thought that he is also blessed with that music talent. Now, I know what to give him this Christmas, an HD Dr Dre Headphones would be perfect for him. I learn that this headphone has an extraordinary deep bass and audio clarity that can give quality music.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Jazz Up Your Homes with Bi Fold Doors

I’ve been living with my mom in our house for many years now that was built 2 decades ago. It was still on its tip-top shape but I guess it also needs a make-over since the style is already outdate. If money will not be an issue, I also want to have it re-painted inside and out and that includes the roofing. I know it will require a substantial amount of money and hard labor but I’m praying that I can have it done before the year ends.

I’ve always dreamed of having my own house someday but I’m not sure if that dream will soon become a reality. My sister already had built their new house in Sydney and I’m so happy for her. It was both her and my BIL’s dream house and I reckon they love every minute staying their with their family.

How’d I wish to have a house like theirs, very spacious and neat. Her husband made it sure to put the best materials and furniture in the house. I can’t wait to see and visit their house when I come there for fold doors

Anyway, whilst going through some inspirations online, I can’t help myself to admire beautiful houses built so neatly. Went through the gallery of Clear Span and these houses with bi fold doors caught my attention as it not only can let the light and air come in generously but also made it more spacious when folded. Perfect when you entertain guests all the time in your home as you can easily open it up on the backyard for your barbeque time and more.

These doors fold in or fold out in the areas where you wanted it to be installed. It can also serve as a divider and can jazz up your homes, making it more functional.

bi fold doors

Friday, July 8, 2011

Customizable Toolbars by Zugo LTD

My bestfriend is back to the corporate world once again. After leaving her old job for 2 years, finally she decided to try to give it a try again since a friend of hers offered the job for her. I guess she is also missing her work in the office and of course with the increasing life’s expenses that’s why she grabbed that opportunity

Her new line of work is into communications where the company of her boss is distributing equipments in the tele-communications industry. The company was still new and of course just like any other company it needs a little boost in terms of branding and marketing. It has come to their knowledge that not only putting a website, blog and joining social networking sites that can help but also creating their own toolbar.

I guess they’re going to try customizable toolbars and start pages of Zugo LTD eventhough there are some not so good speculations about the toolbar. Zugo toolbars are actually free from spyware and malware and they are not threat to any user’s computers. In fact, it is easier to install and can even uninstall if you wish. With many people going online to search, the toolbar can make browsing and searching easier

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

MBA Information Technology Management

We all can’t wait for my nephew to finish his course in IT. Actually, it’s been taking him quite a long time already because he’s been missing some of his subjects due to his work. Yeah, he’s been studying and accepting works as well and maybe that’s the reason why he can’t take full load on his subjects.

I know that by the time he’s graduate, more works will be pouring on him but we all just hope and pray that he needs to concentrate on his studies first and let the work be the second choice. In fact, when he’s already an IT professional, he can even enroll an mba management technology online to get more good credentials on his shoulders. It can also be the key to a position that he could not even imagined once he has a good edge.

Well, we’re all hopeful that he’d be more focused on his studies and not let the work, game developing and even computers games hinder him from attaining a college degree and an mba management technology degree.