Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Increasing Security on our Homes and Business

We always think of security for our homes, family members and even our business and it should always be on top of our priorities. We are never sure that we are always safe so we must implement some safety measures at home and on our business. Putting a simple lock on gates can already deter would be house robbers but these days, robbers are very clever and can do anything just to get inside your homes.

A lot of home owners are already determined to install home security features in their homes like alarms, smoke detectors, sophisticated lock system, cctv cameras and more just to add the sense of safety and protection in their homes or establishments. We can’t blame people from doing so for there are many known robberies and burglary even in broad day light. Electronic stores like Ilus Electronics, is offering wide range of intercoms, intercom systems, integrated access control keypads and door Phones, gate openers and a few other products that can help in security of your place. With their state-of-the-art gate openers you can already open your gate without you getting off your car. Not only home owners but as well as establishment owners can take advantage of their quality electronic products at very competitive prices.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Crazy Weather, Crazy Me

I woke up late this morning but I thought it was still early in the morning for it's a bit cool and still dark. It was already 8:30 am but it's gloomy outside. I was suppose to go out to the nearest mall to buy shoes, blouse and some cigars for my sis and BIL that they asked me to send them overseas but I feel so lazy today that I decided not to go. It feels like my hormones are tumbling up and down inside me making me crazy since yesterday.  Oh I hate this feeling.

The gloomy and cool weather made me think of Christmas already. I guess I need to get my sweaters in the closet for I believe that cold weather will stay until January.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No Lead Please

My brother owns an electronic shop in our neighborhood for many years now. He employs 3 other technicians in his small shop and fortunately, they gained a lot of customers through the years. I was a bit concerned for them right now upon reading some news about lead poisoning. I quickly remember that they are using lead for their soldering purposes and actually it's poisonous. They are using it everyday and I guess it can or have already affected their health.. Oh no...

I was relieved to know that there are actually lead-free solder that they can use to minimize the health hazard. I need to recommend this to my bro asap.

No More Coffee For Me

MY SIL was teasing me and handing over her coffee this morning when she had breakfast. I quickly told her that I hate the smell of her coffee (i think it was a 3-1 instant one) and it's not like the coffee that I used to love before. I've stopped drinking coffee since February this year and I am amazed that I have not tasted a drop since then. wahooooo!! I'm not even tempted to make a cup of coffee for myself for I am not excited anymore to drink it. My doctor asked me not to drink coffee anymore as much as possible so as to relive the sourness that I'm feeling in my stomach.

Since I followed her advice, my stomach has gone better. With that result, I vowed not to drink any coffee anymore even if someone asked me to drink some. Yey for me!

A Clean House


computer Saw this at my friend’s FB’s news feed and I can’t help but to smile. I know that everyone seems to be online almost all the time that they have been neglecting to clean their house or do some other works. I bet someone will laugh and will tell that this is true in their case but for me nahhhh…. I know how to control myself using the computer. Actually, I have a schedule for work, play and household chores so this doesn’t apply to me hehe.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Dangerous Side Effects of Actos

There's no doubt that having diabetes is a very fatal disease for it can bring lots of complications to any patient. I have an aunt who just recently died due to complications of her diabetes. Unfortunately her sugar levels was uncontrollable already and it made her half blind and week. Aside from that she still has high blood pressure. It's so sad to know that diabetes is a very hard disease to treat.

For some patients, their doctors might give them Actos drug but lately, it was found out that this drug is causing dangerous side effects to patients. As a result, lawsuit are filed by those that have been affected by this. If you are taking Actos and acquired cancer of the bladder, then by no means contact a lawyer that can help you take legal action against the manufacturer of the said drug.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Birthday Soon

Teeheee.. it's going to be my birthday next week and I'm kinda excited already. I'm not expecting any flowers ordered from proflowers online (but that would be awesome hehe!) and I'm not also giddy because I'm adding another number on my birthday. I’m actually excited because I’ll be going shopping again just like every year.

That is my day so I will enjoy and give myself some rewards. I’m not sure if I’m also going out with a friend or niece. Actually, I’m just thinking of shopping alone with no one in tow so I can go to any stores that I want without thinking someone if she’s bored or tired following me from there to there. Ahhh.. I can’t wait to shop! I just need to know what I want and need.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Are You Ready for Christmas?

Hmmm... I can somewhat smell Christmas right this moment. Christmas decors is almost everywhere, I can see twinkling lights on the streets and some home already and how can you not be giddy for Christmas when almost all are ready for Christmas.

I bet some of you are already making your shopping list or may have started buying some of the gifts this early. Why not? Buying gifts this early is proven to be more practical as malls still have lots of stocks on their items and have not marked up their prices yet. The grocery will also be filled with shoppers too for their holiday feast and stores will be packing and supplying stocks using their material handling gadgets. Ahhh.. I'm picturing crowded stores plus huge traffic on the streets. Oh well... it goes along with Christmas anyway.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

When Medicines Pose Danger to our Health

Getting sick is no fun and that is why we always wanted to seek the help of our doctors to cure our ailment. Our health is very important and precious but sometimes there are medicines that can do more harm than good to our body.

I learned that Crestor, a drug that was given to patients with high total cholesterol and such has been found out that it has serious side effects.  Side effects include heart failure and heart attacks to patients. As a result many people have been aware of these bad side effects and been filing cases that is known as Crestor lawsuit. If you've been affected by this drug, dont fail to seek legal help 'so you'll be compensated over the injury that you got .

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jobs for Physical Therapists

Medical profession is a very noble job. One must not only like the field but needs to have passion over it for it includes intervention with patients that needs special medical care. Just one of the most in demand career in the medical field is physical therapy. I have a distant relative who is a PT in the US and I heard that she is doing well financial wise and of course, fulfillment in her chose career.

Lifestyle is rapidly changing and some patients may succumb to different health injuries that need special attention and care by physical therapists. They are professional health workers that assist patients and help patients to recover from their disabilities. Those disabilities can either be due to accidents, recent heart attack, disabling arthritis and other causes.
Those that have limited ability to perform physical functions can seek the help of a physical therapist that can aid them to perform physical activities, mobility tasks etc. that can help them recover from their injury. Physical therapist will make it sure that you’ll get the proper treatment and procedure that is appropriate to your physical limitations. They will do their very best to give your mobility back, relieve pain and even bring your lifestyle. That is of course with your full cooperation.

Jobs for physical Therapists are in demand these days and if you’re qualified and an experienced PT professional, Soliant can match your professional skills with hospitals or other medical facilities where you can work, improve your skills and practice your profession.