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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Explore Your Options to get the Best Deal on Life Insurance

Investing in life insurance is about peace of mind and maintaining a healthy family life. The problem with the insurance is that many people are not sure about the best options for their particular situation. Life insurance is usually broken down into two main categories: term-life and whole-life. Depending on personal goals, finding the best deal will vary.

Term-Life Policies

Term-Life policies refer to the insurance options that are only available for a set amount of time, or the term. The term can range from five years to 20 years or more, depending on the selected company and policy.

In many cases, term-life policies will have a lower monthly cost and allow consumers to take out a higher coverage option than a whole-life policy. Due to the nature of the policy, it will be necessary to renew the coverage or find a new policy after the term expires.

Term-life policies are often used by young families with small children. Parents worry about the possibility of an accident resulting in a financial burden that might cause challenges for the surviving spouse. The policy provides peace of mind, but does have the downside of a limited amount of time.

Whole-Life Policies

As the name implies, a whole-life policy will never expire or require a renewal. As long as the premium is paid each month, the policy applies. It is a guarantee of funds after death and the possibility of an annuity during retirement, even if health changes.

While whole-life policies have the benefit of a guarantee, it is also more expensive than a term-life policy. As a result, it might not be an affordable option for young professionals and families.

The whole-life policies can provide peace of mind that a family is able to move on financially after a death occurs. The benefit of a lifetime policy means that the family will never need to worry about losing coverage due to the expiration of a term, which reduces the potential challenges of finding new coverage later.

Comparing Companies

The easiest way to get ffordable life insurance is by comparing different companies. Taking time to read through different coverage options, the policies and the benefits available through the company will make it easier to decide on the best company for the needs of a family.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Summer is Just Around the Corner

Summer is just around the corner and I already could hear from friends about their summer getaway. Why not? They got good deals on air fare and I guess from the resort that they have booked. I'm sure they will have a grand time with their respective families. As for my family, we really have no plans of going out of town.

If only I had my way, I want to go to Cebu, Bohol and Palawan but with my health conditions, it's refraining me from going out of town or going to far places. Anyway, I know that bonding and having fun with the family doesn't need to be expensive. I'm sure in the future, our family can go on tour or vacation once again just like what we did last Christmas of 2009 when we went to Hongkong for 4 days.

A road trip is also nice most especially if we have a motor home with a motorhome insurance for safety. I know it's more fun to travel when we're all comfortable esp. when there are kids. I'm sure those that already have bookings for vacation this coming March- May can't wait for summer to come.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A New Car

Wow, my uncle just bought a new car for their family before Christmas last year and of course how'd we wish we can afford to buy the same. We have no budget right now but my mom is really dreaming of buying a replacement for our van just like what I've been blogging here the past months. A second-hand van is good enough as long as it is in good running condition.

Owning a vehicle these days has become a necessity rather than being a luxury. Car owners also will not find it hard to find car insurance quotes for they are now available online. My uncle who also has a small business can now deliver his good faster and that only means more productivity.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Safety on the Road

It’s always heartbreaking to see road accidents on the news everyday due to drivers carelessness. How many lives have been taken away because of accidents that can actually be prevented if not for the drivers who are drunk while driving, texting or even sleepy while on the road?

I always remind my brother to be cautious all the times when he drives and don’t even try to disregard traffic rules as much as possible for his own safety and other motorists as well. Car owners should always get insurance once they purchase their cars as a safety net just in case accidents will happen. Companies like Auto Insurance Virginia and Auto Insurance North Carolina are there to provide motorists insurance policies for their vehicles which I believe it is really a must-have. For young and new drivers, it’s not enough that they have license and know how to drive but they need to be responsible once they hit the road.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is something you will need to decide on for your pet. Many people see the benefits of it, while others think it is a waste of time. A lot of people view their pets as members of the family, so they have no second thoughts about getting insurance for their pet.

If you are constantly taking your pet to the veterinarian for medical problems or issues, you may want to invest in pet insurance. This will help defray some of the costs you are obtaining. Insurance also helps if there is an emergency, so you won't end up paying thousands of dollars for the emergency surgery your pet had to have.

Some insurance policies now have all inclusive services, which comes in handy if you are at the vet often. If you only bring your pet in once or twice a year, then it may not be worth it to pay the premiums on the insurance. However, as your pet gets older, more medical problems may arise which would then make the pet insurance a handy thing.

Having pet insurance will also give you peace of mind. If you have pet insurance and the bills are racking up from an illness your pet has had, you can be assured that at least some of it will be paid by the insurance company.

The way the insurance works is that in most cases you will go to the veterinarian like normal. You will then pay your vet when you leave the office. With your receipt, you will take that and submit it to the pet insurance company who will then issue you a check for the amount they will cover. It is a simple process and well worth it so that you can rest easy at night in case something happens to your pet.

Friday, August 27, 2010

She Wants a Crosswind

I just noticed that mom is really itching to ditch our old Toyota van these days. She said it again this morning while we are having breakfast because she really wanted to replace it with a crosswind. I sure want to have it replaced but her idea of replacing it with a “crosswind” is something that I don’t think I approve of. Anyway, I know I will not win if I insist something else so I’ll just have to go with what she wants since she will be the one buying anyway.

Having a vehicle has become a necessity to us since we usually travel back and forth to our business’ location. We also need a service to send and fetch the kids in school so we need a good service fan for our family. Sometimes having multiple vehicles can be a little hard because of the maintenance but that’s part of it. We also have to have insurance for them so in case of emergency it is covered.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Car Shopping

I was smiling when I saw the tweet of a friend this morning who is in the US. My friend C said that they just came back from car shopping with her husband. I tweeted her back and told her how lucky they are to do such shopping but she told me getting a car there is just so easy. If you have a work and have good credit score, you can just apply a loan at the bank and can get a car at any time, then pay your dues monthly.

Funny thing is that she even said it was just like shopping for shoes because it was so easy. hehe. Anyway, she said they already have 3 cars in their possession and I'm sure they all have auto insurance papers on all of them just in case.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

How much coverage should you buy?

This is not an easy question to answer. While in the negative it can always be said that you should not just stick with cheap third party coverage, it is not easy to say exactly what you should cover. Should you do collision coverage as well as comprehensive, or should you only retain collision coverage? There are also other types of coverage like GAP, and you should have some knowledge about all of these, and your particular situation, before deciding how much coverage to buy.

If a car is so old or so badly damaged that it will cost more to repair it than to buy a new one, its owner should, or should have, bought gap coverage. If you consider the likelihood of natural disasters in your region to be low, you may choose to opt out of comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage, however, is a must, because when an accident takes place, that is what cars do, they collide. This has more chance of happening to a car than its getting stuck by a lightning bolt, for example; so, in order to gamble less but gamble sure, collision coverage is a must.

If your region has a tendency to produce various so called "acts of god," like floods, tornadoes, lightning and what not, you will want to consider comprehensive coverage. This takes care of all non-collision accidents like the ones mentioned above.

Finally, it all depends on your particular situation; there are no preset rules about it. The best way to go? Find out a good car insurance agent who talks straight, then talk to him. He will be able to help you out best with how to make a choice in buying coverage.