Monday, June 27, 2011

The Games He Plays

Teenage nephew is already hooked on computer games and I don’t think he’d stop doing that. After coming to school and on his free time, I always see him in front of their computer either browsing Facebook or playing games. The usual games that he plays are Cross fire and Special Force which are tactical games and I’m not sure if there are eotech 512 holographic sights feature included in it. Though he plays those games, he’s not abandoning his studies for his parents will definitely ban him from using the computer. Worst is he can be grounded for few days if he’ll not follow his parent’s advices.
image image

Sad to say though that there are some students who are already addicted to computer games that sometimes they are already skipping school, lying to their parents and doing other bad vices. I hope they’ll realize that playing computer games is only a pastime and should not become their way of life.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Importance of Routine Medical Checkups

Health care is such a broad topic because it pertains to different categories such as men’s, women’s, children and teens. All of them have different concerns and as you grow older the more important it is to get a routine medical examination. As a woman, your body conditions are different than that of a man. Remember that there are certain medical situations such as menstruation, menopause and pregnancy that can only be experienced by you; hence you have to ensure that your body is in a good state of health.

There is also some health problems that poses a higher risk for women of course breast cancer is one of them. Reproductive issues are also one of the main concerns. Keep in mind that your body goes through a lot of changes over time and the discomfort that you’ve been feeling over the past months might be something more than an ordinary PMS.

All these concerns along with other health related problems are the main reasons why women are encouraged to visit their doctors regularly. It is better to take precautions and preventive measures rather than treatments. An annual full medical examination should be one of your top health priorities along with regular doctor visits. Take full responsibility and be in charge with your health.

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A Right Investment

It was 3 days ago when my sister and her husband came home from Riyadh for a month long vacation. They sure miss the country and of course, their 3 children and now they are making sure that they’ll spend quality time with them. What I like about my sister when she comes home is that, she never fails to give us tons of “pasalubongs” gifts that she bought there. She is very generous when it comes to that and that what she is known for.

I just hope that that she’ll not just give money or spent much on their vacation but hoping that she’ll have also an interest investing in something more practical. I know she has heard that gold is a good investment and that United States Gold Bureau is one of the leading sources of gold and other precious metals. It will be no surprise if one day, she’ll just go for it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Finally It’s Gone

It’s been how many days that I’m under the weather. I’ve been taking some cold medicines for days now and thankfully I'm getting better. The changing weather seems to have affected my health and eventhough I didn’t get so sick, having colds and cough are already uncomfortable and made me become too lazy to work.

Aside from that, the continues rains had out internet to lost it’s signal once in a while. I guess all the antennas that are connected on our base station are also affected. Just few hours earlier, I thought that the signal will completely be gone but as soon as I have reset the antenna it was back to normal again.

I learned that the storm that hits other portions of the country is gone already but a new low pressure area is seen to be coming in again. I’m not surprise anymore since it’s already rainy seasons already, we just hope that it will not be destructive like Ondoy. Sis is coming home for vacation this week and praying for their safe flight back home too.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Cherries for the Sweet Tooth

Oh my goodness… how can you resist these desserts?
Aren’t they so tempting to eat?

image image

I just had my dinner and now I’m craving for some sweet. Nothing in my fridge tonight but I hope I can taste these chocolate covered strawberries and cherries from Sharis Berries soon that I heard from an online friend.

Actually, I think they are also perfect as gifts for birthdays or any occasion. My sister got a sweet tooth and there’s no doubt that she’ll love this. She can also eat strawberries with style.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reasons Someone Might Need an Employment Attorney

These days, if you’re a fresh graduate you’ll find it hard to look for a job that is actually related to the course you have taken. With so many unemployed and so many new graduates right now, there’s not much jobs that can accommodate those that are seeking for a job. Keeping your job on the other hand can be difficult at times too for there are many employers who exploiting their employees when it comes to salary, overtime work and more.

Not every employee knows their rights and for some even though they know that they’ve been mistreated in some ways they’d just stay silent. Their reason for doing so is the fear to lose their job. Here are some reasons when someone already might need an employment attorney:

Age Discrimination: when you’re employer is firing you because of you age
Sexual Harassment: your employers is forcing you to do some sexual favors for them
Gender Discrimination: no employers is allowed to discriminate any gender
Overtime Pay: when your employer failed to pay your overtime hours on work or consistently not like to pay it.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Doing What We Love

Have you ever experienced doing a work or a job that you hate or don’t like and you found yourself whining? Well, that definitely happened to me. We had this business a long time ago where my mom decided to set up. I didn’t agree with it and eventhough she knows I’m against then, she still pushed through with it and had me manage it. Ahhh.. It was the worst job I had and mom often hears me complain so she decided to discontinue with it.

We talked and told her that I have no passion for it and I’m not happy doing it. After that she understands where I’m coming from and these days, she’d ask me first if want to do a certain job or business before we sink our teeth on it. You see, when you love what you are doing, it will not become a work anymore because you enjoy. If you have a passion for music and you’re put into designing industry or something, chances are you’ll end up not performing well.

Working at the Garden Office

Been talking to another highschool friend via messenger couple of weeks ago and she can’t help but to be jealous of what I do because I work at home. She’s been working in the corporate world for over a decade now and the thought of resigning is slowly creeping on her. I reckon she’s not happy with the office set up and the monotonous things that she’s been doing for the past years. A change of work and atmosphere will definitely bring her back to life. She planned of just working at home or have her own business. In that way, she can look after her family and business at the same time. It seems like a very good plan and I’m just hoping that one day, she’ll be out of the corporate world and be her own boss.

I also have couple of online friends that left their office career and just work at home. Been hearing from them about the many benefits that they gained when they resigned from work. Aside from getting freedom to choose what time they want to work at the comforts of their home, rearing their kids well, being a wife and mother are the best opportunities that they had.

These days, working at home is not new already as there are many people choosing to bring their works at home or already opted to stay at home to work. There’s so many benefits that you can gain when you choose this kind of set up. Not only you can minimize dealing with the daily traffic, annoying colleagues or office stress but you can also save money because you’re not using your car anymore. Some may opt to allocate a room at their home to be their office and from there they can work. I reckon, it’s practical and also money saving.

The idea of having your own office within the vicinity of your home is already achievable. Recently, building a garden office in your backyard is one of the hottest trends in modern home improvement. How can you not work effectively when you have a beautiful work area fronting your garden? It can give you peace and tranquility that you normally can’t get when you’re inside the cubicle of your office building aside from the fact that you are only few steps away from your home.

Garden office and patio designers/builders  can offer you wide range designs, styles and ideas. With their professional and skilled staff, they can build a functional and stylish garden office for their clients. Owning a garden office can be a good investment too apart from making you productive and relax. I wish that my friend could also experience how it is to work at home just like me and my other online friends are enjoying.

Hormones Tumbling Up and Down

Oh dear, it’s the time of the month again when I feel worst. I’m kinda hard to deal with, often irritable, emotional and feeling achy and bloated. I find it hard to decide on some important matters as I’m impulsive or often fickle minded.

Tsk, tsk.. blame it on my hormones. I guess many women can relate with me and wish this will pass in just few days but for me, it will take about a week before my period and few more days after it was gone.

My cravings for sweet and salty are intense too that’s why I buy loads of junk foods (yay) and cakes that I can eat anytime I want.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pregnancy and Migraine

I have some few friends that are pregnant right now and there’s no doubt that they are so happy and thrilled to be in that state. Though there are times that they don’t feel really well most especially in their 1st trimester, their pregnancy is something that they have planned and prayed.

Certainly, they’ve been frequently visiting their doctors for their check up to ensure both their safety. I’ve been reading on some blogs and sites that if you’re pregnant and have migraine, you should never drink Topamax drug. Why? A recent studies shows that it can cause birth defects to your baby. I’m sure you don’t want to your baby to have a cleft lip and palate deformities caused by this drug.


Keeping Things in Proper Order

I’m not an OC person, but I also hate clutter and would really whine when some of the things that I have will not be in the place where I left it. Just the other month, I bought some big plastic envelops with lots of compartment with the hopes of organizing my papers or documents.

There are times that I could not find what I’m looking for so having color coded envelop and putting labels on each will somewhat make it easy for me to know what I’m looking for. I started organizing some papers the other day and I’m not finished yet. I still need to purge some more papers so I’m sure it’ll take a while to finish it.

I’m guessing that I still need more some of those envelops and fortunately they are easy to find.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Say it with Flowers

  image image

Flowers are one of the most popular gifts around the world. It can brighten up a day of someone, warms the heart of a birthday celebrant, make your moms special, tickled pink teens, soothes the souls of people feeling down and blue. Plus, flowers can make any room or place elegant and beautiful.

They are not just for decorations but they can simply affect the mood of someone. You can also express your love or anything that you feel from your heart through flowers. With many species of flowers that we have, I guess I can say that roses and tulips are very popular. These days, we can order flowers without even leaving your home. Online flower shops offer wide range of floral arrangement value packages on different flowers. It can be on a basket, vase, bouquet and more. 

Send some flowers today and there’s no doubt you’ll to see smiles on women’s faces.

Seeking Legal Help

The weather is too gloomy since yesterday and I can’t help myself not to take a nap even it’s already 5pm yesterday. Why not? The cool weather is just too conducive to sleep. Woke up when it’s time for dinner and I just worked late last night. The rain is non-stop until I sleep and I prayed that no floods and no people would be injured that night.

My niece texted me that she can’t come home early last night as the traffic was so severe due to constant raining. I’m just so worried about her and praying that she’ll be fine and that she will not be injured of any kind. For people who have been injured due to accident or negligence of others, it’s always best to seek legal help when you can’t settle the matter.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition

The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition

The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition is now currently airing over at ABS-CBN 2 on weekdays. I was able to watch the premiere episode and some other episodes if I got the chance to open my TV at night. The show was hosted by Sharon Cuneta (whom at first, I was thinking why did the producer got her in the 1st place because she’s also “fat” hehe) Anyway, the game master is the hunk Derek Ramsay while Chinggay Andrada and Jim Saret are the trainers for the contestants.

The contestants where all big (of course) and the heaviest on the group was Eboy Bautista who is heavy at 481 (also one of the biggest in The Biggest Loser show). I can see that they’ve been doing all their best to do all the grueling challenges that their trainers are asking them to do. Aside from the physical trials, all contestants also have personal or family issues to deal with. I believe that one point in their lives they have ask themselves if does lipofuze work? or if they can really lose weight the natural way.

Right now, they’ve been been trying to do their best to finish the challenges even if they have injury and it seems to impossible for them to do it. Whoever will pass all that and made the biggest difference on their weight at the end of the show will win P1 million, a brand new condominium from DMCI HOMES and a Vespa Scooter.

So far, I have no fave contestant yet because it’s too early to tell.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back from Japan

The recent 8.9 magnitude earthquake that happened in Japan few months ago made my cousin come back home unexpectedly. He was stationed in Japan as one of the mechanical engineers for their company and eventhough his training and work were not yet done, their company decided to let them go home because during that time, the nuclear threat was already becoming intense.

I could not help myself but to feel sad and scared when my cousin is relaying stories about their ordeal. He was just so frightened and even thought that it was already the end of the world. The series of aftershocks made them so panicky but thankfully, he is back in the country now. He is still working up to now and I’m not sure when and where he’ll be stationed once again. I learned that he has a new car and a girlfriend and I’m excited for him. He is also in a marrying age, but I hope he’d invest first on something like say gold apart from his motorbikes and car.