Thursday, November 29, 2012

Continuing Education in the Field of Criminal Justice

When it comes to career choices, a number of undergraduates aspire to work in the field of criminal justice. The scope of this profession is wide and a common misconception from the public is that it is mainly about law enforcement when, in fact, it also involves other aspects such as the court system, criminology and crime research. Pursuing a degree is just the initial step towards having a promising career. Graduates can easily find work in different fields because the demand for professionals is high, but if you want to stay ahead of the competition, you may need to offer something different.

This is why continuing your education is very important. If you are looking for career advancement, consider enrolling in criminal justice graduate programs in order to enhance the skills you have acquired and utilize the experiences you may have had from working in the industry. For some people, a bachelor’s or associate degree is already enough, but this may not be sufficient if you aim to climb the ladder of success. Earning a master’s degree is a surefire way towards career success. Some skeptics might argue that there is no need for a continuing education, below are just some of the reasons why you should consider getting a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice:

  1. More career opportunities await those who earn a master’s degree. Since the coursework for graduate programs is extensive and covers a wide range of topics, it prepares an individual to take on managerial and administrative responsibilities. The program is designed to enhance the leadership qualities of graduate students so that they’ll be ready to handle a position where they will need to direct staff and ensure that the organization is moving to the right direction.

  2. The monetary benefit is also another factor why professionals seek further studies. As you move up to a better position expect that a higher salary and more work-related benefits will also be offered to you. There is a big difference in the income earned by a bachelor’s degree holder and a degree holder in a criminal justice master’s program. Consider this as one of the major perks in pursing further studies.

  3. Enrolling in a master’s program provides students with the opportunity to focus on a particular field of specialization. It allows you to focus on a specific aspect of criminal justice and finish all related studies and research related to it.

There are a number of reasons why taking graduate programs online is preferred over enrolling in your degree program at a traditional campus. Graduate students may still continue with their respective jobs and attend their classes online on a schedule that is convenient for them. The courses are also shorter compared to the traditional classroom setup and you can set the pace of your study program depending on your preference.

Christine Williams writes for a website that provides information about master of health administration.

When Kids Should not Meddle During Adult Arguments

Just the other weekend, a family drama surfaces. It's just one of  those days when people become crazy, over sensitive and lose their temper. My aunt and my older brother got an argument that happened once again. My bro is not the usual confrontational kind of guy by means of speaking or yelling but his own way is to throw things. It's his way to release  and show his anger when is is really pissed of. I'm not really on the scene when that happened but according to my SIL and some family members, the argument started because my aunt is asking my bro to clean the mess that he left on the garage. I guess my bro is already fed up with the constant nagging and repeated talking of my aunt that is why he lost his tempter. Mom overheard the commotion and he came to the scene and asked both to be calm. Argument sprouted again between my aunt and my mom (both are sisters) and that is not good.

Hearing the yelling, my nephew came and told them to stop yelling and arguing at each other that made mom and other adults to tell him to shut up and he  must not join the adult arguments. Ahh.. family issues and drama happens to any family. Our family is not perfect and I think there's no perfect family anyway.

When family drama arises, sometimes I just want to keep mum and don't want to meddle with their arguments so that issue will not become big anymore. I'm just wishing that kids should learn how to honor and respect elders and they should not interfere with the adult conversation.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Crazy About iPhones: Apple’s iPhone 4 the Suitable Choice for You

Apple iPhone 4 when launched in 2010 saw a drastic pull in the market. Huge number of purchasers made a point to purchase the iPhone 4 at the launch day and this made the shop owners go crazy. They never expected this overwhelming response to the launch. The iPhone is manufactured in US and sold relatively with mortal retailers and some authorised online sites.  The best way of describing the iPhone 4 is “beyond a doubt, the most precise thing and one of the most beautiful things we’ve ever made”. This description was given by Jobs while launching the iPhone 4 in the market.

Why public insist on choosing iPhone 4?

The unique design of iPhone 4 has made it a purchase worth item. It is 24% thinner than the 3GS iPhones. There are two cameras installed, one in the front and one camera in the back with LED flash. There are various antennas installed on the phone one for Bluetooth, one for Wi-Fi and GPS and another one for GSM. The display of the iPhone 4 has been very appealing. It has a good resolution of 960 x 640 which shows greater resolution then said resolution. The processor that is inbuilt in the iPhone 4 is A4 chip which has a very good power management. The total hours of performance for the iPhone 4 are up to 300 hrs. which is divided as 5-7 hours talk time 10-20 hours for Wi-Fi and web browsing purpose, 20-60 hours for video, music and movie playback. This phone is very environment friendly, as it is arsenic and mercury free.  The camera installed in the iPhone is of 5 megapixels and has zooming up to 5 times and it records 720 HD videos.

Lastly, when it comes to price, the cost of 16 GB iPhone 4 is $199, $299 for 32 GB, and in India it starts from Rs. 27,000 and above.

Reasons why iPhone 4 is choice of today’s teenagers:

Apple iPhone 4 has not only attracted the general public but it has been creating a pull for the teenagers also. They have very specific reasons for the purchase of the iPhone 4. Price is on the top of list when teenagers decide to purchase this phone. As the price for 8GB iPhone 4 is only $99 which is affordable by the youngsters. Once you have gone through the 4S phones, then iPhone 4 has been similar in design but yet better in performance and speed. So if not 4S then iPhone 4 can obviously be your best choice. Faster speed in case of transfers downloads and uploads of files and applications on the iPhone 4. It has a file transfer speed of 14.4mbps. Another reason for the iPhone 4 purchase could be the contract of purchase with AT&T and other subscribers. This helps the choice obvious for the same subscriber users. Clicking photos is the fad among the teenagers, thus the camera is another reason for iPhone 4 purchase. The iPhone 4 works and performs well with many of the best apple features and applications like iCloud, which help teenagers to remain connected with their laptops for different files.

So, when there is so much to do and explore with iPhone 4, it is really hard to ignore it. Also, when going for iPhone 4, it is really important to get it insured so as to cover the risk factor. Getting your new phone insured from a reputed brand is always a wise idea. Visit and get your new iPhone 4 insured and use your gadget without any worries.

Decluttering is Refreshing

As you all know we had a mini home make-over this month and re-painting of the whole house made us clean declutter our house. It was really so hard to almost empty a room with all our stuff, putting them on boxes or big plastic bags. It was so dusty and throwing some things are really hard to do.

As promised I wanted a new space in my room, so I decided to throw away lots of my stuff that I have accumulated all those years. It was hard at 1st but it was refreshing and liberating as well. I want less stuff but I hope I can keep up with it because I have the tendency to hoard things haha…

Anyway, I still have some things to throw and organize and I’m not done yet. I hope by Holy Week or so I can do that or else my plans are fail.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Smart Bro, Not Smart Anymore?

Sorry, but I have to rant.

Yesterday, it was around 4:45 pm when my Smart Bro internet connection at home just went out. I was of course disappointed rather than angry. I immediately restarted the router and turned on and off the internet connection for few minutes and thankfully after 10 mins. or so the net connection is back.

I was back blogging but to my dismay, I could not open my blogs and worst I could not publish the post that I finished before the net disappeared. I checked on other sites and they are loading so I thought it's just my blog's server that is down so I contacted my nephew who is the one handling my blog hosting. He replied back telling me that he can access all of my blogs without a hitch but I don't believe him.

Still not convinced that my blogs are accessible, I asked my bestfriend to check it for me and she said my blogs are fine and they are all loading fast on her browser and also Smart connection too. Arghhh.. so that left me with no one to blame but SMART BRO!

I'm pretty sure that it has intermittent connection and selective browsing.. argghhh. I had some couple of posts that need to be published on my blogs that are "down" on my side but I don't have a clue how can I access my account with that kind of connection. I restarted my pc, router and the net wire few times already till this morning but still it's not working on some blogs/site..

Using Proxy Server Site

A friend saw my tweet and IG post and she experienced the same when she still uses Smart Bro before. She called up the tech support and Smart advised her to use a proxy server site to access my blogs. I tried it and it work but still would not want to use it via that medium though.

I want my good connection back Smart Bro! Too bad they would not even give me discount after experiencing such intermittent and selective browsing problems. Boo!

Cancer Research and Development

Every time I hear the word “cancer”, I can’t help myself feel sad and afraid at the same time. We all know that the big “C” of any organs in our body is one of the leading causes of death around the world and it’s very alarming already. I have already lost 2 of my aunts (father side) to breast cancer and one of my cousins is also diagnosed with breast cancer few years back. It was devastating to hear about that news and she has gone several operations and chemotherapy and I know how hard and painful it is for the body and financial wise. I just heard that she is now in remission and the good thing is that she’s keeping a positive vibes and hopes about it.

Now, that I learned that breast cancer runs in our family, I can’t help but to feel worried as well. I still don’t have the courage to go to the doctor and have my breast check if there is a lump. I know that self breast examination can also help in detection but you see, fear is making me not to do that as well. I know it’s not a good thing to do but oh well, I’m just afraid to know. I’m sure in the coming days I’ll have an appointment with my doctor.

Anyway, I’m just wishing that there will be more medical breakthroughs in the coming years especially now that a lot of equipment or gadgets are getting more high-tech. Researchers are also doing their best to find all the cure for all types of cancers or diseases. cureLauncher helps in the research, discovery and development of drugs and to find cure for cancer and other diseases that can help all suffering patients. We can always help in our own little way and it we can always donate to cancer research that can help them continue what they are doing. In fact, they have been testing a new drug that can cure lumps or tumors of breast cancer patients that already spread in the brain.

Like we always hear, early detection of any disease is always the best for there is a big chance that it will be healed.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Are You Ready for Christmas this Year?

It may sound a little bit early to think about the gifts, food and all other details for Christmas but for me, Christmas shopping has already started. I’m frivolous to shop for more this coming days as I am not yet done shopping. I still need to list down more names and think about what gifts are perfect for them. It can be a little difficult to know what they like but I’m positive that they will like all the gifts that they will receive from me because it’s a blessing, right?

For some of my girlfriends I already thought of giving some nice bracelets or necklaces. Since beading and colorful bracelets are in trend these days because of the arm candies together with over-sized watches I thought, I’d make them personalized bracelets. I already found the best bead wholesalers that has all the supplies that I need. I’m into beading before so making bracelets is not new to me. I just need to have a good eye in matching different kinds of beads or crystals so I can make nice ones. However, if I’m pressed for time making them, I also know where to buy bracelets and accessories at a whole sale price.

Ahh.. I can’t wait for Christmas. It’s the celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and along with that, giving and sharing our blessings to others are more enjoyable and meaningful a thousand folds.

During Christmas, kids all over the world are the happiest of all because they always know that Christmas is also synonymous to gifts. Opening their gifts at Christmas Eve and during Christmas day brings them a lot of joy that they all deserve. I just wish that all kids and family will be together this Christmas and those that are suffering and don’t have the means to celebrate will be blessed.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Limiting Online Times

Oh dear, I’m so.. so.. so.. guilty of this! In the morning and after having my breakfast and that is usually around 8:00am already, I pick up my phone and immediately check my Instagram (not my mail) account. That usually take me around 15-30 mins. depending on how many comments I have to reply on certain photos that I’ve posted.

After checking my phone, I’ll switch to my desktop to check my email, facebook and other online accounts and also of course my work accounts. It will take about an hour or more. Then I’ll prepare the things that I will cook for lunch and I go back online.

Around 11 am, I will cook and in between I will go online until evening doing works, browsing, online window-shopping and also some digi scrapping if I have the mojo for that. Practically, online works keeps me busy and occupies my time that I noticed that I’m not taking my dog out for walk in more than a week already.. bad bad bad!

I read an article about prioritizing things and minimizing online times as much as possible. I can say that I miss getting out but when I think of going out it means shelling out money and that I don’t want to do at the moment.. yay!

Anyway, I will try to limit my online times but how can I do that if my work requires me to be online 24/7? Oh I guess I need another vacation where I don’t need to bring my work.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Many Applications of Disposable Gas-filled Cylinders

Gas-filled cylinders containing Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrous Oxide (NO2), Argon (Ar) and Nitrogen (N) have been used in many different fields or industries that sometimes we didn’t take notice of.  With their portability, compactness, economic and lightweight properties, not only it can be a powerful source of energy but also can dish up wide range of uses.

With the diverse kinds of gases that it contains, these cylinders must be properly stored and handled carefully to prevent any leak. Superior quality gas cylinders should only be used to avoid dangers of explosion or any untoward incidents involving these cylinders. To ensure that you’ll only use high-class cylinders that passed through strict quality control, only get your supplies from leading manufacturers like iSi Components that has been in the business for many decades already.

Here are the many uses of gas-filled cylinders:
Science and Medicine
A disposable medical gas cylinder can now be used in the treatment of vascular disease where doctors use an angioplasty device. The nitrous oxide within that cylinder can cool the heart vessels during the process. A modern handheld breast biopsy device also contains a disposable cylinder that can aid in the tissue biopsy with accuracy.

It can also be used in the intradermally or pulmonary delivery of medications of patients. Aside from the Drug Delivery Systems, these disposable gas cylinders are used in Medical Appliances, Scientific Research  and Environmental Science.

Inflation Devices
Those automatic inflatable lifejackets for adults, kids or infants uses compressed gas cylinders that can be used in aviation, marine, and in the military. Not only that, it can also be used to inflate motorcycle tires, bicycle tires and various kinds of gas dispensers.

Food and Beverage

They can be used in the in the form soda siphons and cream whippers as well as in  wine preservation, beer and other beverage dispensing, and carbonation systems.

Safety and Security

Gas cylinders can also extinguish flames or fire

CO2 Guns

Those CO2 cartridges can be the power source for power CO2 guns used in wide variety of applications such as for recreation like paintball markers, pellet & soft air guns. Guns for police and military training, special effects cannons for celebrations and veterinary applications.

Trade Devices
Those industries that deals with welding, drain cleaning, or high-tech  cutting of various materials like metals can require the use of gases to make their production much faster.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Odd Job: Professional Cuddler

I have seen a lot of unusual or odd jobs like smelling armpits to test deodorants done by some people but this Professional Cuddler job is unique and can bizarre as well!

Meet Jackie Samuel, a 29-year old professional cuddler who can earn $260 a day by cuddling strangers. She can snuggle 30 men in a week and that includes men whose wives passed away, war veterans, problematic in relationships or just need to have someone to be snuggled. Her $60 an hour charge can make her survive the day-to-day living , for her studies and for her son. She even established the The Snuggery, snuggling service in Rochester, New York.

A lot of people find her job odd or bizarre and some even called her a prostitute.  Ahhh.. there are really strange people in the world. Would you hire a professional cuddler just in case you feel lonely or don't have someone to hug or snuggle you?

professional cuddler2

professional cuddler

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What You Need to Know about Will Probation

Let’s face it, preparation of a last will and testament is something people would not like to do in advance or talk about freely. It’s like putting yourself ahead of time and for some it can be eerie just to think about it. However, other individuals may find it necessary to do in advance together with their attorney. Doing so, it will be easy for those that they will leave behind when the time (death) comes. Those that have big estates or properties can legally be transferred to all your beneficiaries in legal manner. The legal process can be costly but it can serve good purpose in the end.

Will probation or simply presenting your Will to a court for filing and processing can be done by your lawyer. Should you need such service, My Texas Wills law firm has been offering will preparations and texas probate services for over 15 years now. In fact, they help their clients in the tedious legal process will probation and all the necessary paperwork under the Texas law.

The provided online form that you can fill out with your contact details can help them contact and interview you as well. Free legal consultation by their experienced and licensed attorney can be provided. They can prepare all legal documents both for married or unmarried individuals in short period of time providing that all information are given properly. With the kind of probation and legal services that they can provide, I reckon nothing can hinder any individual in hiring their services.

Objectophilia - Romantically in Love with Objects

When i first learned about this condition, I was in disbelief, I didn't know that this exist!

OBJECTOPHILIA - (Wikipedia) Object sexuality or objectum sexuality, in German Objektophilie (OS), is a pronounced emotional and often romantic desire towards developing significant relationships with particular inanimate objects. Those individuals with this expressed preference may feel strong feelings of attraction, love, and commitment to certain items or structures of their fixation.

For some, sexual or even close emotional relationships with humans are incomprehensible. Some object-sexual individuals also often believe in animism, and sense reciprocation based on the belief that objects have souls, intelligence, and feelings, and are able to communicate. Contrary to sexual fetishism, the object to an OS person is viewed as their partner and not as a means to an end to enhance a human sexual relationship.

Married to Eiffel Tower

Erika LaBrie now Erika "Aya" Eiffel, an American World Archery champion athlete married the Eiffel Tower in a ceremony in 2007. She was first attracted to a bridge in her hometown then later on fell in love with LANCE, a bow (used in archery) but later on develop a strange affection and love for the Eiffel Tower that led to their "marriage". This is a bizarre sexual behavior because she couldn't fall in love with a human being.

[caption id="attachment_2877" align="aligncenter" width="256" caption="Erika "Aya" Eiffel - married the Eiffel Tower"]Erika "Aya" Eiffel - married the Eiffel Tower[/caption]

There are also other objectophilia cases documented:
~ Eija-Riita Eklöf-Mauer - married the Berlin Wall  in 1979
Eija-Riita Eklöf-Mauer

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Benefits of Material Handling Equipment

Industrial processing industry relies on good, sturdy and high quality material handling equipment that can carry their goods or products. Those the manufacture bulky items or items that needed much care in shipping or storage its imperative that they have various metal storage or bins that can carry all the weight of the products.

Not only these types of bins can carry tons of materials from the factory to the storage room, it can also speeds up the manufacturing process of the company. It can save a lot of time in the handling and storage process. Good quality bins, craters and containers are very crucial in the operation as it can also keep their employees safe is they move large amounts of items all at the same time. Apart from that, there is less damage in the products being handled and that can save any company from product loss or damage from poor handling.

From manufacturing, storage to delivery, utmost care should be carried out to ensure the products are all in good condition once it is delivered to the stores and ready for customers’ purchase.

One of the leading manufacturers of various material handling and metal storage products like stacking racks, automotive racks, plasma cutting, steel racks, wire mesh baskets, post pallets, dollies, wip racks, custom bins and standard bins is Cedarside Manufacturing. With many years in the business, they are dedicated in offering their clients only the best and quality products /services that their customers deserve.

Should you need material handling equipment for storage and transport, Cedarside Manufacturing stacking racks Mississauga can be a good choice.

Monday, November 5, 2012

What Would You? : Eldery Harrassed on the Street

Just in case you didn't know, I love watching Reality TV shows like The Amazing Race etc. Another show that I like watching is "WHAT WOULD YOU DO?" shown in the US. Even though it's not airing here in Pinas, I'm more than happy to watch almost all the episodes in YouTube.

What Would You Do? is an American television news magazine  hosted or headed by John Quiñones over at ABC. The show is about getting people's reaction on a particular scenario that that show has set up. There are actors/actresses that will take part and they mostly stage a scenario about injustice or abuse to people/animal. There are hidden cameras around and it can test or it can reveal a person's trait, reaction or character to a particular scenario.

If you haven't watched any of their episodes, try to watch even just one and you'll see how people react in a given "staged scenario." Just loved this show!

Here's one episode where elders are harassed on the streets.

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Art of Listening to Digital Audio Books

With the advent of the Internet, reading books have come a long way. One can easily read books without having to carry around bulky books anywhere you go because books can now be downloaded in the form of audio books. You can listen to your favorite books in your Ipod and other mp3 players.

You don’t need to go out of your house just to buy CD or books for audio books can be downloaded right in your own home. You can download audio books mp3 faster and a lot easier on website offering free audio books. You can have the liberty to choose what topics that you want to have in your audio library. Wide range of audio books can include bestsellers, novels, children’s tales, classic, myth, mystery, horror/suspense, romance, religious and whole lot more.

Since audio books are downloaded, you can always carry and listen to them using your fave audio gadget anywhere you go with no hassle at all so it’s very convenient. With the convenience audio books are giving, there's no doubt that it has become popular in the recent years.

Shocking CCTV Footage of Child Abuse in a Nursery by a Teacher

Wow, another child abuse caught on tape and this one is the shocking CCTV footage of child abuse in a nursery by a teacher in China to a 4 year old child!

This was on the new lately and if you watched the video, I know for sure you'll be fuming mad at this teacher who helplessly maltreated this poor child. You'll see that the teacher carried the girl on his arms and throws her on the floor, kicked her and tossed her again! The teacher is doing that yet no one seems to stop her (there are other teachers around).

It appears that the child has  learning difficulties, is now left severely brain damaged because of what the teacher has done! The poor child also has undergone operations but now she cannot walk already!

My gosh, thankfully the teacher is prosecuted already!

Warning: the video can be so disturbing!