Monday, May 28, 2012

To Have a Party or Not

Mom will be celebrating her 80th birthday in October and we’re planning to giving her a party just like what we did when she turned 75 five years ago. We already told her about our plans but I think she’s not ok with the idea of having a big party. Aside from it’s too expensive it will also require quite a handful of helpers to aid us in cooking and preparing.

We also thought of inquiring at catering services so that the caterer will just bring all their catering supplies and food at our house. No more hassle for us but mom don’t approve of it. She wanted to spare us with all those hard work and she told us that she wanted to just have a dinner or lunch at a restaurant with only family members attending. 

We’ll see.. October is still far anyway, she might still change her mind.

Monday, May 21, 2012

God Whispers

God whispers to me today and this is what HE has to say. I’m really trying my very best to be good all the time and be contented on what I have but I know there are times that I seek for more. I’m lucky to have a family like what I have especially having my mom around. I just hope that her health will be stable and good for she hates going to the hospital and see the patient monitor that nurses are usually showing her.

I’m praying that I’ll change for the better and will inspire others.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

How To Clean And Take Care Of Military Backpacks

Some tips to help you clean and take care of your military backpacks.

Military, air force, and police personnel almost always require specialized uniforms, gears, and accessories. Because of the applications of these items, they are expected to be strong and durable. offers a wide selection of military, air force, and police-related items such as army uniforms, camo uniforms, multicam uniforms,ripstop abu, tactical clothing, sage ABU boots, backpacks, bags, work wear, and many more.

Among the most important and most used accessory of many military personnel are military backpacks. Although these backpacks are also often used by other people for regular use, they are specifically designed to accommodate the needs of military personnel. These military backpacks come with a host of various features that make them functional and versatile.

Military backpacks are generally designed to be stronger and more durable than regular backpacks because of the demands of the tasks that are often asked of military men. Despite their strength and durability, it is imperative that you know how to properly clean and take care of your military backpack so that you will be able to enjoy its use for a long time. Below are some tips to help you clean and take care of your military backpack.

· Clean regularly. Whether you are using your military backpack for actual military use or just for regular everyday use, you must remember to clean it regularly. Wash your military backpack immediately after a particularly demanding excursion especially if it involves heavy dirt and grime. You may use a nylon brush to scrub away stubborn stains and dirt. While water may be enough for some light cleaning, you may want to use laundry detergent dissolved in water to remove heavier dirt and smells. Remember not to postpone cleaning your backpack if it has been subjected to heavy use.

· Clean removable separately. Many military backpacks have parts that are removable or detachable. Some examples of these are pockets and straps. Before cleaning your military backpack, make sure that you remove or detach all of these parts. This includes making sure that the backpack and all its compartments are totally empty. Once you have removed them, you may proceed to cleaning and drying them separately.

· Dry completely. If you washed your military backpack, make sure that you have dried it completely before using it or putting the parts back together. It is best to let the backpack and its parts dry completely by letting it stay outdoors in the sun.

· Have minor damages repaired. It is best to immediately address any minor damages to your military backpack. Whether you want to repair it yourself or have it repaired by a professional, what is important is that the repair is done as soon as possible. Immediate attention will prevent the worsening of any damages. For backpacks that have acquired bigger damages, make sure to use them for lighter applications to prevent additional stress and damages to your backpack.

· Read the label. Before doing anything to your military backpack, make sure to read its label correctly for any specific wash and care instructions.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Busy as a Bee

I've been very blessed with work that is continuously coming and I'm so thankful for that. Been in front of my computer almost 24/7 and it seems that my executive chair needs an additional cushion for chair to make it more soft and comfortable to sit on.

Aside from my online work, I’m still a free-lance digital scrapbooking designer at one of the popular photo and personalized items website. It had given me the chance to create and earn from all my designs. Been working on a new design this week and hopefully I can release it before the month ends. If my online work is hectic, my offline life is tailing behind. I guess I need to go out  and socialize more because there are some events that I miss.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Things to Accomplish

Ahhh.. May is passing by so quickly and before we know it it's June already. wow. I have many things to accomplish this May or the next few months in the house and I'm wishing it'll all be done. I usually jot down some of my thoughts and things to do so I will not forget and I'm sharing them here.

1. I initially planned of buying a new table where where I can put my desktop but thinking about the money that I will spend, I just decided that I will ask my brother to fix it and put any lag screw or nails if it needed.
2. Get back to exercise routine. I love biking and badminton but unfortunately I stopped doing them when things become so busy in here.
3. Organize my closet and purge some old things

Monday, May 7, 2012

Medical Teaching Courses and More

In the field of medicine, learning is a continues process. Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals need to keep abreast with the changing discoveries and technologies. In fact, from time to time doctors, nurses, medical technologist etc. are having their annual conference or seminars to make them aware of the new medical developments or procedures. Some are even taking their masters in order for them to be ahead and advanced. So if you are in the medical field, you should never stop learning, researching and training for it is needed because we all know that there’s always something to discover.

For some doctors, they can take another direction by taking medical teaching course or teach the teacher course to teach other doctors. These courses can help them in enrich their knowledge and skills in medical field thus enriching their teaching skills. Oxford Medical is based in UK and is recognized as one of the best professional medical careers training company that offers various courses for doctors. Trainings are well equipped with latest innovation and with highly skilled trainers. Aside from teaching courses, they also offer consultant interview course  and even medical management course for doctors. You can check out their website for various training locations such as Oxford, London, Manchester and Edinburg and schedules where can you enrol.

Of Batteries and Charges

I’m not really quite sure if I need to drain all the way the battery of my iPhone and my digital camera before charging them. I’ve searched online and found conflicting results so I just drain them before charging eventhough I have a bad experience with my laptop battery before. I drain the battery and charge it afterwards but too bad, I left it still on the socket and I guess I might have over charged it that’s why it only lasted for a year.

There are also lots of batteries like ls 14250 that are designed for longer use at up to 20 years. Ahhh.. wished I have used one of these lithium batteries before that I might have saved money also.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Thankful Friday

It’s weekend once again and that means more time with the family or friends. I’m not sure if I’ll go shopping on Sunday but who knows. I heard that there’s a big sale once again. There are so much to be thankful for and here’s mine:
1. Uncle and Auntie for the US came home for a vacation
2. Coach wristlet gift from my cousin yey!
3. Swimming with my family
4. Balikbayan box arrived with lots of stuff
5. Continues works
6. Good health for me and mom
7. Designing mojo is overflowing again
8. Saw some friends again