Thursday, March 25, 2010

Worth of Dental Care

I sure still remember the days when I was sitting inside my dentist’s chair (I was in my 1st yr. in high school) actually decades ago where dentists are just used in extracting teeth because tooth filling, jacket and other dental cosmetic procedures are still non-existent. I was there because my front teeth where already somewhat in bad shape, blame it on sweets and my ignorance of proper dental care.

I was so young that time and not sure if they have a procedure to still somewhat keep my front teeth from being pulled but to my surprise the dentist extracted 2 of my front teeth bec. she said the other one is decaying as well. Upon reaching home, I cried most especially when I saw the gap infront. Now I was left with no choice but to put dentures at a young age. Ahhhh I was disappointed and now as I recall it, how’d I wish the technology back then was same as today then the possibility of not loosing my front teeth is not feasible.

Gone are those days because we all know that teeth can have fillings, jacket, crown, veneers, bleached and other dental procedures can be done. Yellowish teeth can be sparkly white; mis-aligned teeth can have braces, and more. If you can notice a lot of celebrities are undergoing such dental cosmetics for perfect smile.

Technology has gone so far as well as health care and insurance. Anyone can avail of dental insurance that can help you with your dental care. Just like any other insurances, there are good and bad apples in this area as well so you need to keep yourself aware of that. Here’s a dental insurance reviewer that can serve as a little guide to know about certain dental insurance provider. You can even submit your own review to inform others about the quality of services some companies like Delta Dental Insurance, AIG and the rest are offering. We are paying customers and our health will be involved so we need to be careful most of the times.

My Sensitivity to Smoke

I woke up yesterday morning with a bad mood, aside from pmsing it is because of the smoke that I am smelling. I knew right away that someone made a fire out of dead leaves and garbage once again because I can see the thick smoke when I peeped in my window.

I rushed out of my bed and told my mom and SIL that I hate that smell and it tuned out that my mom is the one who did I told mom that it's not good for the environment and of course not good for us esp. me who hates smokes. I looked around the house and oh boy our house is like on clouds because of the smoke. That make me more angry..

One day I will also ask our neighbor to refrain also from making fire. I'm really sensitive to smoke, whether it be from cigarette, vehicles or wood fire, you'll often see me covering my nose everytime I smell any.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hot and Spicy Chili Wings!

Yum!! That is what I cooked for dinner tonight. Oops I forgot to take a photo of it, slipped my mind bec. I'm already too hungry.

I'm glad that I don't have any hemorrhoids (and in hemorrhoids treatment) or else eating this hot and spicy chili wings will only aggravate it. I put lots of chili sauce in it and right now I can still feel the hot feeling in my ears hehe. I seldom like eating chili foods but this one is an exception. I'm sure I'm going to cook more of this in the future since it is so easy to make.

Easy To Gain Weight but Hard to Lose It

I guess many of you are quite confused already on what to do to shed off that excess fat of yours. Reading reviews about top rated fat burners aside from regular exercise and eating healthy foods can increase your chance of losing that unwanted weight that you have been longing for. It's easy for me to say it because I am not faced with that dilemma but if you are really 100% for that idea and have will I guess nothing is impossible. We have seen some good results like that of the The Biggest Loser Contestants and other individuals.

If for some reason dieting, exercising and eating healthy still not work on you, I believe it's now the time to seek professional help for there maybe an underlying cause or probably surgery is needed already. Just my 2 cents.

In Deep Slumber

I stayed at home today for I have tons of work to do. I also had time to clean my room and toss at the bin the stuff that I'm not using anymore.

I cooked lunch for myself (just fried fish) for today and fried pork for my dog Sophie.  I didn't gave her dog food for lunch today because I want to give her a good treat for lunch. I put her on the cage and there she immediately ate her lunch as if she was so hungry. Right now I can see her in deep slumber on her cage but later on I'll let her out so we can play and she can roam around.

She's my companion for today aside from Marie, the stray cat that we adopted. Ahhh I became an animal lover once again and I love it.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

He Doesn't Eat Much

My nephew who is already 11 years old is really a picky eater.

Rice with soup, Hotdog, Lumpiang Shanghai, Rice with soup, Rice with soup, Rice with soup and Rice with soup is only the food that he knows!! How can he ever build muscle when that is the only food that he wants. He is like a baby where you still need to mash the potato for him so he can eat even just a little vegetable.

He is often scolded but that is what he wants to eat. I guess her mom must have spoiled him and not trained him to eat other meat like chicken and pork when he was just little. I'm not sure if it's only in his mind that he doesn't like to eat other foods because he will immediately say that it is not delicious even if he didn't tasted it.

Actually he was hospitalized few times because he got sick so often for his body lacks energy and nutrients. I hope he'll change his eating habits now that he'll be in highschool come school opening on June.

They Love It!

So I found myself holding cooking utensils lately. Hmmmm and that is good. Ever since I changed my working schedule at home I was able to cook dishes for our lunch almost everyday. It's a good sign actually because I can cook and eat what I crave for.

I've been getting and printing recipes online and have tried some of them and fortunately it was all good.  This means that we are going to eat sumptuous meals each day, I hope we don't need any fat burner anytime soon.

I'm leaning towards cooking dishes with sauces. I cooked beef with broccoli yesterday and today I cooked sweet and sour chicken and my family just loved it. My bro even told me that is delicious and I need to to cook it again in the future. Ahhh nice to hear those words. I hope they will not blame me if they get fat from eating too much hehe.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ang PINAKA: Notorious na Kriminal- Notorious Criminal in the Philippines

ANG PINAKA: TV show over at QTV 11 listed yet another interesting theme for this week and it's about Ang PINAKA: Notorious na Kriminal (Philippines) - Notorious Criminal in the Philippines based on PNP"s Most Wanted List
10. Eduardo "Boy" Iran- eduardoiran aka BOY MUSLIM - killer of opposition Evelio Javier
9. Cezar de Guzman aka Kabesa - hired killer of Mayor Resuello of San Carlos City
8. Ustadz Haber Malik-murderer, MNLF member
7. Corey Dickpus- coreydickpus_gif

rolandofajardo haroldfajardo
6.  Rolando and

5.  Harold Lumbres Fajardo  (brothers)-
notorious kidnap for ransom group members - Reward Php 1,0000.00
4. Jose Ma. "Bong" Sarmiento Panlilio- robbery homicide - Reward: Php 5 millionjose ma sarmiento panlilio
3. Alim Solaiman Pangalian - Reward PHP 5  million

2. Ameril Umbra Kato -ameril umbra kato Reward: Php 10 million
1. Al Hadz Abdullah Macapaar - Commander Bravo : Reward Php 10 million

Any information regarding these criminals you can report to the authorities.

THE PNP 24-HOUR HOTLINES: (02) 722-2353 / (02) 722-9587

Bag Lover

Oh yeah, I'm definitely a bag lover ever since!

I remember when I was in highschool and in college, I've been always purchasing bags that most of the times I am wearing different kinds of bag everyday. During that time, brand names or designer bags are not my priority, I just buy bag regardless of the brand as long as I like the color and the style.

My fondness in bags never stopped there, right now as I age I'm leaning more towards leather bags that I know will last for many years now. I already love Coach, Nine West and Cole Haan's leather bags that everytime I see them my heart is pounding and I'm itching to have one.

Just today, I already got the Coach leather bag that I bought in e-Bay last January and I just love how the leather feels and smells I know I will use it for many years and I think I want another one. I saw BCBG Max Azria bags online and I'm not that familiar with the brand but saw some nice styles. I'm not sure I'll buy one cuz I want another Coach or a Cole Haan bags.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Home Improvements

Now is the perfect time to organize our homes. The truth is my mom and brothers already finished renovating their respective kitchen and extra room at their house. Summer has always been a good time to repair something at our house since we need to be prepared for the coming rainy days. The roof gutter needs to be cleaned and the drainage as well for it will not be clogged when the sudden downpour of rain comes.

Our gardens should not be left behind as it also need some care. Eventhough the temp is getting hotter each day we can always make our plants and flowers healthy by nurturing them with water daily to avoid being dry. My mom who has a green thumb can always plant anything and in no time it’ll grow bring and healthy. How’d I wish I can have her magic hands.

Landscape designers have become popular these days, I reckon for they can bring out the beauty of any place in your front or back yard. We always want to have well groomed gardens that sometimes we have no time or we don’t have any talent to do, so a professional Landscape Design Agency come in the picture. Their creative and professional designers can produce awesome results to your place.
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Nephew Graduating from College

Wow we are so happy that my nephew is graduating from college on March 26th. He took up BA Fine Arts major in Advertising at the University of Santo Thomas (UST). Actually he should graduate last year but he wasn't able to finish his thesis in his photography class so he was late. With so much effort and hard work he passed his thesis just last month and passed it with flying colors.

His parents where so excited to attend his graduation rites at PICC and my mom actually wanted to see his grandson march and get his diplomas. I know it'll be so memorable and heartwarming not only for his parents but to all the graduates who will soon see their dreams coming true. I'm not sure i they will have a graduation ball but I assumed they also wanted to be in their tuxedos and gowns and have fun the whole night.

I just hope he'll land a job easily and I'm pretty sure he'd be good in the career that he chose.

What to Cook?

Yay, it's almost lunchtime once again and I'm lost what to cook that will eventually  be our dinner as well.

Now I know how it feels when my mom whine on what she will cook for the meal. It's never easy to think a meal that we'll not get tired of eating. I sometimes scour recipe blogs on net or youtube for possible idea. I guess i need to see what's in the freezer and chiller today so I can think what to cook.

I'm getting hungry now so I better get moving.

So Precious

With the economy slowly picking up and other employees regaining their jobs as well, it's not unusual for people to still tighten their belts a little bit more. These days we can never indulge in too many things that we don;t really need most especially when you have kids and whole family to support.

I can only salute those homemakers that really are saving and penny pinching for they know there are more other things important. There are also some who are investing their money hoping to earn more. Others venture to buy gold bullion and the like since gold have been known to have good value overtime. In fact, gold are so precious that you can store them over time and they will have good value.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Lost Lots of Fluids and Electrolytes

Oh dear, here comes my stomach trouble once again. I was working online this morning when my stomach suddenly hurts and I knew right then that it'll be another bad day for me. I found myself inside the comfort room most of the times, I was gasping for air and I'm starting to get weak. I've experience this before so I know it's gonna take a while again. It's cramping and oh dear how'd I wish I can lay down inside the CR but fortunately I still have energy.

Funny thing is that I also thought of going to the hospital and dying lol, so morbid isn't it but during that time I never thought of disability insurance or anything. I was so weak already and profusely sweating cold. I skipped my lunch but later on I asked our helper to buy me Mc Chicken, fries and sundae hehe and Gatorade to replenish the lost electrolytes in my body. I also rest for a while and right now,  I can feel a bit pain but I'm good now.

I'm praying that this will not happen again cuz it is just PAINFUL !!

You-Nique Boutique

These days, shops that offers personalized items are sprouting all over and that gives shoppers an option to give a personalized gift veering away from the common or "not thought of gift" just to give something. I'd personally would love to receive an item with my name or picture on it and that will definitely make me tickle pink.

Just take a look a this unique items that I saw whilst browsing the web, I wanted to share them to give you an idea on what to give next time to your friends or relatives for weddings, b-days and other occasions. See below tote bag, toppers and more.caketoppers totebag

Thanks to my Lappy

I sure did made a good decision last year to buy myself a Dell laptop that I can use in the house, I wish I did purchased long time ago though. Anyway, at first I thought netbooks would just be perfect for my net needs but since I also do some layouts in Photoshop and multitask most of the times, so I decided to get a laptop with good specs.

Since my laptop came, I got more works and I have more time to more online stuff and that includes twittering and now that I'm at Facebook (I'm a late bloomer ya know), I can extend more hours browsing. I love my Dell eventhough I really wished to have my 1st love which is HP but I'm satisfied with what I have now. I hope my bestfriend Race can already purchase her own laptop since her desktop is acting too slow these days.