Friday, May 14, 2010

Power Nap

Wow, I just had the longest rest today. My morning was not as productive as I want it to be bec. I wasn't able to finish any online task and I guess the pms mode is creeping on me again. Had my lunch and after taking my bath after that, as usual I was in my bedroom for TV time and mandatory rest. I fell asleep eventhough it's so hot and it's already half past four when I got up.

Quickly turned the laptop on only to find out that it's not catching any wifi signal so I have no net. I went to SIL's house where our Linksys router is connected and saw that it was turned off. Looks like that my small niece must have accidentally switched it off.  Now, I'm ready to work again and hopefully I can whip a digi layout as well because I'm excited to work on the kits that I bought last night and this morning.

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