Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Paying our Bills on Time

Though it maybe hard to pay our bills all the times, I reckon it’s always the best thing to do because we can avoid penalties. Late payments can also lead to service interruption or your connections being cut off and I’m sure we all don’t want that to happen. I’ve experienced that one time when I need to pay our water bill and it slipped my mind. I was surprised one day when a representative from the company came to cut our water connection..lol

Not only it was so embarrassing and uncomfortable for us not having water for half a day, it incurred a penalty or the reconnection that is much higher than the water bill itself. Right now, I have to make a list of things to pay and dates for it. If you also have credit card bills, try to settle it so that bills will not overlap. Interests and penalties will be summed up and it’s another burden on your part. If you are in deep depth, credit card debt settlement can be of help for sure.

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