Thursday, May 6, 2010

1st Automated Election

The much awaited 1st Automated Election this coming Monday, May 10, 2010 is very much anticipated by many. I could hear jingles of our local candidates on the streets over and over again that it's already annoying my ears most especially when I'm taking a nap in the afternoon.


I already have my choices Pres and Vice Pres. slots but I still need to fill about 3 more names for the Senators. I guess I need to read their bio and flatforms once again so I'll have more ideas. For the local ones, I have my mayor and vice mayor but it looks like that I'm not picking too many councilors. There are not too many good choices and frankly I don;t want to vote someone that has no track record in our town.

With all the booboos on the pcos machine and all, i hope the election will turn out peaceful, honest and a lil' organize if not perfect. Let's all vote so that we can exercise our rights.

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