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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Gift Ideas for the Gun Enthusiast in Your Life

If you have someone in your life who enjoys a variety of firearms, then it might be tough to come up with a suitable gift for them. Investing in a new gun can be an expensive endeavor, so what else is there to get them? This guide will help you come up with a few ideas that you might not have otherwise considered, and perhaps give you some inspiration so that you can make your own decision on what to get the special gun enthusiast in your life.

Think Outside the Box
Aside from the gun itself, there are plenty of other accessories that people might not otherwise think about. For instance, it can be difficult to find a good hip holster. As it turns out though, there are plenty of stores that sell accessories that are specifically aimed towards gun enthusiasts. If you're interested in purchasing a holster, then a shop like Hardcore Gun Holsters can point you in the right direction and provide you with the information you need to make an informed purchase.

Consider Other Related Hobbies
Typically, gun enthusiasts also tend to have other related hobbies. For instance, many gun enthusiasts also tend to enjoy spending time outdoors. If you know that the gun enthusiast in your life enjoys spending time outside, then you might want to pivot away from a gun-centered gift towards something that can generally be enjoyed outside. For instance, other components of hunting gear can be found at many stores geared towards outdoor survival. In addition to finding outdoor survival gear, you might also want to consider finding items that you can enjoy with your loved one together. After all, going out on a hike is much more fun with two people rather than going by yourself.

While there are plenty of options for gifts, the most important thing to remember is to show the person in your life that you care about them. Regardless of what you end up purchasing, the intent will ultimately matter more than the gift itself. Of course, that doesn't mean that some gifts aren't more useful than others. As always, use your best judgment and you'll be sure to find something that you can be proud to gift away for the holidays.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas Shopping

How is your Christmas shopping lately? If you're going to ask me, I only have 2-3 more gifts to buy and I'm finally done. Actually, I shopped early this year, making sure that I will not be rushed for the season. I just hate shopping late this December for gifts over 20+ on y list for I will cram. Shopping in a hurry will not only make you decide poorly on what to give but also you'll end up not getting the gifts you really wanted to give because it is already out of stock.. yay

I have started wrapping my gifts last November but I still have a lot to wrap and I think I will do that next week. Our Christmas tree is up 3rd week of November and there are few gifts underneath it. It'll be awesome to see more gifts around it when I'm done with my wrapping. Excited to give my gifts for my loved ones and I hope they will like my choices. If you need more gifts like musical instruments and all and have no time to go to the mall because of your work or life schedule, check out the guitarcenter hours for you will score some good gifts this year. Online shopping is very helpful for busy people so you might want to check your fave online stores now. Shop now.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Are You Ready for Christmas this Year?

It may sound a little bit early to think about the gifts, food and all other details for Christmas but for me, Christmas shopping has already started. I’m frivolous to shop for more this coming days as I am not yet done shopping. I still need to list down more names and think about what gifts are perfect for them. It can be a little difficult to know what they like but I’m positive that they will like all the gifts that they will receive from me because it’s a blessing, right?

For some of my girlfriends I already thought of giving some nice bracelets or necklaces. Since beading and colorful bracelets are in trend these days because of the arm candies together with over-sized watches I thought, I’d make them personalized bracelets. I already found the best bead wholesalers that has all the supplies that I need. I’m into beading before so making bracelets is not new to me. I just need to have a good eye in matching different kinds of beads or crystals so I can make nice ones. However, if I’m pressed for time making them, I also know where to buy bracelets and accessories at a whole sale price.

Ahh.. I can’t wait for Christmas. It’s the celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and along with that, giving and sharing our blessings to others are more enjoyable and meaningful a thousand folds.

During Christmas, kids all over the world are the happiest of all because they always know that Christmas is also synonymous to gifts. Opening their gifts at Christmas Eve and during Christmas day brings them a lot of joy that they all deserve. I just wish that all kids and family will be together this Christmas and those that are suffering and don’t have the means to celebrate will be blessed.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Giving as a Lifestyle

Christmas is just a few "arms away" and like many have said, it's the "most wonderful time of the year". Why not? Aside from feeling the cold breeze during those days, there are many festivities, reunions, parties and get together that are happening left and right. There's also no reason to diet because foods are overflowing. Gift giving is also a  lot of fun. Not only kids enjoy receiving gifts but adults as well. Seeing kids' eyes lit up and smiles on their faces while opening their gifts are PRICELESS.

There's always something nice in gift-giving, we can always light up and cheer anyone's mood and make them feel loved. Giving something without expecting something in return is truly amazing gesture and I always believe those that give w/o hesitation and with pure heart will always be blessed.

I better start my own list for Christmas as my schedule can be hectic at times. I need to plan my shopping day so that I can get lots of gifts in just one shopping time. I have no problem with my nieces, SIL and mom on what gifts to give. It's the brothers that certainly will be more challenging. I could buy them buy rocky patel cigars but unfortunately, they already stopped smoking due to health problems. I still need to scour the stores to find that perfect gift.

Getting Good Deals at Shiloh's List

These days, every consumer wants to get their every penny’s worth every time they purchase something. Who doesn’t want discounts or good deals when you shop on your local stores or even online? Personally, I love shopping especially when there is a sale and that always makes me thrilled.

Since we are in the digital age where almost all transactions can be made online, many companies saw the great potential in marketing their goods or products. Online stores have rocketed immensely in the last few years wherein consumers can order/purchase products or even book online on services or tickets.

Lately, group-buying sites have been booming as well. There’s no doubt that a lot of online shoppers are getting hooked with this latest emerging trend in online shopping. With the latest innovation in buying products or services, many retailers and suppliers also joined to offer their products or services at discounted rates. In turn, consumers have a wide range of products to choose from at very competitive prices and discounted rates while retailers can increase their sales.


Another emerging local group-buying site is Shiloh's List that offers top of the line products and services from their sellers/suppliers. Aside from getting good discounts on the list of products that they have right now, their members can earn reward points if they purchase, tweet, liked their Facebook page or have invited their friends or family to be part of the company. These points can be used to purchase on their rewards store, exciting isn’t it? If you want to get good discounts when you purchase online, do check out and sign up at Shiloh's List.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Associate Yourself With Colors C Replica Louis Vuitton

We know that purchasing a luxuriant handbag is every women’s need and therefore, it is our privilege to announce that the latest collection of replica Louis Vuitton is now available in the retailer stores. Now, all you have to do is make your way to these shops and ask for replica Louis Vuitton. With pure diligence, the makers of replica Louis Vuitton have stated that you are going to fall in love with the product quality as well as the designs. One thing is for sure that you may get all crazy with the designs at first sight. There are some interesting ones to pick from and Louis Vuitton has proven once again that nothing beats this brand when it comes to the art of designing. In our daily lives, we often see all sorts of handbags however; this collection might get you some special ones depending on the item you buy. With such fine quality of leather and comfortable straps, you can flaunt around in best of your styles.

Now, here is the deal, the same collection would offer you items within $100 each; keep in mind that if the limit gets beyond this value which we have disclosed then you are being over-charged with money. You need to find a legitimate source if you are interested in purchasing these items online. Customers knew right from the scratch that this collection would fulfill all the needs at once and this has what truly happened.

You can shape your personality up with any of these enchanting handbags. Moreover, the makers have uploaded the whole collection on a few of chosen websites and you can order your items now. Each item may take around five business days to come to your doorstep and once it does, you have to release the funds to the delivery person after investigating the quality of the handbag. You can also go around checking out another uncovering that is Louis Vuitton monogram canvas handbags, and carve out one ideal design for your personality.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saving Money while Shopping Online with Coupons

These days, economy is not that good so we expect a lot of people tightening their belts just to make both ends meet. Those that are shopping endlessly for things that they don’t really need have realized that they only need to shop for things that are only necessary and urgent. I’m sure other shoppers who just shop for the sake of shopping, those that don’t really give much thought while their credit cards are being swipe in the counters are also feeling that money are tough at times, and realized that they need to save too. I’m not saying that you must not shop but you need to prioritize and look for items that are on sale to save.

There’s no doubt that shopping can be fun especially if you have the money to splurge. I personally love shopping. In fact, right now, I’m thinking of shopping for there are 3-day sale at many malls here in our area. Shopping while there’s a sale can save me much because instead of getting the item/s that I want at their regular price, I can get it less than 30-50% during sale days. I usually wait for the sale period of some malls and that’s when I’ll schedule my shopping. On ordinary days, I go look for items that I want. I try it on or scrutinize it so when the sale comes, I’ll just grab the item immediately if it’s still available on sale and head towards the counter.

Another good way of shopping is doing it online. Almost all stores already have their websites so purchasing their items can be easy and fast as well. Stores often have their galleries of products where shoppers can browse by item, brands, or even prices. Online shopping can be a lot of fun too because not only at local stores where you can get discounts but online as well. Just be resourceful in finding vouchers or discount coupons and you’ll be rocking online shopping. Shopping online can also save us time, gas and of course hassle of going out.

One of the most popular shopping places is Macy’s. Why not? It offers wide array of items both for men and women. From handbags, cosmetics, clothing, home stuff to jewelry items, there’s anything for everybody. Using Macy’s coupon codes just like what Frugal Dad is doing can save us a lot on various items. You’ll be amaze to know that you can get online discounts at 50- 75% off or with free shipping. Just imagine all the savings that you can get especially when you can buy by bulk.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shopping Makes Me Crazy

So I was out again shopping last Sunday at the nearby mall. I initially wanted my niece to come with me but fortunately she’s not available that time for she’ll just go crazy with me that Why did I say that? I’ve been in and out of different stores trying out shoes and fitting blouses and shirts endlessly. I was also looking for a cheap lingerie and happy to get a new bra that was on sale.

I did get some other personal stuff and boy I was happy! The only thing that worries me is the credit card billing this March hehe. Oh well, at least I still have self control to buy other unnecessary things for myself. It’s seldom that I splurge this much so I’m giving myself a reward for all the hard work that I have done!

I’m already locking my credit card for now because I don’t want to be shocked when the bill comes. Shopping makes me crazy but at least it makes me happy!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Personalized Items are Great Giving Ideas

Have you found yourself running out of gift ideas to give on a particular person? Oh yes, we are sometimes faced with the thought of what to give as a present. I even had an experience, strolling the mall, going inside and out of stores to find a gift for a friend who is a little bit of choosy if I may say. I end up buying a “safe” gift because I spent hours already thinking on what to give.

Anyway, since a lot of products can be personalized already, they can be a great gift for anyone. Be it on Father’s/Mother's Day, birthday, Christmas and so on, personalized are perfect to give. There are also many stores that cater to customization and one of them is Personal Creations. There’s just too many to choose from at their online catalogue, from Personal Creations coaster, doormats, frames and more. Now, I have found another place where I can order gifts that can have personal touch in it.

Oh and with the holidays coming in few more moths, I have every reason now to find gift ideas.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Something About Replica Handbags Popularity

>Replica handbags are available all local and online stores worldwide, so it is not a problem to get them while sitting at home or office. However, there are some things you need to remember at the time of their purchase online. It is very important to be ensured that the supplier with whom you are buying replica handbags is legitimate and not a scam artist who will just take your money and run. Genuine suppliers will have good quality designs and issues such as taxation and shipping will be covered sufficiently. This just tells you that you should have as much information about the site as possible before giving them your money.

Replica handbags cover the needs of such people who would like to possess something different or great but don't have the amount that can enable them to have the designer handbags from big brand names. These bags have taken the growing market by storm and people are now not paying much attention to the authentic versions.

Types of Replica Handbags

There are thousands of bags being sold online and you can get a Gucci or a Chanel replica handbag at a reasonable price. The most common replica handbag from famous designers include Chanel, Chloe, Gucci, Fendi, Louis V among many others. These bags are often referred to as handbag knockoffs since their designs look exactly like the original versions that they are copied from.

Prices of Replica Handbags

You should not think that the prices of these bags are low just because they are imitations. In the replica bags there are still classes that are quite expensive. For example you will have to cough up to $300 for a replica Gucci bag. By any means, that is not much amount for an average spender. However as compared to the authentic versions that cost a few thousands of dollars, the replica bags prices are considered low. To get a good quality replica designer handbag you have to prepare for the purchase. The more money you pay for the replica the better the quality you will get.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Not Giving Up the Dream

Almost all my twitter friends already own their Panasonic Lumix 5 digital camera and I was left wishing that I also had the same. Fortunately, I’m not too easy to be influenced with their shopping madness because If I was, then I’m already a proud member of the lumix club.

I just recently bought a new Canon ixus point and shoot camera and my Canon DSLR camera is still working (but too bulky to carry around) so adding another camera is already overkill, I reckon. I need to priorities some other things since owning a lumix can wait. Who knows, the price will drop and a new much improved version will come out if I decide to get one already. I’m still not giving up the dream of having one. In fact, I have read some camera reviews, saw sample shots and heard good raves about this camera. I have to say that it’s not far behind from DSLR in terms of quality, only it is more portable and can easily fit my small bag.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fun Times with my Nephew and Nieces

It is seldom that my nephew and nieces come with me shopping at a nearby mall. It was only yesterday when the 3 of them came with me to stroll the mall and just have fun. After having our afternoon snack, they accompanied me to go to the mall to pay my Internet bills and to shop a little.

My 7 yr.old niece will be celebrating her birthday come May 2 so I decided to buy her a sandals that she could wear. Actually, she’s been bugging me to buy her a new one as her old sandals could not fit her anymore. We also had some good times checking out womens boots, pumps and sandals. We endlessly try different shoes and I also end up buying an everyday sandals.

The fun didn’t stop there because, we redeemed the tutti frutti yogurt coupon that I had. I just tasted it and since it’s kinda sour for my taste, the 2 older girls enjoyed eating it. I’m sure they’ll come with me once again but I have to ready myself for they might ask me to buy them some stuff.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Appliance Shopping and To Buy List

It was last December when I had an appliance shopping. I asked my mom to come with me and we’re going to buy kitchen appliances at the nearby mall. She was happy when she heard it as she’s been asking me to replace some of our old appliance. I bought a Kelvinator refrigerator which I find the metal color very nice and the size perfect for our house. It’s also a self defrost ref so I will not have a hard time defrosting every now unlike our old ref.

I also bought a bigger washing machine with dryer. It seems that our laundry woman is having a hard time washing our bed sheets so my mom insisted on getting a bigger one. Our shopping doesn’t stop there because we also bought 3 electric fans for our home. The old ones are then given to my brother and can be used as spare when we need it. So far, I’m happy with our purchases and I intend of buying more soon.

I’ve been meaning to buy an LCD TV and soon we’ll have one. I already asked my sis overseas to buy us one and she’ll bring it when she gets back home here this year. It’s always thrilling to buy appliances for the house and next on my to buy list are blender, mini oven and new Corell dinnerware. I hope that I can save more this year so that come December I can already buy what I wanted.

Friday, December 31, 2010

The Finest Timepiece to Demonstrate the Times of Two Time Zones - Rolex GMT Master Replica

All the watches presented by Rolex possess unique and exclusive features. Among these watches, the Rolex GMT-Master watch has the potential to display the times of two time zones. The significance of this attribute is better known by people who travel a lot and their travels mostly consist of international trips.

Initially, this facet of the watch was intended for pilots, since they are the most frequent travelers and they used to face trouble in calculating the difference of times of their original region and their destination. With the passage of time, and after observing the fact that even people belonging to general public might have the requirement of such an improbable watch, these watches were introduced for the general public usage as well.

Resembling the original Rolex watch, the Rolex GMT-Master replica is also one of the most excellent watches possessing the distinctive feature of presenting the times of two time zones.

For the purpose of fulfilling the needs of the people, these watches have been through various examinations and study. Only after that, these wonderful replica watches have been produced and the end result was as anticipated, these replicas are widely accepted like the original watches.

It has been figured out by people all over the world that in these days of worldwide economic crisis, the replica watches are much more feasible to be used as compared to the original Rolex watches. The capability of wristwatches of being attached with the wrist of the user all the time is very crucial and due to this characteristic of a watch, it is exceptionally intelligent to affix as many features as possible to the watch. This notion has been ideally applied on the Rolex replica. With the passage of time, even additional attributes useful to people are being successfully introduced.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Tiangge Left and Right

It's the season for shopping as Christmas is just around the corner. Shoppers are pre-occupied with their shopping at the malls and even online. I'm pretty sure that there'll be more shoppers this weekend as some employees got their Christmas bonuses already. Sale and tiangge can be seen anywhere and it's also a good chance for us shopper to avail of discounted items and more items to choose from.

I was at the mall and tiangge in the last few days and it's great to shop since there are still lots of stocks available. Malls, stores, tiangges and specialty stores that sells wrestling apparel and other sporting equipments are having sale. Business owners are taking advantage of the season to sell lots of items since all of us are shopping.

Christmas Shopping for the Family

Only 15 more days and it's Christmas already. I've already shopped gifts for my family and friends at the malls and even online. I'm looking forward to the new items I bought online by tomorrow so I can wrap them as well. I checked my list last night and I found out that I have 2 gifts for 2-3 persons but that is ok. It'll be my bonus to them and I'm sure they'll be so happy to get it.

I still have few items that I need to buy (it's a never ending shopping), but if I have no more time or don;t have any idea what to give, then I guess I 'll just give money. Meanwhile, I also wanted to buy clothes for myself eventhough I have both lots for myself since November. I saw some apple bottoms brands online and their items are nice. I'll check if I can purchase some tonight.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shopping... Shopping and Shopping

November and December are my shopping months. I can't help myself to shop, splurge and spoil myself since November is my birthday month. I already shopped for too many things before and after my birthday this month and I'm still shopping up to now hehe. Can't blame me as I have been penny pinching for the last months and now it's the time to enjoy after all the hard work I have done.

But with all the spending that I've been doing lately, mom and friends keep telling me to think about my health too. With that, I need to get a health plan that similar to that of NC Blue Cross Blue Shield in the US. I'm not getting any younger so I really need to focus more on my health as well.

Anyway, just this morning, I passed my the tiangge in our town to buy some shirts that I can give as Christmas gifts. There are too many people buying already and since it's also the place where wholesale items can  be bought, there are also buyers buying by the bulk. Yay, I can't help but to shop.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Season of Eating

Christmas is not only a season for gift giving, shopping and merry making as it is also a season of eating. Left and right there will be Christmas parties, reunions and get together and that only means that lots of food will be served.

It's a time for people who loves to eat, indulge and drown themselves with foods. They have every reason not to diet because they'll make this season as a good excuse not to watch what they eat. The best fat burner available in the market will be their best friend once they realized that they have eaten enough and their waist has ballooned once again.

I can't wait for more parties and gatherings coming soon for I know that more friendships and love will surface once again.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Time to Shop for Christmas Gifts

Teehee.. I’ve already started buying some of the Christmas gifts for my friends and family and I have to say that sometimes I have a hard time thinking of what to give. Sure, it’s fun to look around for gifts but most of the times, picking the ones that will make the recipient happy is sometimes hard.

I still have many to shop and put in my list, at least I still have lots of time to shop. I went online to look for possible gifts to my brothers and I stumbled upon christmas men red envelope items and they are many ideas that I found. I saw watch organizer, (which I also want for myself), leather wine carrier and more.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I was arranging my dresser last weekend and was happy to see my small watch collection. It all started when my cousins in LA sent me fossil or guess watches as a gift way back in 2005. I still have those watches and been keeping and using it for years. Knowing the brand and their durability, I'm not surprise that it's still working up to now.

My BIL also gave me watch as a token of appreciation and from there my love for watches has grown. There's never an instance when I'm not attracted to watches every time I passed by watch stores and funny thing is that, I always look at people's watches every now and then. hehe. An online friend is also selling watches and you're right I bought some from her already.

From Fossil, Guess, to DKNY brand, my love for watches is not stopping. I recently purchased an Armani watch and I can't wait for it to arrive on November, just right in time for my birthday. I'm trying to buy different styles of watches from simple everyday watch, leather, to elegant watch with Swarovski Crystal beads in it for variety. I know I can't buy luxurious watches like Rolex but with the watches I have, I'm a happy watch-aholic.

I was thinking of buying a watch box similar to the box that my online friend once shared on her flickr account. I googled the jewelry box and it was a bit pricey at $60-70 so I was trying to find a local manufacturer that might have an affordable price than that. A wooden box with glass on top and 12 compartment would be perfect and I just hope a can get a great deal for Php 1,500- 2,000 for that box. I have to find one at the mall when I'll go out soon.