Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Looking Ahead

I guess most of us want to plan for our future but there are times no matter how careful we plan it, our plans will never come to reality. For sure God has a different path that He wanted us to go to that's why things go into that direction.

Future can be bleak for some but for those that have the courage and will can stay strong and will try to find ways to make their future better. Some people will either invest on something like buying real property, gadgets/appliances and more. Some might even buy gold for they know gold has a good value in our society not just today but many centuries ago. I guess if we really want to go to that direction we should carefully plan and research about it.

Monday, June 28, 2010

BBQ Lunch

If you will notice, my family loves barbeque during weekends and just like yesterday we had a BBQ lunch again. I promised them that I'm going to treat them once I won at the digi-kit designing contest over at Artscow. I already won 3x (1 3rd place, 1 1st place and 1 2nd place) so we had a very sumptuous lunch yesterday. It was held at my brother's place and good thing is that my sis and their family are here to celebrate with us.

All of the patio chairs are occupied and we had some great chat and laughs. In the afternoon we went to the mall and later on watched Toy Story 3 movie.

Introverted Intuition

Hmmmm.. the quiz says that my personality cluster is Introverted Intuition.

You are:
You are multi-layered and complex. No one can quite understand you.
You are very inspired and driven to achieve your goals.
Whether you know it or not, you are a visionary with a complete life plan.
You are intuitive enough to understand difficult problems, ideas, and people.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Home for a Quick Vacation

My brother-in-law and my sister was here in the country because of family emergency. My BIL's mom died last week and eventhough he was able to come home before it died, he still insisted to come home again. His employers in Saudi would not want him to come home again but being a good son, he did all just to be in his mother's funeral in the province.

Now they are staying here at our house before their flight back. Actually today is his flight but he moved it so he can bond with his children who are all here studying in college. Just like yesterday, they went to MOA as a family and I think they were suppose to watch a movie but they ended up just play bowling. They also had some shopping and I asked my sister to canvass the price of tv stands that I need for our living room.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

All About Fescue Grass

Used all around the world for its durability and resilience, fescue grass is an amazing thing. Fescue grass actually refers to a group of types of grass used for ornamental landscaping because they can handle being in either direct sun or complete shade - which makes them perfect for areas needing smooth and even grass surfaces such as golf ranges.

When in very extreme temperatures, fescue simply goes dormant until the weather improves. Originally taken from Europe in 1800, the two oldest varieties of fescue are Kentucky-31 and Alta. Fescue grass is generally grown and kept at two inches tall. It flourishes in heavy rainfall climates and survives harsh dry spells with ease. Deep roots and thick growth help fescue survive and maintain its color. Its thick stems will often smother weeds such as dandelion.

Fescue works well as pasturing or turf grass as it is thick and easily cared for. You can choose from many varieties of fescue, but the most commonly used types are simply tall fescue and turf-type fescue which is shorter and even more durable. You can buy fescue as plain seed, in a blend or even as sod ready to be laid down to make that perfect lawn.

If you start with seed, remember to plant the seed in softened soil and gently cover it with a light sprinkle of soil. Fescue is best when planted in the fall and spring in warm soil at a rate of 4 pounds of seed per 1000 square feet.

Laying sod is very simple. Choose the area you want to cover with grass and level it. Keep the ground wet as you lay down the sod and water it often to make sure the ground stays moist until the sod takes hold. Dry ground will make it hard for the sod to grow and may even kill it.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Reward for Myself

Lately, I’ve been working so hard once again and I feel like I have to reward myself for that. A day at the salon would be perfect as I can relax and have “me” time. It’s not that I don’t have time for myself but when I’m in the salon I feel like pampered and so loosened up.

I’m also thinking of getting an iPhone but when I saw the price, I backed out..lol Shelling out a big sum of money for a little gadget is kinda painful for me and I guess I can still bear using my old Nokia phone. I’m hoping that if the price already lowered, I can maybe buy one.

Aside from that, the thought of getting a new HP desktop and not netbooks also crossed my mind. Actually it’s not really urgent or necessary to get a new one since I already have an HP desktop that I use at my net cafĂ© and Dell laptop at home but my 3yr old HP is kinda slow already. Maybe I just need to add more memory for that so it can still save me some bucks.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Wish...

I can..
1. Drive a car
2. Play a guitar/piano
3. Speak more languages
4. Bake
5. Be less emotional
6. Ride a roller coaster, ferri's wheel etc. with courage..lol
7. Travel out of the country once again. Paris is my dream place to be in.
8. Love again (yay !)
9. Own an iMac, iPad, iPhone, or even have a cellphone with camera (boo I'm so jurassic..lol!)
10. Turn back the hands of time

When it Rains, It Pours

Oh yeah.. how sweet it is.! I've been blessed with so much work this week once again and I'm so very thankful. Actually, I'm staying at whole the whole day again at home just to finish pending works. This year is very fruitful for me and my other co-bloggers and I'm sure they are thankful as well. This is one job that is both hard and easy eventhough it is mentally draining at times.

My brother is even teasing me to give him some money as "balato" but I told him that I need to save and I will share some to them as well.

Improving Home Ventilation with Ceiling Fans

Living in a tropical country means having a warm or even hot climate all throughout the year and one of the most common methods of cooling that we have is using an electric fan. Not all houses can afford an aircon most especially electricity charge these days are still getting higher so our best option is to use an electric fan.

There are actually different types of fans: the usual stand fan, desk fan, wall fan and the ceiling fans and we can use them in variety of rooms and for different purposes. There are also those industrial fans; they are big fans with bigger blades that can blow stronger winds usually used in rooms that needed greater ventilation.


I noticed that ceiling fans are more versatile and most widely used since it is more space saver and it can even serve as a decoration and I guess you have seen some on hotels, restaurants, houses and more. You’ll find LightingTheWeb a great source for Hunter Ceiling Fans if you are looking for quality and elegant ceiling fans of different sizes and styles. Here is just one example.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So I'm Green

While looking for tips at Better Homes and Gardens' website about what colors are best for decorating a home, I found this mini quiz and thought I'd find out what's the color of my personality. It turned out that my color personality is: Green. Yay and that is actually my fave color and the result almost fit perfectly my personality!

Result: It sounds like the hue you most relate to is green -- the color most evocative of nature. Adjectives such as kind, gentle, and contemplative likely describe you. You enjoy being involved with your neighbors and coworkers, but you also require plenty of time to yourself to recharge. You are social yet introverted, and modern but not trendy. Surround yourself with your signature color to create a restful, soothing environment. From sage to hunter, green can work well in virtually every room of your house. Use it generously to create a haven you'll love coming home to.

Understanding Flea and Tick Prevention

When you have a pet, protecting your animal against fleas and ticks come with the territory. These pests can not only make your dog miserable and invade your house, but they can also cause health problems such as anemia, skin allergies, Lyme disease, and other infections. Various products exist to keep your pet free from fleas and ticks, including Frontline Plus, K-9 Advantix, and Advantage. Each of these medicines is water-proof, but you should bathe your pet before the application and then wait for several days afterward before allowing it to swim or bathe.

Frontline Plus has two active ingredients, fipronil and (S)-methoprene. These kill flea eggs and larvae. With Frontline Plus, you apply the medication once a month to protect your pet from fleas and ticks until the next application. Frontline works to eliminate adult fleas within 24 hours and ticks within two days. It will also effectively destroy lice in about 48 hours.

Although Advantage will eradicate fleas and lice, it does not address ticks. Advantage has only one pesticide, possibly reducing its effectiveness. With Advantage, 90 percent of all fleas die within 12 hours of application, whereas Frontline Plus kills 100 percent of adult fleas within 18 hours and 100 percent of all ticks within 48 hours.

Made by Bayer, K-9 Advantix treats fleas, ticks, lice, and mosquitoes. Like Frontline Plus, K-9 Advantix contains two pesticides. However, these pesticides are stronger than the ones used in Frontline Plus. In fact, K-9 Advantix is lethal to cats, and children should avoid your pet for several days after an application of K-9 Advantix.

With all three medicines, you should not administer them to dogs under eight weeks old, and you must choose the dosage amount based on your pet’s weight. You can also give Frontline Plus to pregnant and lactating dogs.

Monday, June 14, 2010

JEN 116 Plate

So what’s with that number for? Oh well, that would be my car plate number in the future if I will have my own car. If that isn’t possible then I guess if I’ll have my way I’d ask my mom to have our car number plates personalised just like my sister Joy’s plate number. I think it’s cool to have one since these days; almost everything can be customized so I think why not our plate numbers as well? Jen, obviously is my name while 116 are nos. 11 for my birth month while 16 is my birth date.

I know having a personalised plate number would mean additional expense on our part but I guess it doesn’t matter since our plates will be unique and can be identified much easier. If putting my name of the plate number is kinda cheesy, I know I can think of another a plate sign that will make it personalized. What about JAL 116.. hmm sounds good too, eh

Anyway, personalising number plates has long been popular not just here in our country but in many countries as well. Having one means giving your vehicle a more personal touch like putting your name or any significant word or phrase. It can also start up a conversation when a friend or someone sees it.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dream Vehicle

We used our van going to the church this morning and we kept on whining because it’s hot inside eventhough the aircon is on. Yay, so we had no choice but to open the windows to let the air in. My bro needs to have it check asap since its uncomfortable to drive w/o ac on. Mom also dreamed of owning a new vehicle and this time she wants a Crosswind. Not so sure where she will get the money to buy but for sure she has some savings that I didn’t know.

Yey, I hope by next year we’ll have a new vehicle already (keeping our fingers crossed). I guess my bro would want to have it customized as well. He’s been seeing nice tail lights, dash kits and truck grills on his friends’ vehicles and I know guys love to dress customized their cars.

Postcard Advertising Made Easy

Business owners are always looking for a cost-effective, budget-conscious method of promoting products and services to customers. What's one of the most valuable tools in the armory of advertising options? Postcards. By applying a few guidelines, you can make your postcard campaign as effective as possible.

Keep designs simple and economical. Elaborate layouts, graphics, and designs rarely cause response rates to jump. An elaborate design should only be used if your business is a graphics business. Postcards are meant to be read at once, right after being pulled from the mailbox. Getting the message across clearly will help avoid losing a reader's interest. Points that are made and read quickly are more likely to generate a response.

Postcards aren't meant to seal the deal for you; they are supposed to boost the level of inquiries that you receive. Start your message with the benefits of your product or service and then move on to contact information to perk the customer's interest. When it's time for postcard printing, make yours look like it came from a friend and not a business. Pleasant, friendly messages generate positive reactions as opposed to blatant advertisements that people tend to toss in the trash immediately.

Always mail postcards First Class to show that you're willing to spend a little more to acquire new customers. Postcards delivered mid-week, on Tuesday or Wednesday, are more likely to be seen as these are the lightest mail days. Monday is the heaviest delivery day, so do your best to avoid delivery on Monday. By using the right mailing list, you will reach your target audience more effectively. Mailing list brokers can assist you by providing a list of people who have requested information on products or services that are similar to yours. By applying these simple guidelines, your postcards will lead to a surge in top-notch leads and business growth.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Thinking of my Health now

Ok here's my SIL once again, she's been bugging me to get a health insurance since last year and all she can hear from me is NO and I don't need it. Yeah right, I know I need it but I'm still thinking about it. Seriously, I've been contemplating about this for long now and actually I think I'm getting one soon from their company. I know I'm not getting any younger and since my health is not that perfect anymore so I think I better give myself a health insurance.

I know if she'll learn about this for sure she'll send me health insurance quotes immediately. I always wanted my money to be put in good use rather than just spending it on materials things and just saving it in the bank. I know I can use the health insurance when I get sick but that I don;t want to happen in the near future.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back To School

It’s back to school in our part of the world. This week there are some schools and univ opened but majority of students will be back by June 15, Tuesday bec. June 14 is a national holiday. I guess my nieces and nephews are ready for school already. All their notebooks and books are covered and properly tagged by their mom.

I just hope they will study hard because sending them to private school is no joke. Tuition fees are getting higher each year so in return they must to study well. Learning is universal, so whether you’re going on a regular school or studying online, always do your best. If possible try to today for more info and to find the online school and course that you’re interested.

No Net

It was gloomy and I could hear thunderstorms this afternoon at around 4 pm and not long after the lights are flickering. I knew that the electricity will be cut off at any time and I was right. The electricity just went off for about 5 seconds and it went back but of course my internet connection is gone already.

I restarted my laptop, the router which is connected at my brother's house next door but the net is still gone. I took off all the plugs and waited for few minutes but still no net. I'm getting impatient so instead of being idle, I just cooked our dinner, whip up some draft blog posts and did some kit designing. It was only until 9 pm that my net is back when my sister in law unplugged and plugged all the connections once again. Yay!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Rainy Days are Here

Wow, the rain is pouring so madly right now and it was so dark and gloomy and looks like it's one of those rainy days that we are having. It's been raining for many days already and there's no doubt that summer is officially over and we need to get prepared for the rainy days ahead of us. I'm guessing that many typhoons will be coming at our country this year and I just hope that nothing like Ondoy will come ever again as it is so destructive! We should all pray for that.

My SIL and I have been talking about buying big plastic bags, a big rope and probably a  whistle just in case. I'm not wishing that we'll ever use that during the rainy days but we'll never know. I could not imagine or don;t want to imagine myself and my family to experience the horrible experiences that others had last year.

It's really nice to sleep at nights when it is raining but for some raining and floods will give them sleepless nights.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just A Thought

I have had one of those where I just sit down and think about my future. It may seem bleak at times but I’m keeping the faith. There is also a time when I just want to venture into a new business in a swift manner but at the end of the day I realized that I might get into things that I’ll regret soon.

Just like if I’ll buy gold coins or invest in gold as an investment, I have to remind myself that I have to know the ins and outs of this trade. Though I know that gold is a precious metal worthy of an investment, I still have to research and study about it.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Opening of School Year 2010-2011

Almost all of my nieces and nephews that are going to elementary and highschool were already enrolled and I've also bought them their school supplies as what I've promised. Just today, my nephew who is going to be a 1st year highschool student went to the school's orientation with his mom.

We're advising him to be brave in riding the public transport (jeepney) so that he can learn on his own and since his school is also just near our house. Knowing his timid nature, I know he will adjust big time because his dad is sending and fetching him at school everyday in his elementary years.

He has to grow up and he must take lots of vitamins too because he's a very picky eater as well. We're telling him that highschool life is very much different but for sure he'll enjoy it.

Studying and Working

I must say that I admire my niece K who is juggling her college studies and her part-time work. She’s now 3rd year at U.P. (University of the Phils) taking up film and with the looks of it she’s doing good at it. I can also often hear her that she has film shootings and she needs some actors for that. Before she got into film course, she was first an accounting student at UST but later on she transferred because I think film making or creating stories/scripts are her calling.

Despite her so busy schedule, she still manages to work as a tutor, teaching math subjects to highschool and even elementary students. Good thing is that she used her salary as her pocket to school. She has so many dreams after finishing her course and I hope she can inspire other students to study. If by chance they can’t go on a regular university, they can still earn enroll online and earn an online bachelor degree. It’s different when you finished your studies, because the chances of getting hired at the job you want are higher.