Monday, August 29, 2011

She Wants to Go Swimming on a Stormy Day

It's been a long weekend here at our neck of the woods since Saturday up till Tuesday and the kids are enjoying their mini-vacation once again. We didn't plan for any vacation getaway since it's also a stormy day in the country. Out of the blue, my 'lil 8 yr-old niece asked her mom to go on swimming at the nearby resort in our place. Of course, we didn't agree because it's been raining on and off everyday and it's not very conducive to go out esp. swimming. For sure the pool waters will be very cold and I don't think there are pool heat pumps to keep the pool warm. Again it's also impossible since it's raining.

My niece has been nagging her mom about it all the time and to appease her, we just told that we’ll go next summer and that made her smile.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another Balikbayan

I got a message at my Facebook account from my uncle who is in CA right now and he is advising me to tell my older brother to pick them up at the airport come 1st week of September. Yey, he is going back home again with my aunt for a vacation and I’m not sure yet how long they will be staying once again. Mom and bro will be fetching them at the airport using our van and they’ll go straight to the province. It would also be nice if we have an RV especially if we’re going to the province for a visit, but just thinking about the rv repair and it's maintenance, then I guess it would be impossible for us to acquire one.

Anyway, tt seems that my uncle and aunt  are going back and forth from the US to PI most of the times now that they are already retired. I will not wonder if in the future they will also retire and go back home here in their native land as they are saying that life in the US is kinda hard already and staying here will be a good choice. Hmmm.. I’m waiting for the chocolates and some other pasalubongs (gifts) hehe..

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When Medicines Also Become the Reason for Having another Ailment

All of us take medicines to cure our disease or ailments but what if that drug that your doctor prescribed is the cause of your new ailment? Wow that would be unacceptable if that happened to me. I remember taking a medicine that my doctor prescribed for my stomach problem but when I noticed changes in my body and different side effects, I immediately stopped taking it. My doctor in turn prescribed another medicine when I told her about the side effects.

Some drugs don’t really show side effects instantly but when used in prolonged periods of time, it may become destructive just like what Actos has done to a lot of diabetic patients.

Actos, is a medicine given to patients with diabetes and it is taken orally. It was approved as a diabetic drug but recently, studies showed that Actos have been causing serious side effects to a lot of patients. Patients showed signs of heart failure, heart attack and there’s even bladder cancer. This is very alarming and as a result, in France and Germany, Actos drug is pulled out from the market already and manyActos lawsuit have been field already. In cases where defective products are found, it’s always best to take legal action. O'Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath law firm has product liability attorneys that can help clients in their legal battle.

Blogging in Filipino

I had a time this afternoon to kinda blog hop for a while since I have not done this for a long..long… I say really long time. Been so busy with online works and of course with my designing digital scrapbooking kits that’s why I have no time to blog hop. There are also times that I missed reading the feeds on my google reader.

Anyway, I wanted to update myself with what is going on with other bloggers when I stumbled into this blog where she blogs in our own native language. Wow, I’m only at the 1st paragraph of her entry when I decided not to read it anymore. Yay.. Hirap palang magbasa din ng entry in Tagalog and I’m sure it’s even harder to write. I’m not saying I’m good in writing in English for I know I’m not because I always have grammar issues…lol

I guess, it’s just her forte to write in Filipino and so I respect that.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Local Town's Trade Fair

I’m so glad that we already have SM mall here in our town eventhough it was quite small. There are times that I need to hurriedly buy a gift or just do some quick errands, SM became my saving grace because I don’t need to go to Galleria or Megamall just to buy something or watch a movie. It has become convenient for most of us.

I also remember that last June, a trade show was held at the activity center and fortunately I was there so I quickly got inside. It was our town’s trade fair where our local produce was showcased. I happened to buy a native shelf organizer and a native box made out of plants. I was even looking for Trade show games but there was none. I took the time to taste some of the local delicacies and I went home with bag full of goodies. I wish they will have another exhibit like that so I can support our local town’s products.

Get Your Life Back With an Austin Personal Injury Lawyer

Being caught in a serious car or vehicle accident is something that I don’t want to experience ever. Just thinking about the physical pain that I have to endure due to that accident is already hard to take. Aside from that, emotional and financial burden also comes with that. It’s good if the one who caused your accident will have to pay for all your medical bills but if not, the hardship of claiming and fighting for your right is another load you need to take.

If a person suffers from a personal injury caused by someone due to accident on road or workplace or even medical negligence, it’s always better to consult your lawyer on how to deal with it. It can be a long process but getting the services of an Austin personal injury lawyer if you’re in Texas area will not only make the legal process faster but it will ease your mind that something will be done via legal process.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Birthday Raffle with a Cause

A kind-hearted friend, Glo will be celebrating her 33rd birthday this August and again, she’s having a birthday treat not for herself but for us friends and others. This year, instead of just having a raffle like what she’s been doing the past years, it will be a different one as she is doing it for a good cause in helping a cancer victim named MIO.

Anyone can help Mio and those who will also participate in this cause will have the chance to win one of these cambridge sachets that she already purchased. Glo is very generous and kind hearted, no wonder she’s so successful in life.

If you want to join this birthday raffle with a cause just check out Glo’s birthday raffle mechanics here .

Orange Satchel

Pink Satchel

Yellow Satchel

Yellow Satchel

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Spot Gold and More

It’s not surprising anymore to know people who are trying to invest in gold these days for we all that gold has been very valuable since ancient times. During those days, gold even symbolizes wealth and power and the price of gold back then and up to now remains precious.

There ‘s so many ways on how we can invest in gold. For others investing in gold can be in form of jewelry, coins, bullion etc. I reckon no matter what form you may choose you can either sell or keep it for future use.

If you are looking for more ways on how to invest and considering gold as a good investment, it’s also best to read more about the industry. Know the ins and out, spot gold,gold price and even reasons on why to own gold.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Personalized Items are Great Giving Ideas

Have you found yourself running out of gift ideas to give on a particular person? Oh yes, we are sometimes faced with the thought of what to give as a present. I even had an experience, strolling the mall, going inside and out of stores to find a gift for a friend who is a little bit of choosy if I may say. I end up buying a “safe” gift because I spent hours already thinking on what to give.

Anyway, since a lot of products can be personalized already, they can be a great gift for anyone. Be it on Father’s/Mother's Day, birthday, Christmas and so on, personalized are perfect to give. There are also many stores that cater to customization and one of them is Personal Creations. There’s just too many to choose from at their online catalogue, from Personal Creations coaster, doormats, frames and more. Now, I have found another place where I can order gifts that can have personal touch in it.

Oh and with the holidays coming in few more moths, I have every reason now to find gift ideas.