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Monday, June 14, 2010

JEN 116 Plate

So what’s with that number for? Oh well, that would be my car plate number in the future if I will have my own car. If that isn’t possible then I guess if I’ll have my way I’d ask my mom to have our car number plates personalised just like my sister Joy’s plate number. I think it’s cool to have one since these days; almost everything can be customized so I think why not our plate numbers as well? Jen, obviously is my name while 116 are nos. 11 for my birth month while 16 is my birth date.

I know having a personalised plate number would mean additional expense on our part but I guess it doesn’t matter since our plates will be unique and can be identified much easier. If putting my name of the plate number is kinda cheesy, I know I can think of another a plate sign that will make it personalized. What about JAL 116.. hmm sounds good too, eh

Anyway, personalising number plates has long been popular not just here in our country but in many countries as well. Having one means giving your vehicle a more personal touch like putting your name or any significant word or phrase. It can also start up a conversation when a friend or someone sees it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Thought of Driving

Driving around have lots of advantages that’s why I see no reason why there are many people want to learn how to drive. Anyone can learn to drive through driving school while some just learn on their own. Whichever you prefer just make sure you are always driving safely on the road and following all the road rules is a must. It’s not only for your  own sake but for all the people on the road.

I guess to be able to learn how to drive, it also requires courage that unfortunately I didn’t have. Shame on me for not pursuing my desire to drive one of our vehicles before for I’m not that confident. Oh well maybe one day, I’ll be able to find that courage and be behind the steering wheels and drive my way to anywhere. I know that driving feels liberating as my cousin who recently just learned to drive a car bec. her husband bought her one. I’m proud of her and in fact she’s been encouraging me as well when she enrolled in a driving school.

Owning a vehicle also involves responsibility of having it registered and insured. Owners can also easily get car registrations number for their vehicles online that can add a personality on your vehicle. I guess you see vehicles with plate numbers with their names on it and that always is cool. Look, I have my name on the plate.