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Friday, November 16, 2012

Limiting Online Times

Oh dear, I’m so.. so.. so.. guilty of this! In the morning and after having my breakfast and that is usually around 8:00am already, I pick up my phone and immediately check my Instagram (not my mail) account. That usually take me around 15-30 mins. depending on how many comments I have to reply on certain photos that I’ve posted.

After checking my phone, I’ll switch to my desktop to check my email, facebook and other online accounts and also of course my work accounts. It will take about an hour or more. Then I’ll prepare the things that I will cook for lunch and I go back online.

Around 11 am, I will cook and in between I will go online until evening doing works, browsing, online window-shopping and also some digi scrapping if I have the mojo for that. Practically, online works keeps me busy and occupies my time that I noticed that I’m not taking my dog out for walk in more than a week already.. bad bad bad!

I read an article about prioritizing things and minimizing online times as much as possible. I can say that I miss getting out but when I think of going out it means shelling out money and that I don’t want to do at the moment.. yay!

Anyway, I will try to limit my online times but how can I do that if my work requires me to be online 24/7? Oh I guess I need another vacation where I don’t need to bring my work.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Odd Job: Professional Cuddler

I have seen a lot of unusual or odd jobs like smelling armpits to test deodorants done by some people but this Professional Cuddler job is unique and can bizarre as well!

Meet Jackie Samuel, a 29-year old professional cuddler who can earn $260 a day by cuddling strangers. She can snuggle 30 men in a week and that includes men whose wives passed away, war veterans, problematic in relationships or just need to have someone to be snuggled. Her $60 an hour charge can make her survive the day-to-day living , for her studies and for her son. She even established the The Snuggery, snuggling service in Rochester, New York.

A lot of people find her job odd or bizarre and some even called her a prostitute.  Ahhh.. there are really strange people in the world. Would you hire a professional cuddler just in case you feel lonely or don't have someone to hug or snuggle you?

professional cuddler2

professional cuddler

Friday, October 5, 2012

Do What You Love

Very true!

I remember doing something I really hate and the end results are disaster. It was few years ago when my mom wanted to have another business that she wanted me manage. We already have a video tape rentals shop back then but during that time it was on the rocks so mom was thinking of another sideline. She wanted us to have party favors/ balloon services but I hate the idea but she insisted. I remember making balloons and whine while doing it. My heart was not on the business so it really failed.

If you're also working in a company and doing works that is not what you wanted, chances are you'll get bored and finally resign from that job. It's really hard to do something that you don't like or when someone imposes it because the outcome is not good. Therefore, we need to do what we love and enjoy for we'll be contented and satisfied.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Awww.. Another Blogger's Block ?

blogger's block

Blogging can be a lot of fun most especially when your thoughts are overflowing and your fingers are not yet tired clicking all the letters in your keyboard. But when blogger's block hit you, know for sure you'll be lost for words. For those bloggers with deep well of thoughts/ideas and steel fingers they will not be bothered about this.

Blogger's block.. ahhhhh.. .it happens to me at times. You know there are occasions when I have to write about my assignment or I simply want to post about an event or experience but  I can't put them into sentence. It's like I'm having a brain Arghhh.. that is frustrating!

I just envy those bloggers who can quickly make a post in a swift as if the words are just in their fingertips. Bloggers who have so much great ideas, have myriad collection of collective and informative thoughts/experiences that are shared without hesitation always get my attention and praise. Ahhh.. they are genius!

As you already know, I have quite few blogs under my wings since I started blogging in 2005. I have to say that it was not easy maintaining and updating all of them. There are times that I feel burned out blogging and just thinking what to write or share for that particular blog already makes me tired at times. But hey, even though at times I whine and make drama over my blogging career, I'm still here, alive and kickin.

If blogger's block arises, here are the things that helps me bounce back to writing:
1. I make a list of what I want to write
2. I blog hop to get fresh ideas
3. Read feeds at my Google reader
4. Talk to my friends at Twitter and FB
5. Think about the moolah coming if I've done all my online works
6. Stay away from my computer or I simply rest because I might be exhausted or just lazy hehe.
7. Think about shopping so it can excite me.. just kidding

Ahhh.. I hope blogger's block won't visit me soon! What about you have you experienced blogger's block and what do you do to combat it?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hello July!

Oh wow, we're already at the second half of the year and the next thing we know it's going to be Christmas once again! The 1st half of the year is fairly good to me, the only thing that I'm worried about is that my expenses has gone up but thankfully I can still manage all of my bills.

I'm praying that July will and the rest of the month will be a good one also. In fact, I started July with a well deserved vacation with my family overseas. Six days in The Lion City is a great bonding time for all of us and wish we all can stay longer and spend more time with my siblings but we all need to go back home because of our work and studies for my niece.

My older bro also needs to attend to the renewal of our van and fix its aircon unit. I hope it's not expensive just like the curt trailer hitches that my cousin had for his trailer.

July, please be good, ok!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Busy as a Bee

I've been very blessed with work that is continuously coming and I'm so thankful for that. Been in front of my computer almost 24/7 and it seems that my executive chair needs an additional cushion for chair to make it more soft and comfortable to sit on.

Aside from my online work, I’m still a free-lance digital scrapbooking designer at one of the popular photo and personalized items website. It had given me the chance to create and earn from all my designs. Been working on a new design this week and hopefully I can release it before the month ends. If my online work is hectic, my offline life is tailing behind. I guess I need to go out  and socialize more because there are some events that I miss.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thanks to the Internet

I was stuck in the house for almost a week now. My mom is sick so I need to take care of her. Thankfully, I have my laptop and new desktop plus a net connection to keep me busy and sane. I could not imagine myself stuck in the house with nothing to do. My sister in law and a family friend are tending our computer shop most of the times because I can't come there. I'm also thankful because my work is online so I can still meet deadlines even if I'm home.

My digi- designing also helps with my monthly budget as I get commission on my sales. My designing mojo is also flowing so I was able to finish another digi-kit this week while I'm here at home. 

Thanks to the Internet as well for I can still communicate with my sisters, friends and other relatives online. In fact, I had a small chat with a college friend and she’s asking me to join their networking business but I declined. I think I rather sell  used restaurant equipment or cosmetics than to join such. It’s not my cup of tea anyway.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reasons Someone Might Need an Employment Attorney

These days, if you’re a fresh graduate you’ll find it hard to look for a job that is actually related to the course you have taken. With so many unemployed and so many new graduates right now, there’s not much jobs that can accommodate those that are seeking for a job. Keeping your job on the other hand can be difficult at times too for there are many employers who exploiting their employees when it comes to salary, overtime work and more.

Not every employee knows their rights and for some even though they know that they’ve been mistreated in some ways they’d just stay silent. Their reason for doing so is the fear to lose their job. Here are some reasons when someone already might need an employment attorney:

Age Discrimination: when you’re employer is firing you because of you age
Sexual Harassment: your employers is forcing you to do some sexual favors for them
Gender Discrimination: no employers is allowed to discriminate any gender
Overtime Pay: when your employer failed to pay your overtime hours on work or consistently not like to pay it.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Handful of Responsibilities

I was seating in the living last night, trying to get some rest after a half day of online writing when all of a sudden the thoughts of a friend just enter in to my mind. Made me think that she’s a supermom and also picture myself in her shoes. I guess, if you’re really a mom and a parent you’ll do whatever it takes for your family even if your health is at stake.

Juggling 2 jobs at a time is not a joke and I have to remind her to take it a little bit slow because once she gets sick, it may not be worth it. Her hands are full with her work and family life. However, knowing my friend, she can manage all the hard work and sacrifices with flying colors. She is good at time management anyway. I’m just wishing her all the best in her career and family life.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Start of Something New?

My bestfriend resigned from her office work for about 2 years already to become a WAHM. She prayed for it to come as she’s been getting burned out with the office work and the fact that she’s not happy with what she’s doing. Finally, the day came when she no longer have to wake up early and prepare to go to work and go home at night feeling exhausted and drained.

She became a WAHM: working online but still have lots of ample time as a wife and a mother. She enjoyed it as what she’s been telling me but lately, an opportunity to go back to office world knocked on her door. She was still undecided and confused. She wanted to stay at home with the kids and still work but part of her wants to work outside her home for added income.

Right now, she has accepted the work as part time in the office. It was an offer from a co-worker before that she can’t refuse. She’s contemplating if she’ll accept to work everyday once again and just do her online works maybe early in the morning before going to the office or after work. I can see her really thinking hard these days but I know that God will guide her on her decisions. The question is, can she still do her online works and her office job as the same time without feeling too exhausted? That, she can only decide.

I wish her the best and maybe this is the start of something new for her once again. Good luck bes!

Monday, April 11, 2011

He Needs to Apply for a Job

We had a great lunch last Sunday with the whole family. The kids are out of school already since it’s already their summer vacation. Some of my nieces and nephews will be going back to their university this week for their summer classes and some because their univ has 4 semesters.

We had some good laughs and talks after lunch but my SIL can’t help but to feel a bit frustrated over her son because he still has no job up to now. We also can’t see him enthusiastic in getting a job even if it's one of those sales jobs. I told him he must not be too picky since there are thousands of new graduates who’ll be looking for work again.

I just hope after Holy Week, his interest in looking for work will come back and hope he’ll be applying once again. It’s just so hard to see him just at home, doing nothing and with no money on his own.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Back to Work

I'm having some health issues for quite sometime now and finally I had it addressed this week. I'm so glad with the results and now I'm back to work. I need to work again so I can earn what I spent on my medical fees since I wasn't able to get good discounts because of my lack of medical cards.

Anyway, I took a complete rest on Monday and Tuesday morning, I went back to work. Nope, I don't have like those of the merchandising jobs, which can be so demanding and tiring. My work involves reviewing products/services etc. and graphic designing for digital scrapbooking.

As of now, I have lots of work to do and of course I'm still praying and hoping that there'll be more to come.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Choosing Your Career Path

Choosing the best career path has never been easy but if you really know what you want, I guess you’ll never find it hard. There are so many courses offered in the university and you really need to know within yourself what possible job you want after taking that course. If you’re leaning towards the medical field, then that is good as well. You can choose among different courses like Medical Technology, BS Biology, Nursing and lots more.

Perhaps you’re dreaming of wearing one of those white uniforms that medical practitioners wear in their duties and lately, nurses have been wearing scrubs that are colorful and stylish. Not to mention, the Cherokee uniforms have become a part of medical uniforms. Whatever career you take, you need to find what your heart desires and love to do.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Becoming a Nurse

There are still many students taking up nursing to become nurses and work abroad. We can’t hide the fact that nurses’ salary if you’re working in the US and other country is incomparable than the salary you’ll get when you work here. I also noticed that nursing uniforms have been upgraded in the recent years. Gone are the days when they can only wear white uniforms because colored ones are acceptable in many departments in hospitals.

Working in a hospital where it can be very busy and tasking, a comfortable uniform and shoes is what nurses have to have.

I have many relatives and friends that are nurses and I believe that aside from wanting to earn more, they wanted to hone their profession and share their knowledge in health care.

Back to Work

Hello all, Happy New Year! Hope you all had a grand holiday with your family and friends.

I'm back to work now eventhough I wanted to extend my holiday vacation. I wanted to start the new year right so I'm getting myself work once again after long vacation. I have lots of work to do and I want to beat the deadline so I can have a good record. I'm also looking for a document management software that can help me with my work. My nephew was kind enough to give me his Genius tablet, now my drawing and doodling at Photoshop will be easier.

I'm looking forward for more blogging works and digi designing stuff so I can be very productive this year.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Working Hard

I've been working so hard these days and if you don't know my work, you'll wonder why I'm in front of my computer all day long. Some people are quick to judge and they even have the nerve to ask me that how come I can bear doing all computer stuff all the time. Sometimes I got irked with their remarks and have to tell them what I do so that they will know that I'm not just wasting my time online.

Hahaha, for some if only they know that I earn $$$ while I'm sitting and can even buy lots of gold, clothes and all then that for sure will shock them.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Multi Tasking

I guess multi tasking is one of the many strengths of women. I’ve been doing multi tasking right this moment while I’m making blog posts. In between, I’m cooking meal for lunch, instructing our laundry woman what to do, peeking at my artscow account, tweeting and even window shopping for discount jewelry online. Good thing is that I turned off the TV or else there’s too much going on hehe.

I just need to do all of these to do many things at the same time but there are some instances where I need to just concentrate and focus my mind on a particular task.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Asking Questions Can Really Help

So I made a major boo-boo on on my work yesterday and all along I thought I was doing the right thing. I didn't bother to ask a question even if I have second thoughts on the instruction. I went ahead in doing it, in fact, I was inspired about that article for it was just easy. I submitted it last night with a smile that I was ahead of the deadline but I got the surprise of my life when I received an email that I made a mistake. Boo!

Well at least it can be edited and I have submitted it once again. Right now, I want to be careful with the instructions and if I'm not sure I need to ask more questions even if it can be annoying. I hope I'll do good on my other reviews in the future. Oh well at least I don't have to write an epiduo gel reviews for my next assignment because all I need to do is read and peruse it for future use.

Lessons learned!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

3:00 AM

Boo.. it's 3:22 am and I'm already awake. That's a miracle!!

This is my very first time work at this hour. After my net connection got busted (AGAIN!) last night at around 10 pm, I decided to just sleep and just wake up early to continue my work. The heavy rains caused my net connection to be cut and since I have no control over that, my patience is needed. That that makes sense,? sorry my brain is still zzzzzzzleeping... lol

I woke up at around 1;30 am, watched Music Uplate Live TV show at Ch. 2 and thought I'll go back to sleep right after that but I can't. So I just decided to get up and do some works. I'm having my coffee right now and I hope it will wake up my senses and my brain as well.

Saving Mode

I’m in a saving mode these days and eventhough there are many tempting sale online and at my fave malls I’m still trying to control myself not to shop. It’s pretty easy to splurge or spend our money on material things but oh my goodness it’s hard to earn it. My job requires a lot of patience, hard work and sometimes I have to stay up late just to finish some of my online tasks.

I’m saving for a lot of reasons eventhough I don’t have my own family. I wanted to invest in the future or have new business aside from what I have. Who knows I might even buy gold eagle coins and other precious metals and sell in at a higher price if I can. But before I can step into that industry I have to check out sites that are dedicated in that kind of investment