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Friday, September 14, 2012

Awww.. Another Blogger's Block ?

blogger's block

Blogging can be a lot of fun most especially when your thoughts are overflowing and your fingers are not yet tired clicking all the letters in your keyboard. But when blogger's block hit you, know for sure you'll be lost for words. For those bloggers with deep well of thoughts/ideas and steel fingers they will not be bothered about this.

Blogger's block.. ahhhhh.. .it happens to me at times. You know there are occasions when I have to write about my assignment or I simply want to post about an event or experience but  I can't put them into sentence. It's like I'm having a brain Arghhh.. that is frustrating!

I just envy those bloggers who can quickly make a post in a swift as if the words are just in their fingertips. Bloggers who have so much great ideas, have myriad collection of collective and informative thoughts/experiences that are shared without hesitation always get my attention and praise. Ahhh.. they are genius!

As you already know, I have quite few blogs under my wings since I started blogging in 2005. I have to say that it was not easy maintaining and updating all of them. There are times that I feel burned out blogging and just thinking what to write or share for that particular blog already makes me tired at times. But hey, even though at times I whine and make drama over my blogging career, I'm still here, alive and kickin.

If blogger's block arises, here are the things that helps me bounce back to writing:
1. I make a list of what I want to write
2. I blog hop to get fresh ideas
3. Read feeds at my Google reader
4. Talk to my friends at Twitter and FB
5. Think about the moolah coming if I've done all my online works
6. Stay away from my computer or I simply rest because I might be exhausted or just lazy hehe.
7. Think about shopping so it can excite me.. just kidding

Ahhh.. I hope blogger's block won't visit me soon! What about you have you experienced blogger's block and what do you do to combat it?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Blogging Mojo Where are You?

Weekend has passed and I had a relaxing one. Usually, Sunday is really my rest day from my blogging tasks but there are times that I need to work most especially when I have a deadline trying to beat. Last night, eventhough my eyes and brain are shutting down, I have to make 3 posts on my other blogs so I can keep up with my quota for the day.

Today, it's already late afternoon now when I started to work on my tasks and it seems that my blogging mojo rested once again. I also need to check out and learn more about it. I know later on my mojo will flow freely as I need it badly.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Most Viewed and Commented Post on this Blog

I posted an experience that my niece and I experienced over the phone last May 2009 about a certain guy who spoke to my niece about a possible job. Right after that, it was on the1st page of Google search up until now. It also has about 76 comments to date and for sure many will be sharing more info and comments about the issue.

It was quite interesting to read all their comments and their own experiences about some people calling up fresh graduates or young professionals over the phone and luring them to go to a certain place in Ortigas for a job offer.

Find out the post and comments at my post entitled "Beware: 15 flr Octagon Building San Miguel, Ortigas Pasig City" and who knows you might share your own experience as well.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Blogging and Investing

Blogging can be a lot of fun. I started blogging way back in 2005 at my bravejournal account and soon after that, I opened accounts at blogger and at WP. I just love how I can share all my thoughts, experiences, online finds and everything on my blogs and how I can monetize them too. Through hard work and penny pinching, I was able to save a little. I can also buy things that we need and want.

My other blogger friends are also enjoying blogging and they’re also been saving for their children and family’s future. Invest in gold and venture in other business are what I’ve been hearing from them and in this way we can properly invest our money.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Asking Questions Can Really Help

So I made a major boo-boo on on my work yesterday and all along I thought I was doing the right thing. I didn't bother to ask a question even if I have second thoughts on the instruction. I went ahead in doing it, in fact, I was inspired about that article for it was just easy. I submitted it last night with a smile that I was ahead of the deadline but I got the surprise of my life when I received an email that I made a mistake. Boo!

Well at least it can be edited and I have submitted it once again. Right now, I want to be careful with the instructions and if I'm not sure I need to ask more questions even if it can be annoying. I hope I'll do good on my other reviews in the future. Oh well at least I don't have to write an epiduo gel reviews for my next assignment because all I need to do is read and peruse it for future use.

Lessons learned!

Saturday, September 4, 2010 Blog Contest

My online friend Faye is having a blog contest right now and I'm joining the fun. Who knows I might win eh? Here are the gifts that she's generously giving away.
1st price - Ladies Chronograph (bic face) watch

2nd price - Kate Spade kikay kit (orange)

3rd price - Kate Spade kikay kit (floral)


Check out the contest and the mechanics HERE

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Google Reader

Wow, I have not opened my Google reader for the last few days and when I opened it today, I was greeted with tons of blog posts to read. My blogger friends are indeed very busy these days just like me and that is very happy to note.

I'm still not finish reading or scanning some of their entries but I hope in the next few days I can finish it but for sure they will be adding some more posts hehe. I also have little time to blog hop as well since I also got sick for about a week.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

3:00 AM

Boo.. it's 3:22 am and I'm already awake. That's a miracle!!

This is my very first time work at this hour. After my net connection got busted (AGAIN!) last night at around 10 pm, I decided to just sleep and just wake up early to continue my work. The heavy rains caused my net connection to be cut and since I have no control over that, my patience is needed. That that makes sense,? sorry my brain is still zzzzzzzleeping... lol

I woke up at around 1;30 am, watched Music Uplate Live TV show at Ch. 2 and thought I'll go back to sleep right after that but I can't. So I just decided to get up and do some works. I'm having my coffee right now and I hope it will wake up my senses and my brain as well.

Saving Mode

I’m in a saving mode these days and eventhough there are many tempting sale online and at my fave malls I’m still trying to control myself not to shop. It’s pretty easy to splurge or spend our money on material things but oh my goodness it’s hard to earn it. My job requires a lot of patience, hard work and sometimes I have to stay up late just to finish some of my online tasks.

I’m saving for a lot of reasons eventhough I don’t have my own family. I wanted to invest in the future or have new business aside from what I have. Who knows I might even buy gold eagle coins and other precious metals and sell in at a higher price if I can. But before I can step into that industry I have to check out sites that are dedicated in that kind of investment

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Blogger Now

My older sister knows that I'm blogging and even monetizing all of my blogs and since then she became curious on how it works and how I was able to get some moolah out of it. When she here for vacation last month, she has lots of free time and she asked me to teach her how to blog.

She learned it quite fast and even asked her to make a post on one of my task but since she is not used to it yet, I just edited the article that she made for me. Right now she has her own blog and domain now. She just needs to blog more so that she 'll get use to it and in not time she can also monetize it.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Busy Indeed

Wow opps are pouring in and I'm so thankful for that. Now I need to finish them today so that I can relax tomorrow. Right now, my blogging mojo is still flowing and my mind's still ok. I',m wishing that I'll have more hands and brains so that I can finish in a swift.

I know my blogger friends are also working hard these days. Thanks Lord for all the blessings.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

When it Rains, It Pours

Oh yeah.. how sweet it is.! I've been blessed with so much work this week once again and I'm so very thankful. Actually, I'm staying at whole the whole day again at home just to finish pending works. This year is very fruitful for me and my other co-bloggers and I'm sure they are thankful as well. This is one job that is both hard and easy eventhough it is mentally draining at times.

My brother is even teasing me to give him some money as "balato" but I told him that I need to save and I will share some to them as well.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Blog Hoppin'

I was browsing and blog hopping from one blog to another and I could not help but to be inspired on some blogs and admire their writing skills. Wish I was born to write like them bec. it's so profound, artistic and the words are just so perfect that just captured my attention. Other blogs are just plain spammy and I hate those too much blinkies and animations on their pages that's making me Oh well that's their style and it's their blogs so be it.

I've also seen blogs where posts are well written but a bit opinionated and have strong and sharp messages over some issues. I can't help but to chuckle a bit because I saw lots of hateful comments on almost every posts that she made. She's been defending her posts and arguing back and forth and to me that is stressful and if shell not even need a lipozene if she wants to shed some weight bec. that alone will make her sexy, LOL??

Anyway, owning a blog is a way to release stress and to gain more friends but if you've got some enemies bec. of that, then it's not fun at all.

Friday, April 30, 2010

No Net Connection

Am I lucky or what? After doing lots of house chores this morning in preparation of my niece's 7th birthday on Sunday I decided to go online to read mails and of course do my online works but Oh dear there's no net connection once again. I can;t help but to be annoyed once again as Smart is down once again.

I tried to direct the connection on my laptop and disabling the wireless connection once again but it's still the same. Nothing to do, I just decided to scrap and I actually made 1 layout. I went here at my shop and fortunately there's net and to my surprise I have tons of works to do.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thanks to my Lappy and Desktop

Thanks to these 2 gadgets that help me with all my online and offline works. I am so happy that I already bought a DELL inspiron laptop in June, it is what I use when I am at the house. At first I thought that netbooks are perfect fro my computing needs but it's just too small for my liking plus I am not on the go all the time.

I use my HP desktop here at my net cafe for my desktop publishing when I make calling cards, invitations and the likes and do some of online works as well. It's been servign me for the past 2 1/2 yrs. already and I must say it doesn't give me a headache though there are times it also crashes probably bec. of my misuse. All I wanted for it was to upgrade my memory from 2GB to 3 GB as sometimes I open applications at the same time. Well let's see.

I hope my computers will work and be on top of their performance for a long time. I love branded. ones as they really perform well

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Staying Up Late

Wow I can't believe it, I'm still wide awake and it's 12:30 am already. Last night around this time my eyes are already shutting down. I guess I am just inspired to blog tonight as I receive lots of blessings today. This is a perfect timing because I'm celebrating my birthday this month as well. Not telling you my age..just kidding.

I am now sipping hot coffee and with TV on watching (a bit) Correspondents over at channel 2. I hope I can finish lots of tasks tonight so that I will not have backlog.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Thinking of Moving My other Blogs to WP

I only started to have 2 of my Wordpress blogs hosted at Godaddy and Blue Host this year. I’ve been longing to have a blog in Wordpress and finally my nephew taught me how to use it and willingly enough to accommodate me on his server. I have no technical expertise on that one so I gave him the full authority to host it for me.

I am quite used with blogger and other domain host so moving to WP is kinda different for me. There are times also that I wanted to move my other domain blogs in different format to Wordpress knowing that my nephew is there to help me anyway. I remember one time I mess up one of the settings in this blog that my blog became unavailable for about a day. My nephew fixed it and told me not to tinker with the

Anyway, I think WP is more flexible in a lot of aspect that’s why many are blogging in this format. I’m still weighing things if I can move my other blogs without a glitch. I’m just too afraid that I will lose all the posts that I have and I have to make a back up then. Just in case you don’t have a blog yet, i think now is the time to get one. Read this best asp web hosting , it might help you in your host search and more.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Perks of Owning Blog/s

Out of curiosity, I started my very first blog SIMPLY JEN in January of 2005 which was at a free hosted blog format bravejournal. I saw an online friend AnaPS’s blog and I thought it’s pretty cool to have my own too. I was so excited when I first launched my blog and my very first post. I was also keen on changing my blog header every now and then. Though bravejournal’s format is not so flexible when it comes to adding widgets and other settings, I was able to keep it alive sharing some of my thoughts and ramblings up to now.

I later on signed up at blogger in 2007 and it was also the same year when I first bought my own domain and it feels very different when you have your name as a domain. Through blogging I was able to share lots of my experiences, thoughts, photos, ideas and lots more. It also became a venue for me to vent out some of my frustrations over some issues. I’ve gain lots of friends as well and would you believe I have met many bloggers in real life already.

Through the years I’ve been adding blogs with different niches and though it’s been hard to keep all them, I have so much to thank as it also gave me the chance to earn extra while blogging.

This year as my blogging evolves I signed up at Wordpress and had this blog up online. I was lucky enough to have a good web host that is reliable enough to keep up with my demands. Right now, with all the blogs that I have, I hope I can still write good posts, encourage more people to blog and meet more new friends.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Midnight Blogging

Electric power here in our has been on and off since last night because of the recent fire on a power plant.  It's been hard since it's never too comfortable  without any electricity plus the fact that my net cafe business is disabled because of it. I'm just taking advantage of the power right now which came back at around 9:30 pm last night. I heard on the news that rotating blackout will last till Monday next week and it's sounds bad. arghhhh...

I was able to whip up some post and actually I wanted to finish some new tasks that I got just today. Electric power is unpredictable so I need to hurry up before it's gone again. Yay it's 12:41 already and I'm still up and about.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Many Things I Love about Blogging

I started blogging in Jan of 2005 and since then I have shared lots of thoughts, experiences on my personal blogs. I also have blogs with different niches like digital scrapbooking and photography for my hobbies, tech stuff and other ideas. I also have a recipe blog which only update if I have time to put the recipe.

I also have shopping and entertainment blog where I can show off my fave things about shopping, fashion and style. Celebs are also great to talk about and gossip about them. I also have this blog where I occasionally rant or vent some of my frustrations hehe. Just like now, I have this zits on my forehead and on my chin and I was bothered by it once again. I have a cream that I used on it and it's doing good and I am still lucky bec. I can still cure it but for those that can't will have to find the best acne treatments in the market.

I am not sure if I will add more blogs as of now because I have several already but who knows, I might just make another one. Oh no!