Saturday, September 29, 2012

Attending a Prom Night

Poor thing, I never get to experience Prom Night where highschool seniors dress up well for the occasion. Usually girls will wear gowns while boys in their tux or formal attire. During our time, our school didn't allow such event to happen for they believe it was just a waste of money or something not all parents will approve of because of the money that they will give to their children to buy gown and for the make-up artist. We didn't even have a highschool year album. arghhh..Those are something that our batch missed and regret of not having.

These days, there are many schools that are having prom nights and it is much awaited by all the seniors to attend before they graduate. Before the event the seniors are busy looking for the best dress that they can wear not just to make them look good but also to impress their other batchmates. It's pretty easy now to look for prom dresses, even girls on the plus size can find plus size prom dresses under $200 online.

Some of my nieces and nephews have experience going in a prom night and they had the best time ever especially when they learned who is the Prom Queen and King.

Keep Calm, Make Art

keep calm make art

Almost everyday, our lives can be busy. If you're a professional that works in the office or a busy person working full time in the house, we all need time to rest and take on a hubby. There are others that collect stamps, postcards etc, while others spend their leisure time reading a book or watching movie. Others would go into sports while others love crafts and arts and that includes me.

Every time, I am stressed or simply have nothing to do, I just open my photoshop to start making a digi-scrapbooking layout or design some graphics. It can divert my attention to my creativity. I was once addicted to crocheting, crafts (making topiaries etc.), collecting stamps/ decorative soaps, cross-stitching and digital photography. I have to say that art makes me relax and feel calm as well.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Finding a Reliable Flooring Company for Your Home

Your home is not only a piece of investment but the place where your family makes lasting memories. It is only important to keep it in good condition and make sure that it still provides a safe and warm environment for you and your kids. If you are planning to build a dream home soon or thinking that it’s time to give your current one a makeover, the flooring is always an important thing to consider.

Often the most neglected yet most used part of the house, the flooring can be easily subjected to regular wear and tear and if matters are not addressed right away, it can lead to more damages. Consider hiring a professional flooring company to do the work for you since it can be time consuming, may require tools and special skills. In finding a reliable flooring company, make sure that they offer a variety of flooring services and that each is backed with a good track record when it comes to delivery or performance.

Since flooring is an unusual topic for most homeowners, do not hesitate to ask questions and a good company should provide you with the right answers. Learn about the pros and cons of the different types of flooring and ask for their expert opinion on the one that is right for your home. Check the company’s performance record and read the feedback and comments from past clients.

Do not stick to just one; ask around and compare quotes from various flooring companies and carefully study their offers especially when it comes to warranties. Companies differ in their warranty offers but go for the one that can provide you with protection for the years to come. Do not rush in making a decision, flooring companies should be able to provide you quality service that is right within your budget.

Anya is a content writer who is interested in writing about home tips She is currently working on a gulvservice project which is about floor service .

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Typhoon Ondoy's 3rd Anniversary

September 26, 2009, how can we Pinoys forget Typhoon Ondoy? For many of us, it's a day where many lives have never been the same again.

Actually, we are not that much affected because the floods where just on our garage but only an inch away it will enter our house already. I'll never forget the experience of walking with my niece on thigh-high floods where tree logs are rushing while we are trying to reach our home. We're suppose to go to our internet shop but floods went up so quickly that we need to go back. Our vehicle can't pass anymore so we decided to walk.  The water just went up crazy!

Anyway, many have died and properties lost. I'm praying that no more typhoon or even habagat in that magnitude will ever happen again.!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

When your Computer Gives Up on You


Have you experienced when you are in a hurry to do something on your computer when all of a sudden it slows down, restarts on its own, can't save your work or just totally messed up? Arghhh.. it can be frustrating! I experienced that when I was still using assembled Pentium 4 pc few years back. Funny thing is, I was so annoyed and frustrated because I can't open multiple applications at the same time because its memory is just way too slow. Viruses often attack my computer too because I don't have a good antivirus at that time too.

Thankfully, after saving I was able to buy myself an HP desktop and a Dell laptop that I used alternately. It's been many years now since I bought then and it has never given me any major headache. I wish to have an iMac but major savings is needed hehe. I can also open multiple programs/applications and even numerous tabs on my internet tabs without hassle.

With the new computers that I have, I learned how to be careful when downloading stuff so that no visrus or malware can enter my computer. I also learned  how to clean hard drive by deleting unwanted programs and files that can also slow down my computer. I also learned how to reformat computers just by watching a tutorial in Youtube and with that skill that I learned I don;t need to call our technician to do the reformatting of our net cafe computers.

I just wished that all of my computers will serve me more years because I've been taking care of them with lotsa love.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

When Accident Happens

Every morning, after waking up I always see to it that I'll pet my dog Sophie and let her eat breakfast. These days, her coat is not in a perfect condition anymore for it has matted on some parts already. Blame it on me because I'm not brushing her hair anymore.. tsk tsk... Got tired of doing that everyday because it eats up my time grooming her. So, the other day, I thought of trimming her coat to check on her skin too. I saw a bunch under her front right leg and without much thought, I cut it with scissor. To my horror, she cried and got up and realized that I cut her when I carried her on my arms to console her.. Wahhhh.. I'm really so angry at myself for doing that to my baby. I could even hold her leg to put some medicine for I know it's painful for her. I just carried her all the time and let sleep. Good thing is that it is not bleeding but I just saw a 1/2 inch cut.. yay.

Now, I would never do that again to her for fear of injuring her again. I'm really felt bad and sorry for what I did. On Sunday, I'm already going to the vet and let her groomed. It's also the time for the doctor to see the injury that I made to my poor dog. Ahh.. it really makes me sad knowing what I have done. I know it's an accident but I should have been more careful.

Anyway, with that incident, I'm always being careful when using scissors or knife while preparing food as well. I don;t want something similar happened to myself too. I remember seeing a knife safety online and I should get one of that. Nothing beats being careful all the time.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Super Moms

supermom2 supermom

I had some time to blog hop the other day and I can't help myself to be in admiration to all the moms that I came across. I have a lot of friends that are moms already and just thinking all the sacrifices that they have done for the family makes me realize that being a mother or a parent is a 24/7 job and needs a complete commitment. I also admire working moms both wahm or those that work outside their homes because they can juggle their work and family obligations.

A friend of mine is working 9-5 and when she gets at home, she still need to take care of the kids and do household works. Aside from that, she still needs to work on her online jobs that can take her working till midnight. She's been sacrificing a lot just to give good and comfortable life to her family. With that, I salute you all great moms out there.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Choosing the Right Coverlets for Your Baby’s Room

Coverlets are primarily used decoratively - as a lightweight material that acts as a bedspread. When looking for this bedding accessory, it is important to know exactly what you want. If you are looking for heavier bedspreads, quilts would be a better choice. However, these are light enough to cover a bed in the summer. Baby bedding not only includes a wide range of linens and blankets, but also includes baby quilts as well, an important component to any child's comfort.


When choosing bedding for a baby, warmth and durability remain a number one concern. Children, unlike adults, need more warmth. In this case, quilted coverlets may be the way to go. They contain a layer of cotton batting in the middle, which keeps them light, yet are still warm enough for the little ones. Another concern when choosing bedding is the color and design. Baby boy bedding, for instance, includes bedding in blues, greens and reds. Designs vary from little cars and trucks to baseballs or bugs. Little girl’s bedding includes more pinks, purples and yellows with floral, butterfly or princess designs.

Choosing coverlets for babies does not have to be a stressful choice. The options may be limitless, but it should be an enjoyable experience. You might want to consider matching the bedding to the rest of the room's decor, or perhaps you want to choose baby bedding based on what they are made of, which range from wool and cotton to linen and silk. Each has a different feel and weight. Whatever your choice is, have fun with it!

Awww.. Another Blogger's Block ?

blogger's block

Blogging can be a lot of fun most especially when your thoughts are overflowing and your fingers are not yet tired clicking all the letters in your keyboard. But when blogger's block hit you, know for sure you'll be lost for words. For those bloggers with deep well of thoughts/ideas and steel fingers they will not be bothered about this.

Blogger's block.. ahhhhh.. .it happens to me at times. You know there are occasions when I have to write about my assignment or I simply want to post about an event or experience but  I can't put them into sentence. It's like I'm having a brain Arghhh.. that is frustrating!

I just envy those bloggers who can quickly make a post in a swift as if the words are just in their fingertips. Bloggers who have so much great ideas, have myriad collection of collective and informative thoughts/experiences that are shared without hesitation always get my attention and praise. Ahhh.. they are genius!

As you already know, I have quite few blogs under my wings since I started blogging in 2005. I have to say that it was not easy maintaining and updating all of them. There are times that I feel burned out blogging and just thinking what to write or share for that particular blog already makes me tired at times. But hey, even though at times I whine and make drama over my blogging career, I'm still here, alive and kickin.

If blogger's block arises, here are the things that helps me bounce back to writing:
1. I make a list of what I want to write
2. I blog hop to get fresh ideas
3. Read feeds at my Google reader
4. Talk to my friends at Twitter and FB
5. Think about the moolah coming if I've done all my online works
6. Stay away from my computer or I simply rest because I might be exhausted or just lazy hehe.
7. Think about shopping so it can excite me.. just kidding

Ahhh.. I hope blogger's block won't visit me soon! What about you have you experienced blogger's block and what do you do to combat it?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Woodworking Machinery

Woodworking industry these days are fortunate for they can manufacture or cut big cuts of wood in big volumes and in faster manner. Big machinery especially those that are digital or computerized can really help a lot in the process. Just imagine all the hard work that workers put cutting all the woods if manually done. For sure, they will not keep up with the demands of their customers if they will not use heavy machinery to do the cutting.

Ever wondered how certain chunk of wood was turned into a beautiful and well-crafted piece furniture or art? In today’s technology, nothing is impossible if you’ll use machine guided tools that can execute designs that you like.

Here are some of woodworking machinery that can help in fabrication.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Routers : - A cnc router is a machine that can cut wood, non-ferrous metals, plastics, composite materials, and more with the aid of a computer that. This machine can precisely cut those materials into flat and even in 3-dimensional shapes in faster manufacturing process. You can make a design of your own using special programs like CAD in your computer and this machine can execute with accuracy.

Panel saw – It is a type sawing machine that can cut-to-size or specified sizes of wood, MDF, or other materials mainly used by shops that makes cabinets, furniture, and panel doors. Some panel saw machines have automatic loading and have one or two saw cut lines making your work a lot easier.

Edgebanders – used by cabinet and furniture makers that can bond edgebanding materials to a dimension wood, MDF, or other materials making and can polish your work.

Using these kinds of machines can greatly improve any shop’s production with greater accuracy at a lower production cost too thus increasing your chances of more sales and return of investment. Woodworking shop don’t need to buy brand new machinery for they can also purchase second-hand woodworking machinery with quality and accuracy at

Monday, September 10, 2012

Killing Our Feet Everday


Aren't we thankful for our hands and feet? They help us do anything in our everyday routine. Just imagine all the weight and pressure that our feet carry everyday that sometimes we tend to forget to take good care of them. We often subject our feet to danger by wearing uncomfortable, ill-fitting shoes  or shoes that give very little support and cushion that can harm our feet and eventually our health.

I feel guilty at times for there are  occasions that I wear close shoes that often hurt my toes and heels. I don't wear high-heel shoes but I have some flat shoes that often results in pain in my heels when I use it for long period of time.  Arghhh.. it's painful.  I believe the condition that I'm having is called plantar fasciitis.  I learned that using an insole is one of the plantar faciitis heel pain relief that I can use to minimize the pain that I am having. I have to look into this. Other conditions that we can get when wearing uncomfortable shoes are corns, bunions, hammer toes, clubfoot, fractures and more.

Wearing high-heel shoes may look so sexy and elegant but some women didn't know that it can cause  cause severe hammertoes, pain on the ball of the foot and other pains if you use them everyday for long hours. Ouuuchhh! It is recommended that we need to wear shoes of different heights so that our feet can also relax.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Making Your Life More Zen

Do you ever look at your life and your home and feel that your possessions are possessing you? Do you feel that your life is too hectic? Everyone wants a relaxing and peaceful life, but you don't have to turn to sportsbook to achieve financial security and build your own meditation room. You just need to concentrate on being more peaceful, being more Zen.

If you want to be more Zen, you first have to de-clutter your life. Take a look around your house or apartment; is it full of material things? Chances are you don't even use half of them on a regular basis. Well, it's time to get rid of some of them! If an item doesn't make your life better or help you achieve personal peace, then maybe it's time to put it out on the curb. When you start to lighten your load and create surroundings that are clean, neat, and peaceful, you'll be closer to achieving Zen.

Once you've gotten rid of a bunch of stuff, it's time to start collecting the right kind of things: experiences. Instead of saving for the next big TV or couch, maybe it's time to start concentrating on collecting experiences instead of more possessions. In the end, your experiences are going to make you much happier than anything you buy to keep up with the Joneses. Instead of installing that new cappuccino machine, try planning a trip with someone your love. Try something new and unexpected. You might like it.

Finally, spend more time doing the things you love and less time doing the things you don't. If you can spend each day in pursuit of something that makes you happy, who cares how much money you have or how big your house is? Spend more time on the things that make you happy, and you'll be a happier person -- more Zen.

Forgetful You

Ever experienced locking your home only to find out that you left the keys inside your house? Ahhhh….. that would be a dreadful experience if I may say. It happened to me couple of times already and it’s kinda frustrating. I need to go back inside the house because I forgot something but when I searched for the keys, it was not in my bag or pocket. I was in a hurry that time so I was also panicking. Thankfully, my brother got a spare key and he is just few kms. away from our home. I could not thank him so much for he saved my day. I could end up calling a locksmith to open our door if not for my brother.

I know a lot of you have also experienced leaving the keys inside your vehicle. Initially, our first instinct is we try to unlock the door on our own but inexperienced as we are we end up just damaging the lock if we try too hard. I bet only a carnapper can open your door in a swift hehe.

Calling a locksmith is always a better option especially if we do not have any tools or skills to do the unlocking. They will always lend a helping hand in opening our doors when emergency arises. If you’re in Calgary area, you’ll find locksmith Calgary of service to you. They offer residential and commercial locksmith services using sophisticated tools and professionalism.

So the next time you close your door, always think first if you got the keys but just in case you become forgetful, then locksmiths always come in handy.