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Thursday, May 20, 2010

It’s Tee Time

I guess you are all having a grand time with your summer vacation eventhough most of the times the heat and humidity is just unbearable. I have lots of friends and relatives who have packed their bags and went on a family vacation with their family out of town while some enjoyed the cool breeze outside the country.

There are actually lots of activities that we can do this summer; you just need to choose what you feel like most doing. Going to the beach swimming, snorkeling, diving and more are no doubt a hit for those that love water. There are also those that love attending seminars in cooking, baking and more.

Sports aficionados will find basketball, car racing and even golf irresistible. I remember my brother in law who loves to play golf after coming from work. I’m not sure if he is a fan of Tiger Woods though but he has love and passion for this disciplined sport. I know if he had his way, he’ll be wishing to play at one of the Myrtle Beach golf courses, where he can practice his playing skills.

There are many golf courses, as what I’ve read there are about 80 and that will excite him for sure. It’ll be a tee time for him and his son Braiden, another bonding time not just with his friends but with his son as well. If you’re a golf lover too, you can opt to choose at the various Myrtle Beach golf packages being offered and let the fun starts.

Check out more details and see photos/ video of their golf courses at .