Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ford Appeal

Ahhhhh. Driving and owning a car I reckon can bring a whole new different feeling to a person. It’s so unfortunate enough that I can’t drive a car ‘cuz I only can drive a bicycle. Funny! Seriously, I have considered that long before but since I’m a little bit nervous and some negative thoughts are running in my mind so I discarded that wish. I just thought I’ll just use public transport or just hop in the family vehicles driven by my bro.

I know car lovers are always excited to own a new car and purchasing one can bring a whole new excitement. With literally thousands of cars with different models and brands, it’s sometimes impossible to pick in a snap. I guess before buying vehicles, you already know what type you want like a van, truck or simply a car. Just one of many options to consider is ford mustang. With good reviews that you can read online this car will definitely will not be left behind. Their 2010 model will make your hearts pumping for sure as it has a black cloth convertible top and of course other good car feature.

If I decide to own a car and drive for my own freedom, I’ll make sure to read reviews and ask friends/relatives about what type of vehicle will suit my driving needs just in case.


Wow, it's been a busy and productive day for me today.

I opted to stay at home today since I was too tired partying last night with my former highschool batchmates, I needed some rest and needs some works to do online as well. Still sleepy and with not clear mind I blogged right after getting up  form a 4 hour sleep. I chuckled a bit because I hope I'm still blogging with

Weddings Like No Other

Every woman deserves a beautiful wedding. I remember witnessing weddings of my siblings, friends and other relatives and it always make me giddy to see them tie the knot. I also had one of those days when I just day dream and think about how lovely bride I can be with my white gown and with my groom on my side. It's a dream that I still keep but I guess it's slowly fading away and I'm not desperate or down if that will not happen these days. Of course I envy those couples who are so in love during their wedding.

While some couple still want the traditional weddings, some wanted a whole new experience with their destination weddings. Embarking on one of those destination weddings on a beach front with waves as your background and birds flying over you or you tying the knot under the sunset with all your loved ones, ahhhh pure bliss.. Those kind of experiences can be offered by Karisma Hotels as I have read. Couples will have an endless choices over their wedding packages.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Cousin's Got a Big "C"

After sobbing while watching disturbing videos on Youtube early today I was faced with a heavy heart once again. I was chatting with my older sister over at YM this afternoon and we were talking about our reconnecting to our cousins in the US via Facebook . I remember my sis telling me that one of my cousin has undergone another surgery and is recuperating so I asked about her once again.

I was dumbfounded when I learned that she was diagnosed to have breast and uterus cancer. Deadly "c' got her and my sis told me that she has few more months or years to live. This is sooooo sad news that I only learned today. I am speechless!.  After losing 2 aunts from breast cancer, now it's her who is affected.

I am actually scared to know that because that only means that it runs in our family and I should really be worried about. I only hope that my cousin can still recover and still a miracle can happen. My prayers are with her.

Heavy Heart

A friend online shared a video from Youtube of a 5-yr old kid who saved the life of her dad when she called 911. With her calmness and alertness, she was able to talk to the 911 dispatcher and hanged on till the rescuers came inside their house. I also thought that she is so cute and bright just by hearing her voice.

After watching that video, i started to browsed more videos and it lead me to more disturbing 911 videos and it teared me up into tears. I was really crying and sobbing and could not believe what I've been hearing. Makes me value my life more and and consider of browsing for an instant life insurance quote just in case.

My browsing didn;t stop there because I watched the Sept. 11th videos and the last minute calls of flight attendant Betty Ong of Flight 11. I was having a heavy heart. The last video I watched was the hanging of Saddam Hussein. Woooo what a morning I had! I had to stop watching because it's only making me sad and disturbed.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Call Center Agents

Another friend of ours jumped into the call center agents bandwagon lately. Few years ago we have seen the major influx of call center facilities here in the Philippines that has given so many jobs to young professionals and even those that are seeking jobs. Many have been enticed to apply because of the high salary that most of the call centers are giving to their employees.

Though there's a strenuous trainings involve and working on graveyard shift which means they are awake midnight to early morning entertaining calls from different parts of the world that have different time zone from us, that didn't hinder them from applying.

Investors are attracted to open call centers here in our country simply because we have so many talented English speaking professionals and easy to train people that is why they opt to choose us. Top call center companies for sure have many benefits, incentives and Call Management Tools can be very helpful for their call centers agents.

I just wish more call centers will open so that more jobless Pinoys will be benefited.

If That Will Make You Happy and Confident

These days, physical beauty are being put too much weight instead of the character of a person. Sometimes we can't blame people for doing that because the first thing that you will see and notice to a person is their physical beauty right away. We can easily judge a person through that and sometimes we make a false judgment to a person which is always wrong.

We all have our own physical flaws that can hinder our good relationship to other people. Some may shy away bec. they have scars on face due to accident etc. or is flat chested. One of the many options that ordinary people and celebrities doing is the cosmetic surgery where they can enhance whatever part of their body. I'm not against with that if that will make you happy and confident.

There are practically hundreds of clinics that are performing such procedure and that includes Miradiance breast augmentation surgery medical center that you can opt to choose. Just as long as you will not abuse such procedures (cosmetic surgeries), then nothing is wrong. If you have the money and that will boost your morale and will change your outlook in life, then go for it. Just be careful and just go to reputable doctors and clinic.

Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey Fight

Pinoys love boxing! And with Manny Pacquaio's emergence as a NAtional pride for having won 7 world title, Pinoy are more hooked that ever. Why not? Pacquiao who is called PacMan was so great of a fighter and also became the best pound for pound king of boxing in his lifetime. I will not deny that I am extremely proud to see him fight on the ring and dedicate his fights not only to his family but to the whole Philippines and to God. He stayed humble eventhough he is earning millions of dollars now and I just hope that he'll continue to help other people as well as budding boxers.

Rumors about Pacquaio's fight with Mayweather has died down already since it will not come surface anymore. Pacman is set to fight in March though. Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey is another fight to look forward too but I'm sure he'll knock Clottey down on March 13, 2010 for WBO welterweight belt. Many are looking up at Pacquaio becasuse he serves as an inspiration to many boxers.

I guess not all of you like watching boxing, some prefer to watch UFC and watch their fave fighter like Anderson Silva and many others. His fans will surely be delighted to see him fight on the ring.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Neglected a Bit

Ok, I have to admit that I've been neglecting my net cafe lately due to loads of online works that I am getting. There are times that it is closed because I need to work at home and my mom just couldn't handle manning there so it's better close. My sister-in-law who happens to be working only on Tuesdays and Thursdays can open the store for me but she also some errands to do so at the most it is also closed. I am just worried that my customers think that I'm already closing down but I am not.

I am just finishing some loads and hopefully I will get back to my old routine of going there in the mornings. I also need to fix some office furniture, particularly my computer table that is kinda squeaky nowadays. I also need to purge some store items that are not being used anymore.I'll do all of them once I get fix my work schedule.

Scorching Heat

Looks like that summer is here already. I can feel the temperature is getting hot each day except for early morning where it is a bit chilly but it will suddenly get hot mid-morning. I can't even go out anymore without putting my sunglasses on and my umbrella for the sun will burn my skin immediately. You know how Pinoys hate to get sunburn.

What makes me a bit worried is that the weather bureau already announced a hot-hot summer and el niƱo so that means it's gonna one sticky and humid summer for all of us. I can only feel sorry for those that have skin asthmas or those eczema because for sure their skin will be more rough and itchy. I bet those eczema treatments kits will be sellable once again.

Worse is that babies will have sun rashes and hope they will keep cool this summer. Oh btw , we also need to conserve electricity bec. meralco announced an increase in their rates.. BoOOOooo!

Search Engine Friendly

I absolutely know that to gain more traffic from search engines I must optimize my blog posts by putting a searchable keywords on the title and within my post. I have this post on this blog that is always on top (1st page) of Google search list and it is giving me quite a good traffic from that one.

I have also a blog which has a shopping niche and it's also doing good on search engine and at Google adsense as well because I optimized my keywords there. Aside from that I have learned that submitting your blog or website to a directory submission will also help gain more traffic. This I have to try out because I have not done yet.

Sleeping Pattern

Hey everyone Happy Valentine's Day and Kung Hei Fat Choi!!

I'm still a bit sleepy because I stayed up a bit late last night and my eyes are also hurting because I've been blogging from morning till the evening yesterday. Good thing is that I don't need any over the counter sleep aids unlike other who are having hard time to sleep.I can also sleep immediately eventhough I'll drink coffee but for some that will keep them awake. I still have a good sleeping pattern and that is good while my mom is already awake at 2 or 3 am. You know old folks are like that, they sleep early and they wake up early too. I guess we'll all be like that when we grow old.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Read My Mind

~I’m tired of: annoying, non-sense and hard to teach people
~I am listening to: Bubbly on YouTube
~Maybe I should: eat more veggies now
~I Wish: I will always stay in good health
~Chocolate is: fave of my mom, brothers and almost all my family, except me because I always ends up having zits. Yeah you read it right most especially if there is nuts on it. I'm allergic to nuts and if that happens I'm always on the lookout for the best acne treatments that I can get.
~I last ate: a banana.
~Right now I'm craving: for grilled chicken
~Love is: something to share
~Today: I'm going to have a blog marathon. Good luck to me hehe!
~Tomorrow: After the mass and lunch, I will just stay at home and work, work and work

Friday, February 5, 2010

Travels in my Mind

It seems that most of my friends have been to Hongkong lately. My family went there in December and my friends' families went there last year and early this year and with the looks of it they also had a blast eventhough it is tiring. We definitely deserved a vacation and who knows we might get Florida vacation rentals in the future.  Hmm....that's a dream but we can afford that plus it's very hard to get a US visa.

I guess we can have another Asian vacation maybe in Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand. My neighbor friend went in Bangkok  with her 2 kids last Dec. 29 and she told me that shopping there is much cheaper. Oh well as long as we have savings we can afford to go anywhere we go. Life is too short so we need to enjoy it!

Thanks to my Self Control

Oh gosh, lately while most of my friends and the rest are addicted to Facebook,  I found myself so hooked at e-bay that I literally am browsing it everyday finding some good deals. There are tons of items to be bought there and how I wish I can buy all of them.

Guess what? I have not bought any lately wahooo , thanks to' my self control. I'm just browsing and feasting my eyes with all the bags and wallets that I came across. Who knows, I might buy one too in the future as it is rally tempting to shop these days but I need to save for a future project.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spending ...

I can say that I’m a bit frugal but when I really wanted something, I save hard for it. I also see to it that my things are kept safely and I know if someone gets it without my permission and it that happens they (my family) can really hear words from me. I can also say that I spend my money wisely, thinking many times if i needed that item or not but of course like any other person I have also my impulsive behaviour. There are instances when I’m at the mall and saw something that makes my heart beats fast. I tend to buy it on impulse and later on regret it.

I love bags and clothes but not much on shoes. If only I have more money I would also like to gold or perhaps buy gold bullion as an investment. We all know that gold’s value rises as time pass by and I reckon that is good investment.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Sis Got Another Bling

When it comes to jewelry, diamonds in particular, I can say that my sister Joy and brotherinlaw in Sydney have really an eye for it. BIL who loves giving precious diamonds to my sis as a token of his love for her given during wedding, anniv. or even birthdays. Sigh.. wish I can have at least one or even those loose diamonds in my collection.

When sis came home here in Pinas last year, she showed me yet another bling. This time a studded bracelet with diamonds on it. I was wowed by it but she is smirking and told me it's only a replica lol. Wow but it looks oh so real.! That is the only fake diamond that she is wearing and they bought it in Hongkong when they took vacay there in December.

My Bes Wants a Lappy

Why not? We use it for our work.

Actually she already has a desktop at home located inside their room but she wanted work in the living room or maybe near the kitchen when she is cooking so a laptop will be more handy for her. There are also times that she wanted to watch TV while still working or surfing so she considered of having a laptop.

Last year, my bestfriend Race and I went on a laptop window shopping in Greenhills seeing all those branded laptop computers with different specifications. She wanted to wait for more options so she is not buying yet. Now she told me that a friend of her sister is selling it's Compaq laptop for only 10K, i told her to ask the specs first before buying it.

Personally I don't like to buy a second hand laptop, because you'll never know how it is used or how many more years or months it will work so I guess the best is just to buy a brand new. It doesn't have to be expensive brands like my Dell or HP but as long as it is new and the specs is just right for your needs.