Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Home is Where the Heart is

We often hear this saying and it is always true. Our home will always be the place where we can be who we are, where we can get so much love with our loved ones and receive warm hugs and kisses. Our haven is the place where we can relax after a hard days work from the office. A simple relaxation can involve soaking in a warm bath while reading or sipping wine or just simply listening to music.

Music in our homes can play an important role in our lives as it can set any mood depending on the tune that we hear. If you can carry a tune, using vocal microphone to belt out a song can be a relaxing one too. You can groove to the dance music, cry or become sentimental when you hear a sappy sound. No matter what music you want to hear nothing beats listening to your home where you can relax and enjoy.

Monday, October 10, 2016

A Mother's Love

My bestfriend since highschool days is a dedicated mom to her 3 children. She will do anything to protect, train, support them on the things that they want to do as long as it is for their own good. A mom, wife and a career woman is not an easy job. Imagine juggling all those roles everyday for the rest of her life is a noble thing.

I see her kids grow and my friend is supportive in their studies and even on their extra curricular activities like playing musical instruments. Her son is even spoiled (in a good way) when it comes to music. She lets him play musical instrument and will do anything even if it means that she will buy used martin guitars online to support her son's hobby.

As long as they will do good in school, their hobby and other interests will be supported by their mom. I just admire her for being with her children when they need her and it only shows that a mother's love is priceless.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Woman Reunites with Nurse who Helped her as Infant


When I watched this video of Amanda Scarpinati and Sue Berger, I can't help but be emotional.  Amanda is a badly-burned baby when a nurse (Berger) cared for her all the time in the hospital. A heartwarming photo taken in 1977 shows a nurse cradling Amanda in an Albany, New York, hospital. Amanda grew up with some insecurities brought about by her burns but that surgery erased that. Amanda sought comfort looking at their old photo and wished they'll meet someday.  In this video, the reality reunion happened in 2015.