Monday, August 30, 2010

His Priced Possession

My brother is a certified junk/old stuffhoarder What makes me say that? He actually collects memorabilia and even displayed it in their house. Actually there's a small space in their house where he made a glass table at the center and he puts his collections so that his friends and our relatives can see.

He actually loves the complements that he is getting everytime someone says that his collection is nice and rare to find. He has this old Tagalog magazines, comics even dated way back in the 60's, photos of local celebrities, stamps, gold coins, LP record and more. Name it and I guess he has it.

His collections are his priced possession like what he said and he told us that in the future he can sell them at fairly good amount.Up to now he is still continuing of adding more stuff to his collection by buying from someone who has some old stuff that they've been keeping for years.

Too Emotional

Ok so I'm pmsing right now and part of this achy experience of mine every month, I'm always too emotional and I have this chocolate cravings.

Yesterday afternoon, instead of finishing my online works, I decided to just stay in bed and rest with my jammies on for I really feel cold and achy. I turned on the TV and watched documentaries at QTV11. The episode was about their power review of their old episodes about a reporter who went to Indonesia after the destructive tsunami in 2005. Eventhough it happened many years ago, I can't help but to cry with the footages that they have shown. I was brought back to the time it happened and oh my goodness I'm are so thankful that my family and I didn't experience such here in the country.

I Want a New P&S Digi Cam!

Oh dear, I guess there's no more luck that this point and shoot camera of mine will be fixed. It's been with me for the last 3 years and I have used it most of the times when I need a portable camera. My SIL and a friend is even borrowing it from time to time. Now that my p&s is broken, I have no choice but to use my DLSR camera to take shots.

I guess I have to buy a new one if I have saved enough because I really needed a portable cam that I can put easily on my small bag. I hope I can scour for new styles and prices next weekend along with the door hardware that we need for the house. The door knob in the guest room suddenly got broken too so it needs a replacement as well.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gold in Possession

So what's with gold these days? I have come to know that these days gold coins and even >bullion have been a great investment to date by investors all over the world. We all know that gold, even in the ancient times have been used in barter and trading as their form of money during those days. Owning gold in our possession is already a good investment because we can either keep it and sell it in the future. Others can keep it as part of their collection and it's their way of preserving their wealth.Right now, I will not wonder anymore why some investors are hoarding or keeping these precious metals in thier possession.

Google Reader

Wow, I have not opened my Google reader for the last few days and when I opened it today, I was greeted with tons of blog posts to read. My blogger friends are indeed very busy these days just like me and that is very happy to note.

I'm still not finish reading or scanning some of their entries but I hope in the next few days I can finish it but for sure they will be adding some more posts hehe. I also have little time to blog hop as well since I also got sick for about a week.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

3D CAD Drawings

My architect cousin came to my net cafe few weeks ago and uses the internet because his net connection at their house was intermittent. It was impossible for him to send his works to his boss overseas with that kind of connection.

He showed me some of his cad drawings that he made and those where in 3D form and I was completely in admiration with his talent. The good thing is that architects are now using CAD to draw their house or any architectural designs making their works much easier unlike the earlier days.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Save Money on Home Repairs with Home Depot Coupon Codes

Buying a home is a great investment and a money sucker at the same time. Homes get old and need repairs, and it is the owner’s job to make sure that everything is in working order. This means that the lawn has to be mowed every week and cosmetic repairs need to be made inside the home on a regular basis. With all of the maintenance involved, you are going to want to find ways to save money on costs and learn how to do some things on your own.

You will need to get familiar with your local hardware store because you are going to be spending a lot of time there if you are working on a home improvement project. You can use Home Depot coupon codes to save on items you are going to buy online. You want to be wise with your money because costs can add up quick when you are working on your home.

It really isn’t practical to call in a professional for every little repair. That would be way too expensive. Save the professionals for jobs that you can’t learn to do yourself. If it is something as easy as changing a light fixture or other hardware, save yourself the money and do it yourself. Contractors are good for major projects like whole room remodels and home additions. You might even be able to do some of the work yourself when you hire a contractor to save on the costs.

It really is possible to have a home that looks beautiful. You just have to make sure you stay up on the maintenance and repairs so that you don’t get landed with a huge bill because you’ve been neglecting your home. It is great to have home repair skills, and they come in handy all the time. So don’t be afraid to learn how to do things yourself.

She Wants a Crosswind

I just noticed that mom is really itching to ditch our old Toyota van these days. She said it again this morning while we are having breakfast because she really wanted to replace it with a crosswind. I sure want to have it replaced but her idea of replacing it with a “crosswind” is something that I don’t think I approve of. Anyway, I know I will not win if I insist something else so I’ll just have to go with what she wants since she will be the one buying anyway.

Having a vehicle has become a necessity to us since we usually travel back and forth to our business’ location. We also need a service to send and fetch the kids in school so we need a good service fan for our family. Sometimes having multiple vehicles can be a little hard because of the maintenance but that’s part of it. We also have to have insurance for them so in case of emergency it is covered.

Little Renovation

With the little renovation ongoing at my brother’s house right now, they’ve been contemplating of adding another bigger window in their living room so that more light and air will come in. You see there are times that it gets too hot by mid afternoon that they need to open the electric fan in full blast just to have more air circulating.

By putting a bigger glass window, they can also save energy because they can use natural light inside the house. They can opt to have it installed with a window film that can prevent glare, fading of the furniture and even provide good privacy at home. You also don’t need to put anymore blinds or curtains on windows treated with film already.

I guess this is a great option to have in our house aside from saving us a little, the hassle of buying and installing curtains or blinds are also eliminated. I’m not sure if bro is up with this idea but I know he’d be satisfied with the result that it can bring to their house as long as they will put a quality window tint in it.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sponsoring a Child

I was watching the International news this evening with my mom and saw the footage of some Pakistanis victims of flood waiting for their food supply from a track. I can’t help but to shed a tear because while waiting in line they hit each other just to get water and food (that looks like an animal food to me), yay. Kids are crying with their mothers and it looks like that they’re all hungry already. Oh, I can’t help but to feel so blessed and wish there’s no poverty.

Even here in our country, we also have very poor families living in shanties and thanks to organizations like Child Charity that can help children all over the world. Their organization can provide a decent meal, clothing and medical supplies for poor kids when someone sponsor a kid. I know there are lots of good and kind-hearted that can make a difference in our society.

No One Followed Her Profession

My mom aside from being a certified midwife also happens to be a hairdresser during her younger years. She graduated at one of the prominent beauty school in Manila and with the knowledge she had after graduation she opened her own salon. I still remember, I saw some old photos of her parlor where she cuts, curls and style the hairs of her customers. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed on what she is doing at that time but sad to say that no one in our family really followed her being a beautician.

For those that love making others beautiful and have passion for beauty, you can always hone your craft by enrolling on accredited beauty schools like Regency Beauty in the US. Their facilities are upscale and their instructors are talented and with ultra-high standards of cosmetology education.

Is Supersition True?

About 2 weeks ago, I dreamed of losing my teeth and when I told that to my brother he immediately told me that it's not a good sign because someone will die. It gave me goosebumps and I know that superstition but I didn't want to think that it was true.

After about 2 days, we just learned that our neighbor committed suicide and we all can't believe it. Right after that, another neighbor succumbed to death due to complications of diabetes after 2 days. Still not finish because just the other day another nearby neighbor died of lung cancer. YAY it was just scary!

And would you believe that another neighbor died of cancer again just yesterday? Oh my goodness. Is it pure coincidence? I hope so.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Challenged by Slope Formula and more

I will not hide the fact that when I was in highschool and college I was challenged by Math subject. I guess there are many students who can also relate with me because we can really say that Algebra os really not an easy subject. Couple it with slope formula and other algebra problems then It’ll be more challenging for sure.

Sometimes students tend to disregard Math subject totally, that’s why they mostly fail. When your children are already having some problems, you already need to assist them. You can either look for a tutor that will go to your house that can help them with them how to divide and solve math problems.

You can also try the online tutoring by Tutor Vista because they offer affordable tutoring packages pre algebra math and other subjects. Tutoring is done one-on-one and they will even have Math practice set during their tutoring session.

If Only

Please allow me for I just want to day dream for a while. A day at the beach and I was sitting under the coconut tree, sipping my piƱa colada while watching the waves and hearing the chirping of the birds. The soft breeze of the wind is softly passing my body and that makes me more relax.. ahhh pure bliss. I hope I can experience this one of this days.

I also have dreams of going out of the country with my family once again in few years and I hope if God permits we all can take a vacation just like last year. It would be great if we can go to one of those Branson attractions and for sure not only the kids will have a blast but adults as well. Can't wait for that to happen.

Car Shopping

I was smiling when I saw the tweet of a friend this morning who is in the US. My friend C said that they just came back from car shopping with her husband. I tweeted her back and told her how lucky they are to do such shopping but she told me getting a car there is just so easy. If you have a work and have good credit score, you can just apply a loan at the bank and can get a car at any time, then pay your dues monthly.

Funny thing is that she even said it was just like shopping for shoes because it was so easy. hehe. Anyway, she said they already have 3 cars in their possession and I'm sure they all have auto insurance papers on all of them just in case.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Valuing Education Despite Being Disabled

I was struck by a story that I watched about few nights ago on TV. A girl with so much physical disability after getting disease during her highschool days.  Instead of just giving up or just crying of what happened to her, she literally lifted herself with the help of her friends and family.

She accepted wholeheartedly her disease or inability to walk because of muscle dystrophy on her lower extremities. She;'s now continuing to study with the help of some friends and through her computer and it may seem impossible but she wanted to finish college and landed a job. I guess an online work will be best for her bec. she doesn't need to go out.

Every time I hear stories like this, I can't help but to be glad and wish that all students will do good in school. There are those who are poor or disabled like her but she has the passion or the will to learn. On the other hand, there are rich kids who have all the money in the world to pay for their tuition fees but they seem to lack enthusiasm to study. Too bad for them, they didn't know how important education is.

Let this story inspire others as well.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Number Plates and their Importance

My nephew is planning to buy a new car but is slumped after finding out about the requirements needed to obtain one. Everyone knows that buying a car is not an easy process. Aside from the actual purchasing of the automobile, one also needs to worry about other requirements like the registration of a number plate. Why are number plates so important, you ask?

The conception of number plates actually came out of necessity, which started when cars started roaming the streets. It was first used as a way to identify the car sort of like a unique ID. Eventually, as the number of cars grew, governments found out that aside from identification, number plates can also be used as a means to control and regulate traffic. Other governments followed suit and imposed their own rules on vehicle regulation.

As time went on, other uses for number plates became apparent like vehicle classification based on type and location. It has even been proven useful in public safety and law enforcement as number plates were used to track ownership of cars. Every car that we see today now has its own number plate, which serves as identification as well as a license that the car is registered.

Car >Number Plates are indeed important and required by law. Do not fret if you need to go through hoops just to get your number plate. Keep in mind that they are equally as important as the car you will be driving.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Buying a Laptop Soon

My niece who is already in college is taking up Film course at U.P. was always required to shoot documentaries, short film and even commercials. She's been going out of towns as well to shoot as part of her requirements in the university.

She's having a hard time editing her work at their own personal computer because it was just too slow and has low memory already, so she had to use one of the computers at my net cafe just to finish her projects. She really planned of buying a laptop so that it'll be easier for her to do her editing, dubbing etc. She's already reading computer reviews on laptops and I think she wanted to get a DELL laptop just like mine or maybe an HP brand.

I told her that she needs to see the laptop's specifications first before buying. She needs to have a faster processor and high memory for her works. If the disk space is not enough she actually buy 500GB or even 1TB of external hard drive. I just hope she can buy soon.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Business Minded

Like what I’ve mentioned in my previous post, my oldest sister is now  a blogger. At first she was clueless on how it works but with a little explanation on my part she’s now blogging almost everyday. She’s very easy to pick up on my pointers and I know she will be also good in doing reviews for companies when the time comes.

Even though she is earning quite well in her job overseas she’s still finding ways on how to earn extra because she has 3 children in college. As a business minded person, she has tried already buy and sell of things. She’s even selling goods to her officemates as a sideline. You know you can’t take away the enterprising ways in her. Who knows she might even buy and sell gold coins in the future. That is not far to become reality since she also sells gold jewelries from Saudi. I just hope whatever business she’s going into, she’ll be good at it.

Home Depot

Another store nearby is opening this coming days and we're all excited. It was actually a home depot store that is just near SM department store here in our place. When we first saw it being constructed this summer, we already got excited because we are always wanting to have a store like that where we can buy nice items for the house.

Now that they are just nearby, actually just few minutes away, mom and I will surely go to that place more often. I'm also hearing that there'll be promotional items that will be given to first few customers on their opening day and that is something to look forward to.

Taking His Own Life

I was so shocked yesterday morning when my brother told me that he learned that a neighbor of ours committed suicide. I really could not believe it up until now on what happened to him. It was really a disaster and it's giving me goosebumps and I really feel sorry for him.

I'm in disbelief and I always told that maybe someone killed him using his own gun. He was actually found dead  with a gun shot wound on the head at his stock room. He has this small neighborhood store that somewhat went down when a big grocery was built just few steps from his store. It was now rumored that he has too many debts and they think that he can't pay.

Oh dear, I'm not solve with that rumors but I just hope he'll find peace and justice if he is a victim.

Social Networking

Recently, I’ve been thankful for Facebook. Aside from having a venue where I can post photos or shout outs that my friends and family can read, it also serves a good place where some of my friends way back in college can find me.

Just the other month, a friend of mine in college whom I have not seen for over a decade already found me through facebook. She messaged me and we exchanged numbers and to my surprise she called me on the phone just yesterday. She’s in New York already living with her family and working as a Med. Tech. It was so nice to hear from her after so many years.

Companies are also gaining benefits from Facebook and those that want to invest on gold and precious metals can now find United States Gold Bureau at Facebook as well. I guess joining social networks can gain them more exposure.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Can you raed this?

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