Saturday, May 8, 2010

Desktop Publishing

Before I even become a blogger, desktop publishing is my line of work for many years aside from having a net cafe. I'm making business cards, flyers, thank you cards, all kinds of invitations such as baptismal, birthdays and wedding invitations and more. Actually I don't have a formal training in a school on how to make them, I just learned it because my sister who has the same business showed me how to. I also experimented on some and fortunately I was able to do it quite ok.

It was just a small neighborhood business and actually when I started I only use MS Publisher to layout my designs then later on I learned how to use Photoshop. It was a bit lucrative business when I first started it but when lots of shops sprouted and doing the same thing, the competition becomes tough.

Since I also became a full time blogger I have not much time to do the orders so I have to decline some. Right now, I'm not accepting orders from clients bec. I'm busy but hopefully I can still make some of them in the future.

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