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Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Perfect Locations for Above Ground Pools

So, you are interested in above ground pools and are considering buying one but want to get a landscaping plan in mind before the big purchase. There are many ways to incorporate a pool into your yard, especially when it comes to above ground pools. Above ground pools can be moved from their original location in your yard and they can also be taken down each year when the warm summer months come to an end.

Many owners of above ground pools prefer to put their pools in the back yard. Back yards are typically surrounded by fences, lending more privacy during your pool time. Back yards usually have more room to install larger above ground pools as well.

When it comes to landscaping for above ground pools, many people opt to create a sand pit. Your pool can be placed over the sand pit so that you don't damage any grass in your lawn. You could also plant some shrubs and flowers near the pool to help the pool blend into the lawn landscaping. Assemble your pool in an area that receives a lot of sunlight. This will help keep the pool's water at a comfortable temperature all summer long. You can place the pool in a few locations before filling it with water to make sure you are completely satisfied with where you have it.

Many owners build a deck around their above ground pools. A deck can give the feeling that the pool has a permanent location within your yard. A deck around your pool can also be a great place where visitors can lounge and sun tan when they tire of swimming. You could buy some lounging lawn chairs to put on the deck for extra seating. The deck can also double as a barbeque hangout if you decide to invite the neighborhood over for a grill out.