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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your Pond

If you have a pond on your property, it's a feature that can really make it more attractive. It can be your favorite place where you can go out on the boat, toss in a line, or sit back and enjoy the view. The last thing you need is the nuisance of mosquitoes to ruin your peace and quiet. Mosquitoes are more than a pesky nuisance. They can lead to serious diseases. They can also be a blemish on your property. You need mosquito pond treatment to take care of your problem.

The Sooner You Get a Handle on Your Mosquito Population, the Better
Eliminating mosquitoes is tough. They breed in water, especially water that is stagnant. Before mosquitoes are buzzing in your ear, they are larvae. Larvae survive at the bottom of your pond. It's the perfect place for them to thrive, making it extremely difficult to get rid of your problem. However, it is possible to manage the problem. You should turn to experts when you want to eliminate mosquitoes surrounding your pond.

Your pond treatment may include the addition of a bacteria that is deadly for mosquitoes while it will not hurt anything else. You can also have your pond stocked with minnows and other fish that will cut down your mosquito population. When you are proactive, you will be able to make significant headway in cutting back your mosquito population.

Take Preventative Measures to Keep Your Mosquitoes from Developing
Because mosquitoes breed best in stagnant water, consider having an aerating fountain installed in your pond to get your water moving. Once your water is circulating, the mosquitoes won't be laying eggs in your pond anymore. No more eggs mean no more larvae. You can tell your mosquitoes to buzz off. Imagine enjoying an evening by your pond without interruptions from bothersome bugs. Experts in water treatment can help you to take control before mosquitoes ruin the atmosphere around your pond. It simply takes the right approach to make those pesky insects go away.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Refreshing Our Minds

Our life is full of experiences, trials, problems, happiness, sadness that sometimes we feel that we are burden by it. Those that are working a 9-5 work at the office then it turn will be a wife/husband and mother/ father to their family once they got home can be stressful. I have a friend who juggles her office career and home life every day.

We all know that problems and excessive stress in our lives can make us sick literally. Doing things all the time can be boring as well so we need to know how to freshen our minds. Pausing from work from time-to-time can be helpful. Stretching can be beneficial as well. Listening to music can be very helpful. You can listen to calming music if you want to rest.. pop in dance music if you want to groove or play your fave musical instrument if you have time. It's never to late to learn any musical instrument as well like trying out a gibson es 137 electric guitar to bring out the rocker in you.

You can take on a hobby like writing, croeheting, photography and more. Whatever you feel like doing just to keep you relax will do good.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Finding A Dentist

Visiting the dentist on a regular basis is important for the oral health of the entire family. Offices like Park Slope Family Dentistry can provide care for both adults and children. This is sometimes a benefit so that children can see what happens during a dental visit before getting the teeth cleaned and examined.

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to finding a dentist for the family. Ask if the office will submit an insurance claim or if you need to complete the paperwork. You also need to find out if the office will accept payments or if there is any kind of insurance that the office offers for those who aren't covered.

Talk to the dentist before making a decision to allow the office to treat your family. All members should be comfortable with the dentist and the staff. If you have any concerns about the office and the work that is provided, then it's best to look for another dentist. You might have to look outside of your city to find an office that you like. Ask friends and family about the dentist they visit as they will likely give an honest review compared to some of the reviews that you might read online.

Make sure the office is located in an area that is convenient to get to either from home, work or school. You don't want to travel to an area where you don't plan on visiting just to see the dentist. You can usually find an office near a school or near other medical offices, making it easy to combine appointments if you or your children see a doctor in the same area.

Talk to the staff about any promotions for new patients or if there are any ways that the dentist shows appreciation for current patients, such as discounts on treatments or a monthly drawing for a prize. This shows that the office cares about the patients who visit, ensuring that they have the proper dental care to keep the mouth healthy while developing a relationship with each person.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Cancer Research and Development

Every time I hear the word “cancer”, I can’t help myself feel sad and afraid at the same time. We all know that the big “C” of any organs in our body is one of the leading causes of death around the world and it’s very alarming already. I have already lost 2 of my aunts (father side) to breast cancer and one of my cousins is also diagnosed with breast cancer few years back. It was devastating to hear about that news and she has gone several operations and chemotherapy and I know how hard and painful it is for the body and financial wise. I just heard that she is now in remission and the good thing is that she’s keeping a positive vibes and hopes about it.

Now, that I learned that breast cancer runs in our family, I can’t help but to feel worried as well. I still don’t have the courage to go to the doctor and have my breast check if there is a lump. I know that self breast examination can also help in detection but you see, fear is making me not to do that as well. I know it’s not a good thing to do but oh well, I’m just afraid to know. I’m sure in the coming days I’ll have an appointment with my doctor.

Anyway, I’m just wishing that there will be more medical breakthroughs in the coming years especially now that a lot of equipment or gadgets are getting more high-tech. Researchers are also doing their best to find all the cure for all types of cancers or diseases. cureLauncher helps in the research, discovery and development of drugs and to find cure for cancer and other diseases that can help all suffering patients. We can always help in our own little way and it we can always donate to cancer research that can help them continue what they are doing. In fact, they have been testing a new drug that can cure lumps or tumors of breast cancer patients that already spread in the brain.

Like we always hear, early detection of any disease is always the best for there is a big chance that it will be healed.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Objectophilia - Romantically in Love with Objects

When i first learned about this condition, I was in disbelief, I didn't know that this exist!

OBJECTOPHILIA - (Wikipedia) Object sexuality or objectum sexuality, in German Objektophilie (OS), is a pronounced emotional and often romantic desire towards developing significant relationships with particular inanimate objects. Those individuals with this expressed preference may feel strong feelings of attraction, love, and commitment to certain items or structures of their fixation.

For some, sexual or even close emotional relationships with humans are incomprehensible. Some object-sexual individuals also often believe in animism, and sense reciprocation based on the belief that objects have souls, intelligence, and feelings, and are able to communicate. Contrary to sexual fetishism, the object to an OS person is viewed as their partner and not as a means to an end to enhance a human sexual relationship.

Married to Eiffel Tower

Erika LaBrie now Erika "Aya" Eiffel, an American World Archery champion athlete married the Eiffel Tower in a ceremony in 2007. She was first attracted to a bridge in her hometown then later on fell in love with LANCE, a bow (used in archery) but later on develop a strange affection and love for the Eiffel Tower that led to their "marriage". This is a bizarre sexual behavior because she couldn't fall in love with a human being.

[caption id="attachment_2877" align="aligncenter" width="256" caption="Erika "Aya" Eiffel - married the Eiffel Tower"]Erika "Aya" Eiffel - married the Eiffel Tower[/caption]

There are also other objectophilia cases documented:
~ Eija-Riita Eklöf-Mauer - married the Berlin Wall  in 1979
Eija-Riita Eklöf-Mauer

Monday, September 10, 2012

Killing Our Feet Everday


Aren't we thankful for our hands and feet? They help us do anything in our everyday routine. Just imagine all the weight and pressure that our feet carry everyday that sometimes we tend to forget to take good care of them. We often subject our feet to danger by wearing uncomfortable, ill-fitting shoes  or shoes that give very little support and cushion that can harm our feet and eventually our health.

I feel guilty at times for there are  occasions that I wear close shoes that often hurt my toes and heels. I don't wear high-heel shoes but I have some flat shoes that often results in pain in my heels when I use it for long period of time.  Arghhh.. it's painful.  I believe the condition that I'm having is called plantar fasciitis.  I learned that using an insole is one of the plantar faciitis heel pain relief that I can use to minimize the pain that I am having. I have to look into this. Other conditions that we can get when wearing uncomfortable shoes are corns, bunions, hammer toes, clubfoot, fractures and more.

Wearing high-heel shoes may look so sexy and elegant but some women didn't know that it can cause  cause severe hammertoes, pain on the ball of the foot and other pains if you use them everyday for long hours. Ouuuchhh! It is recommended that we need to wear shoes of different heights so that our feet can also relax.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Skinny Me

Lately, I've been receiving lots of comments from friends and family that I look so thin and asking if I'm sick or what. I always tell them that I'm not dieting or wishing to be this thin and I'm not doing anything to make me look like a stick that can easily be broken into pieces. I'm guessing that I started to get thin again when I stopped drinking softdrinks and coffee. Right now, I'm trying my best to gain weight and hoping to improve my appetite.

If gaining weight is my problem, I'm sure that many of you are wishing to do the reverse. I'm sure losing weight is another big problem for many but it seems that there are many supplements or medicines to take and buy at to help weight problems.

Anyway, I'm trying to eat more lately, so the next time they'll see me, they will not notice my ectomorph body anymore.

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Sound of Water

It’s only almost lunch time but I feel a bit tired already. I have not done any hard work but my legs are somewhat tired, feels like I have walked for miles already. Hmmm.. what’s happening to me lately? I’m also getting thinner each day that some of my relatives already noticed. I’m not dieting or something and I’m not sick. Maybe I just need to pump up my eating habits or perhaps do some other mobile activities aside from chasing my lovely dog at the garage while we are playing.

Anyway, right now, I can hear the chirping of the birds outside the house. Our place has lots of trees that’s why birds love to come in our area. It’s relatively peaceful here and it’s away from the noisy and busy city life. I love it here. I’m also wishing to have a water fountain in our house because the sound of the water is also calming and relaxing. Not that I need to relax all the time but I need to do it from time to time just like right this minute when my muscles are like in rally.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Giving a Smile to Someone's Face

A friend of ours was hospitalized for a minor stroke and it was so sad to see her in a not so good condition. She's been a little obese for a long time now and that contributed to her unhealthy lifestyle and bad eating habits. She's not into healthy eating and abusing her body is not uncommon and I guess her body is just fed up with all her doings. I'm sure she'll learn from her mistake and will carry a new lifestyle now. Her doctor gave her a long list of things to avoid and do and she's been vowing not to go back on her old routine anymore now that she experienced stroke. For few days she can't speak and can move her arms a bit but with the help of her family, she managed to gain back her liveliness but not fully recovered.

Our presence and of course the gift basket that we have gave a smile on her face and I'm sure she'll recover fast as long as she'll heed all the advices from her doctor. Medicines, healthy eating, love of her family/friends, and of course prayers will greatly help her.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another Reason to See the Doctor Again

Mom's health is kinda so-so lately and it's kinda bothering. I heard her cough few times the other day and I'm praying that is only due to some food or lack of water. We had repainting done about 2 weeks ago and the smell of the paint is unbearable as well. I've been telling mom to go out of the house so she can't smell it directly. She's been a little stubborn and I guess her coughing is due to that. Oh well, thankfully I didn't her her cough today or else we have another reason to see her doctor again.

Actually her surgery on gallstones has been moved few times already and I bet she hates being admitted at the hospital and see her doctor and nurse with the medication cart in tow. I’m just wishing her good health bec. she’s already 79.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trying to be Healthy

Eversince I was diagnosed with an acidity problem in my stomach, I already heed the advice of my doctor eventhough there are times that I cheat..hehe. I was told not to drink soft drinks anymore as it can produce too much acid in much stomach. Aside from that , I also gave up drinking coffee which is a good decision that I made. It's almost a year now that I have not sipped any coffee and that is something that I'm proud of. I also ;lessen my pork intake plus I also managed to eat on time.

These days, I’m eating more healthy. I love eating papaya now and veggies. I don;t eat processed or canned food now but I still need to learn how to eat more fruits because I only love to eat papaya and banana. We also lessen eating fatty foods and those fried foods. We just use our outdoor gas grills when we want some chicken barbeque.

My 2 bros. also stopped smoking… yahoooo!!! My older got the shock of his life when he had a stroke late last year so he totally stopped smoking and eating less fatty foods. I hope we’ll be more healthy this year because it’s hard to be sick.  

Sunday, January 29, 2012

3 Ways to Cover Your Medical Expenses

There are things you can financially plan for in life such as having a baby, purchasing a home, or buying a car. Rarely do people plan for medical emergencies or medical expenses. Not planning ahead such expenses often leaves many people struggling to come up with the necessary funds to cover medical procedures or medical expenses.

If you have found yourself in a position where you need to come up with the money to cover your medical expenses or procedures, the following are three ways you can come with the cash you need.

Payday Loan Centers

Payday loan centers are a great resource for people who need cash quickly. Payday loans allow you to borrow money when you are in between paychecks. You will have to pay interest on the money you borrowed, but it is a great way to get money fast.

Applying for a payday loan is easy. You will be required to show a valid ID, proof of income, and depending upon the payday lender you may have to provide references. Most>payday advance lenders will typically approve you for a loan within 24 hours of receiving your paperwork and loan application.

No Interest Medical Credit Cards

Some credit card companies are offering a credit card that can only be used for medical expenses. You apply for the credit card like any other credit card, and will be given a credit limit for your medical expenses. Doctors and healthcare providers can put in applications to the credit card company to raise the credit limit if the medical procedure or expense exceeds the credit limit on the card. People who put medical procedures on this credit card will have up to a year to pay off the balance before they are charged interest.

Selling Personal Items

Selling personal items through a pawn shop or website like eBay can help you get the money you need to cover your medical expenses. Depending upon the items you are trying to sell you can get hundreds of dollars that you can put towards a medical procedure or medical expenses.

Popular items to sell include:
• Video Games
• DVDs
• Computers
• Clothing
• Books
• Old Toys
• Other Electronics such as TVs, DVD Players, and eReaders

Encountering medical expenses that you haven’t financially planned for can be frustrating and stressful. Applying for a payday loan, selling personal items, and using a no interest medical credit card, can help you come up with the cash you need to cover you unplanned medical expenses.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No Lead Please

My brother owns an electronic shop in our neighborhood for many years now. He employs 3 other technicians in his small shop and fortunately, they gained a lot of customers through the years. I was a bit concerned for them right now upon reading some news about lead poisoning. I quickly remember that they are using lead for their soldering purposes and actually it's poisonous. They are using it everyday and I guess it can or have already affected their health.. Oh no...

I was relieved to know that there are actually lead-free solder that they can use to minimize the health hazard. I need to recommend this to my bro asap.

No More Coffee For Me

MY SIL was teasing me and handing over her coffee this morning when she had breakfast. I quickly told her that I hate the smell of her coffee (i think it was a 3-1 instant one) and it's not like the coffee that I used to love before. I've stopped drinking coffee since February this year and I am amazed that I have not tasted a drop since then. wahooooo!! I'm not even tempted to make a cup of coffee for myself for I am not excited anymore to drink it. My doctor asked me not to drink coffee anymore as much as possible so as to relive the sourness that I'm feeling in my stomach.

Since I followed her advice, my stomach has gone better. With that result, I vowed not to drink any coffee anymore even if someone asked me to drink some. Yey for me!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Dangerous Side Effects of Actos

There's no doubt that having diabetes is a very fatal disease for it can bring lots of complications to any patient. I have an aunt who just recently died due to complications of her diabetes. Unfortunately her sugar levels was uncontrollable already and it made her half blind and week. Aside from that she still has high blood pressure. It's so sad to know that diabetes is a very hard disease to treat.

For some patients, their doctors might give them Actos drug but lately, it was found out that this drug is causing dangerous side effects to patients. As a result, lawsuit are filed by those that have been affected by this. If you are taking Actos and acquired cancer of the bladder, then by no means contact a lawyer that can help you take legal action against the manufacturer of the said drug.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

When Medicines Pose Danger to our Health

Getting sick is no fun and that is why we always wanted to seek the help of our doctors to cure our ailment. Our health is very important and precious but sometimes there are medicines that can do more harm than good to our body.

I learned that Crestor, a drug that was given to patients with high total cholesterol and such has been found out that it has serious side effects.  Side effects include heart failure and heart attacks to patients. As a result many people have been aware of these bad side effects and been filing cases that is known as Crestor lawsuit. If you've been affected by this drug, dont fail to seek legal help 'so you'll be compensated over the injury that you got .

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Quick and Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas

We have often heard people say that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Health experts advised that it is one meal that should not be missed, as it will help your body sustain the activities of the day. From the name itself, it means that this meal breaks the fasting that our body underwent for being in sleep for more than 6-8 hours. After dinner, food has already been digested while asleep and so it is important to break that fasting and eat in the morning so our body has something to depend on to last through the day.

Most often than not, a lot of us just skip breakfast or since people are always in a hurry, they just end up drinking coffee or eating foods rich in preservative like cup noodles or processed food that is easy to fry like hotdogs and ham.

But lack of time shouldn’t be a reason that can keep individuals from eating a healthy breakfast. There are a number of food choices that is very easy to prepare while at the same time can provide the vitamins and energy that the body needs for the whole day’s worth of activities.

Here are some healthy breakfast ideas that is quick and easy to prepare:

1. Healthy Juice. Too much caffeine is bad for your health so instead of drinking coffee, you can drink juice like Monavie’s healthy juice drink made from Brazilian’s acai berry. This healthy juice contains antioxidant that rids off harmful toxins from the body. It also has a lot of health benefits like reducing the risk of heart diseases, delays the ageing on skin, aids in good digestion and many more.

2. Cheese or Yogurt mix with fruits. Fresh fruits are a very healthy food that is rich in vitamins and minerals that is why it is also a best choice for breakfast. Mix it with yogurt or cottage cheese and it will make your meal even more exciting to eat.

3. Cereals. Choose those that are rich in fiber and protein. Simply mix it with your favorite milk and voila, an easy to prepare but healthy breakfast is served.

4. Oatmeal. Just like yogurt, you can make your oatmeal more enticing to eat by adding milk and fruits like berries, bananas, apples and more.

5. Breakfast Parfait. This is another no effort meal and can be done by adding granola bars (which can be easily bought in the supermarket) or cereal, yogurt and fruits in a bowl.

6. Eggs. There are plenty of ways that you can cook an egg – boiled, poached, fried. Your microwave can be a good friend too as you can easily make egg omelette by mixing egg, milk, vegetables, cooked meat, seafood, and cheese. In less than 2 minutes, you can have freshly cooked omelette in your breakfast nook.

7. Breakfast Shake or Smoothie. It is very easy to make a smoothie. Just choose any flavor of yogurt or ice cream, and then just add milk or fruit juice and fresh fruits and you now have a delicious smoothie.

8. Waffles. Waffle batter is readily available or you can even make your own the night before and just put it in the refrigerator and it is ready to be cook the next day. With the help of tools like electric waffle iron, making waffles for breakfast is just a few minutes away.

9. Toast or Bagel with Natural Peanut Butter. Use wheat bread if you are conscious of your calorie intake and spread natural peanut butter which contains healthy fat with no preservatives,

You may be on the go but that shouldn’t stop you from having a healthy breakfast, and with some of these healthy breakfast ideas in mind, you will never start your day with an empty stomach again.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When Medicines Also Become the Reason for Having another Ailment

All of us take medicines to cure our disease or ailments but what if that drug that your doctor prescribed is the cause of your new ailment? Wow that would be unacceptable if that happened to me. I remember taking a medicine that my doctor prescribed for my stomach problem but when I noticed changes in my body and different side effects, I immediately stopped taking it. My doctor in turn prescribed another medicine when I told her about the side effects.

Some drugs don’t really show side effects instantly but when used in prolonged periods of time, it may become destructive just like what Actos has done to a lot of diabetic patients.

Actos, is a medicine given to patients with diabetes and it is taken orally. It was approved as a diabetic drug but recently, studies showed that Actos have been causing serious side effects to a lot of patients. Patients showed signs of heart failure, heart attack and there’s even bladder cancer. This is very alarming and as a result, in France and Germany, Actos drug is pulled out from the market already and manyActos lawsuit have been field already. In cases where defective products are found, it’s always best to take legal action. O'Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath law firm has product liability attorneys that can help clients in their legal battle.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Praying For Speedy Recovery

We’re so shocked last Tuesday when my oldest brother was rushed to the hospital by my other bro and her wife. He is apparently experiencing some chest pains and dizziness and when he can’t take it anymore he asked my bro to rushed him to the nearest hospital.

It was found out that he had a mild stroke and that he needs a change in eating and living lifestyle now. He loves coffee (too much of it actually), pork with fats, cigarette and staying up late at night and all of these are the reason why his health is failing recently. We love having bbq on our electric grill sometimes on weekends and he is the one who keeps on telling to us to have liempo, tenga ng baboy (pork’s ears), and even crispy pata. Oh dear.. now his body is asking him to slow down.

We’ve been asking him to also stop smoking as it is really not good for the health and we always remind him that our dad succumbed to cardiac arrest too when he was only 55 so he better take care of his health now if he wants to live longer. I guess he’ll heed our advices.

Right now, he’s out of the hospital and recovering at home. He needs to take all his medicines and consult another doctor soon.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hormones Tumbling Up and Down

Oh dear, it’s the time of the month again when I feel worst. I’m kinda hard to deal with, often irritable, emotional and feeling achy and bloated. I find it hard to decide on some important matters as I’m impulsive or often fickle minded.

Tsk, tsk.. blame it on my hormones. I guess many women can relate with me and wish this will pass in just few days but for me, it will take about a week before my period and few more days after it was gone.

My cravings for sweet and salty are intense too that’s why I buy loads of junk foods (yay) and cakes that I can eat anytime I want.