Monday, May 31, 2010

Time to be Thrifty

These days eventhough I'm earning quite well, I can't seem to overspend or indulge in too much materials things because I'm not really that time of a person. I may buy one or two expensive bags, which is my weakness, I can never buy left and right on things that seems not so important. Sayang ang pera hehe.

I know that money will not be free flowing all the time so I might as well save and save for the future. Probably save it to get health insurance since I don't have any family of my own. I'm just too sad to hear and see that some mommies are spending too much on some things that I see not urgently needed when in fact they can save it for their children's studies. Oh well, to each its own. I in turn salute mommies or homemakers who put their children and their living needs on top of their priorities.

Save some penny today.

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