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Monday, April 2, 2012

Change Yourself

This is very inspirational but bit hard to do actually. There are things about myself that I wanted to change but having hard time to do. I even promise myself to change for the better but nothing really is happening. I guess I should do that step by step and not change myself drastically.

There are times that I feel stuck, sedentary and not growing and these feelings are actually inspiring me to change for the better.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An Inspiration to Others

I always love watching shows that can inspire me and give hope and lessons not just to me but to all people that watches that show. QTV 11 has so many shows like that and if I catch them on TV when I’m free, I’m always glued to watch that show.

One particular episode that I will not forget is about those blind people trying to fit in the society. At first, you’d think that they are too “kawawa” in the society for they don’t have eyes to see and that they always need assistance wherever they go but little did we know that there are those that blind people that can do almost all the things that we normal people can do.

They also have special school that they can enroll where they can learn how to read, write and can mingle with other blind people. It was heartwarming to see them so dedicated and so alive in wanting to learn and they are even more optimistic than others. They are inspiration to others because despite they disabilities they know how to be optimistic and know how to learn to do things on their way.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Doing What We Love

Have you ever experienced doing a work or a job that you hate or don’t like and you found yourself whining? Well, that definitely happened to me. We had this business a long time ago where my mom decided to set up. I didn’t agree with it and eventhough she knows I’m against then, she still pushed through with it and had me manage it. Ahhh.. It was the worst job I had and mom often hears me complain so she decided to discontinue with it.

We talked and told her that I have no passion for it and I’m not happy doing it. After that she understands where I’m coming from and these days, she’d ask me first if want to do a certain job or business before we sink our teeth on it. You see, when you love what you are doing, it will not become a work anymore because you enjoy. If you have a passion for music and you’re put into designing industry or something, chances are you’ll end up not performing well.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Inside All of Us is HOPE

This is yet another wonderful message that we all can heed. I think that no matter what we are going through we should not lose hope. All we need is have a little faith and hope for the best. If you didn't get the job that you desire it's must be because something greater is bound to come to you.

Just in case you're battling with weight issues, just think that there are many ways on how you can conquer that. Just be determined and be focus for you can exercise, live a healthier lifestyle, check out the best weight loss supplements that you can find online. Do your part and get moving for there's hope.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Being Generous

I have always admired my mom for being generous and giving to all of us, her children. There are times that I know that she is giving so much already and spoiling one of my brother. She is quick to his rescue and often tells me that we should give to those that need and every time I hear that I'll just shut my mouth and erase my enviousness. Mom is always helpful to the point that she's almost abused and always leaned on everytime but I know how mothers are, they just can't take for granted a child in need.

Aside from that, our helper, who's been with us for over a decade already also receives blessing from mom from time to time. He is working at a construction site but since he can't find construction jobs these days, mom are ready to call him to work some few things in the house. Just like today, he is called to clean the backyard, check on our roof and other minor house maintenance just to give him a little job. When he's about to leave, food, rice and money are given as well. I hope I can be as generous as my mom.

Do What Makes You Happy


I reckon that happiness comes from doing what you love. Whether you love being a doctor, a dancer, singer, a writer, blogger, waiter, policemen or just about any profession, if you love and have passion for it then go for it. Keep doing what makes you happy and enjoy the most.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

12 Things to Remember: An Inspirational Video

I was deeply moved by this inspirational video, it almost got me into tears last night while watching it. Made me think the wrong decisions I made in the past and all the opportunities that I should have embraced while I was still young. Oh well that's life.

This video is so inspirational please do watch it.

Difficult People Teach Us Tolerance and Acceptance


God wants you to know ... that difficult people are very important, - they teach you tolerance and acceptance.
If all was going your way all the time, you would become a spoiled child, wouldn't everyone? Difficult people are just one of the ways God teaches us to expand beyond our egos and accept other perspectives on life.

~ This is the message of God for me today.....I hear you God!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Valuing Education Despite Being Disabled

I was struck by a story that I watched about few nights ago on TV. A girl with so much physical disability after getting disease during her highschool days.  Instead of just giving up or just crying of what happened to her, she literally lifted herself with the help of her friends and family.

She accepted wholeheartedly her disease or inability to walk because of muscle dystrophy on her lower extremities. She;'s now continuing to study with the help of some friends and through her computer and it may seem impossible but she wanted to finish college and landed a job. I guess an online work will be best for her bec. she doesn't need to go out.

Every time I hear stories like this, I can't help but to be glad and wish that all students will do good in school. There are those who are poor or disabled like her but she has the passion or the will to learn. On the other hand, there are rich kids who have all the money in the world to pay for their tuition fees but they seem to lack enthusiasm to study. Too bad for them, they didn't know how important education is.

Let this story inspire others as well.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

All About Fescue Grass

Used all around the world for its durability and resilience, fescue grass is an amazing thing. Fescue grass actually refers to a group of types of grass used for ornamental landscaping because they can handle being in either direct sun or complete shade - which makes them perfect for areas needing smooth and even grass surfaces such as golf ranges.

When in very extreme temperatures, fescue simply goes dormant until the weather improves. Originally taken from Europe in 1800, the two oldest varieties of fescue are Kentucky-31 and Alta. Fescue grass is generally grown and kept at two inches tall. It flourishes in heavy rainfall climates and survives harsh dry spells with ease. Deep roots and thick growth help fescue survive and maintain its color. Its thick stems will often smother weeds such as dandelion.

Fescue works well as pasturing or turf grass as it is thick and easily cared for. You can choose from many varieties of fescue, but the most commonly used types are simply tall fescue and turf-type fescue which is shorter and even more durable. You can buy fescue as plain seed, in a blend or even as sod ready to be laid down to make that perfect lawn.

If you start with seed, remember to plant the seed in softened soil and gently cover it with a light sprinkle of soil. Fescue is best when planted in the fall and spring in warm soil at a rate of 4 pounds of seed per 1000 square feet.

Laying sod is very simple. Choose the area you want to cover with grass and level it. Keep the ground wet as you lay down the sod and water it often to make sure the ground stays moist until the sod takes hold. Dry ground will make it hard for the sod to grow and may even kill it.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Don't Quit

A quick break from work and I always love listening to music or reading inspiration thoughts. Here's a a video that I found in Youtube and it's about a Don't Quit Poem. Something inspirational  and teaches how not to quit easily when we have problems. I hope  someone will be inspired and be touched by this. Watch the video.