Monday, May 24, 2010

WSOP Player Spotlight: Phil Gordon

You have to wonder sometimes if there's something lucky about the name "Phil" when it comes to poker. After all, with so many big name Phils in the professional poker field today (Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, and Phil Laak to name a few), it seems like it may be more than just chance. There may be no one better to tell you about it than Phil Gordon. His ability to teach, act as a commentator, and player poker successfully are all noteworthy hallmarks of his success over the years.

Gordon graduated with a degree in computer science and went on to work with a company known as Netsys Technologies. Netsys was bought out by Cisco, and Gordon's ground floor position in the company allowed him to become a literal millionaire, freeing up his time so that he could focus on things that were more important--like poker. He began traveling the world, playing the game, participating in more tournaments, and steadily progressing up the brackets of major tours.

Gordon placed fourth in the 2001 WSOP, narrowly missing his chance at the bracelet but building his poker winnings even further. He made two additional final tables in the WSOP over the next few years, and placed well in World Poker Tour and other events. His live tournament winnings as of the end of 2009 exceed $2 million, but this isn't the only way that Gordon makes money with poker.

The name Phil Gordon is familiar to many spectators of poker simply because he's a frequent commentator for major events. He also frequently hosts poker television shows (including invitationals, showdowns, and long term television series). This same skill has allowed him to teach. He offers high quality one-on-one teaching, including a poker boot camp, and gives advice through published books on poker.

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