Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Car Allowances for Employees

Just some of the plus side working in a big company is that they are giving away lots of incentives to their employees especially to those that they know deserve it because of their hard work. Car Allowance is one of them and it is usually given to their employees whose work requires them to be out on the road to do business for the company. It is but so practical to give them car allowance and just let them reimburse all the expenses like gasoline to their employers.

Providing car allowance to their employees will be beneficial to both the employees and the employer. The mobile employees will be more inspired to work but all employers also hope that they will use the car for business only.

Companies should also safeguard themselves from their employees' abuse on car allowance so they need to have a program where they can monitor all the reimbursements, travel history and more on all their mobile employees. The Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc., can help these companies in tracking all of their vehicle’s on the road and calculate the rates of reimbursements and can somewhat minimize the use of vehicle for personal usage.

With the CRS program the companies are rest assured that they will deliver fair and accurate calculations on all your car reimbursements.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Going Back To Normal ...

I visited my bestfriend Race tonight after closing my shop to know how is she and her family doing after Typhoon Ondoy. Their town is badly hit and I was shocked to hear that the flood waters came inside their house almost hitting their light fixtures up the ceiling. Yay it was nearly neck deep so they have no option but to stay at their second floor.

She did all her best to put some of their furniture and other belongings on the next floor to prevent them from getting wet. The sofa, her refrigerator and other stuff was so heavy to be carried so she left it there and it all got wet.

Eventhough they lost some items what matters most is that they are safe and not hurt. They still have no electricity since Saturday so it's pretty hard for them and the kids. I am sure things will be going to be back to normal soon with the help of the Lord.

Monday, September 28, 2009



Helps Are Pouring In

I can't help but to tune in on TV to know more updates about how massive and vast Typhoon Ondoy made to our country.  I love watching the news from Channels 2 and 7 and see how they a lot of efforts in collecting all the donations whether it be cash, goods, or just merely helping in repacking the goods. Telethons are on-going and they are still receiving pledges and donations.

You can also donate directly at RED CROSS. You can either send thru bank cask or check and more and since Sunday helps are pouring in.

In my area we are not greatly affected so we are very thankful for that but I have some friends who are living in so much affected areas. I'm trying to contact them through text but they are not replying so I don't know how they are doing. Life has to go on for most of us so i have to check on this mortgage life insurance rates that I need peruse and I hope the floods will subside soon. I am seeing the sun shining right now and I hope all families will be rescued as well.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

So Many Helpless

This typhoon Ondoy is really unforgettable for most of us Filipinos. It has left many homeless, killed so many lives, babies and adults hungry for food while others are still unrescued on top of their roofs. As of this writing in some areas there are still floods and rescuers could not even get inside the subdivisions to give help.

It's heartbreaking as I watch the news on TV, I can't help but to shed a tear or two. We are still very lucky from where we are right now eventhough we are stranded and I walked in the floods to go home bec. I still have a home where we can sleep and food to eat. Many are sick and helpless and govt and non-govt. organizations are doing their best to help the victims. There also lots of donations like food and money coming in to help

I know we'll all rise from this nightmare that we have experienced and wish all the victims will not lose hope living and wishing for a brighter tomorrow.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bad Net Connection

Yet another on and off internet connection. I guess you must have been reading about my rants about this on my other blogs. Why not? It’s annoying!! Even if I blame my ISP nothing will happen really I guess, the rains just make it worst. I will just rant here so I can release my anger. How can I work smoothly when website pages won’t load properly?

I am thankful that I don’t have an expiring task or else I will be whining more and more. Right now, I need to keep my cool and add more patience.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

10 Things I Need to Plan For

10 Things I Need to Plan For
1. Gotta save more for our HK trip
2. I need to go to my dentist but I've been putting it off for a while, I need to see her for my teeth's maintenance.
3. I also need to plan or schedule my salon visit. My grey hairs are so aweful already so I need some hair coloring.
4. Keep my beauty regimen on my list. I am not getting any younger so I better look into this best wrinkle cream review site that can eventually help me is choosing one.
5. My SSS contribution, I need to continue it so I'll receive pension when I get old.
6. My birthday wishlist
7. My Christmas wishlist
8. My online and offline business
9. My scrapbooking layouts
10. I need to plan how I can put all the photos I have in one nice album quickly hehe.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Many Things I Love about Blogging

I started blogging in Jan of 2005 and since then I have shared lots of thoughts, experiences on my personal blogs. I also have blogs with different niches like digital scrapbooking and photography for my hobbies, tech stuff and other ideas. I also have a recipe blog which only update if I have time to put the recipe.

I also have shopping and entertainment blog where I can show off my fave things about shopping, fashion and style. Celebs are also great to talk about and gossip about them. I also have this blog where I occasionally rant or vent some of my frustrations hehe. Just like now, I have this zits on my forehead and on my chin and I was bothered by it once again. I have a cream that I used on it and it's doing good and I am still lucky bec. I can still cure it but for those that can't will have to find the best acne treatments in the market.

I am not sure if I will add more blogs as of now because I have several already but who knows, I might just make another one. Oh no!

It's Hard to be Obese

I was watching Salamat DOC, a local health TV show about 2 weeks ago and they’re topic is about Obesity. It was so alarming also that even kids are being diagnosed at obese and some parents didn’t even know it because all along they know that their child was healthy bec. it is fat and that is wrong thinking. Not all fat kids or even adults are healthy; in fact those that are way too fat are at risk of high cholesterol or even having a heart attack.

There are many means of reducing weight or fats in our bodies. Aside from exercise and healthy eating some may even resort to have those best appetite suppressant but this should be taken or considered under your doctor’s supervision.

Kinda Slow

It's a holiday here bec. it's the end of Ramadan for Muslims.

Eventhough it's a holiday it's still an ordinary day for me. I stayed at home this morning hoping to finish some works but I have to deal with other stuff so it delayed my blogging. I went to my shop at round 2 pm and that is the only time I had my lunch. I was so hungry that I ate like a pig lol.

I was a bit slow today as if I am disoriented.. I dunno but I feel like sluggish or my brain is still dead. arghh

My Five Favorite Drinks

Give Me Five of your favorite drinks.

1. Water

2. Coffee with milk

3. Iced Tea

4. Coke (but i'm coke free for 3 weeks now! Hooray!)

5. Pineapple juice, though I became acidic while drinking this, must be because I drink too much of it before.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Good Help For Patients

We all know how hard it is to be sick and if we are old. We always hope that there is someone nearby that will take care of us when we are not in our best of health. Thanks also for medical equipments that help patients or individuals that have difficulty in moving around. For those that have arthritis or hip problems goin’ to the toilet can be a painful move esp. when they will seat on the regular bowl. Thanks to the inventor of toilet seat riser because they can use it with ease. You can purchase them at Allegro Enterprises, Inc., at their online website. Aside from that they also have other medical equipments like heart monitor, blood pressure apparatus and lots more.

I'm A Life Blogger

I have multiple blogs of my own that also have different topics or niches but most of the times I blog about life and everything that is happening around me. I took this quiz and here's the result

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.

If it happens, you blog it. And you make it as entertaining as possible.

You may be guilty of over-sharing a bit on your blog, but you can't help it.

Your life is truly an open book. Or in this case, an open blog!

Getting Ready

Oh dear..... the elections next year are drawing near and many politicians are already moving and showing themselves more to the people to get their votes. The info ads that they have on TV are so obvious eventhough they will say its not a campaign ad. Funny thing is that one of our local politician here already gave us some stickers but no way I can plaster it in our house or store this early and also I am not sure yet if i will vote for them.

I know this will be a great fight for the presidentiables and i hope that there will be no troubles and bad incident that will happen.

Good Asset

My friends and I have been talking about what other business should we take into to give us more earnings and for our sideline. Some wanted to have a clothing business since they like fashion, other have been interested in bakery since she wants to cook and bake, while others want to deal with realty and or gold business.

Whatever we want to deal with we need to be passionate about it. Gold are good investments these days as we know gold are precious and it maintains its value or worth in the market. Monex Grp. of companies also buy and sells gold and other precious metals in coins or bullion and if you are an investor having gold is a good asset.


Sorry I have to rant here for a while. We have a photocopy machine here at our shop and yesterday I photocopied soem papers from an elementary teacher. I totaled it and cost about P96 but she told me he rmoney is not enoug to pay for that and told me she will just get money at the school and she will be back.

At 1st she wanted to leave her cellphone unit to me to reassure me that she will come back. I didn't accept it coz I believe she will return the money back since she's a teacher so I trusted her. It was evening already and i closed my store and she didn't even come back. The price maybe too small but the point is her honesty. She is NOT honest and don;t have one word and I HATE it.. Sorry for the vent

Friday Fill-Ins #142

1. My (Our) car is our means of transportation everyday.
2. The Amazing Race season 15 is coming up next.
3. Lately, things seem to be goin' on smoothly.
4. My bedroom is one of my favorite 'hiding' places.
5. What happened to you is your own will.
6. Dreaming big is not impossible!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finishing some tasks, tomorrow my plans include cleaning my room and Sunday, I want to take a break!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Honoring a Mother-to-be

Surprise your mother-to-be friend by organizing a baby shower party for her. Ask her other friends of relatives to join you in arranging and listing down  of all the necessary things you need for the party. Baby Invitations are of course not to be missed, aside from the decors, food and games.

Lists all the guests so you’ll have an idea how many to  order at so in this way you can budget. Though Cards-411 have affordable baby shower invitations, it’s always great to save so you’ll have more money to buy for other stuff. Select the invitation baby that you like, have it previewed on the instant preview features, purchase it and it’ll be shipped for free. You’ll also receive 10 free cards on this purchase.

Busy as a Bee

Wow another week..

Another blessing to embrace. I'm all busy once again and I am so thankful for that. I've been jumping from one blog to another posting so that I can finish them and not let my opps expire. Poor me I was too lazy to even go out to the mall yesterday to unwind a little bit. It was a bit cold and rainy, that's why. I just stayed at home in the afternoon. Another boring Sunday for me yesterday.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Stealing: One Long Meme (Part One)

Sunday Stealing: One Long Meme (Part One)

1. The phone rings. Who will it to be?
:: My friend
2. When shopping at the grocery store, do you return your cart?
:: No, they (the store) have  a helper to do that..
3. In a social setting, are you more of a talker or a listener?
:: Sometimes both.
4. Do you take compliments well?
:: I guess so
5. Do you play Sudoku?
:: No, but i tried it just friend my brain lol
6. If abandoned alone in the wilderness, would you survive?
:: I Hope so
7. Did you ever go to camp as a kid?
:: No, eventhough I joined girl scout
8. What was your favorite game as a kid?
:: Bahay bahayand paper dolls
9. If a sexy person was pursuing you, but you knew he was married, would you?
:: Would I have a relationship with him? .. i don't think so
10. Could you date someone with different religious beliefs than you?
:: I don’t know.
11. Do you like to pursue or be pursued?
:: To be pursued..

12. Use three words to describe yourself?
:: hard working,
13. Do any songs make you cry?
:: Oh yeah before .. One last song  by A1
14. Are you continuing your education?
:: Nope I'm going to take on further studies
15. Do you know how to shoot a gun?
:: Nope.
16. Have you ever taken pictures in a photo booth?
:: Yeah
17. How often do you read books?
:: Very very rare
18. Do you think more about the past, present or future?
:: Present and future.
19. What is your favorite children’s book?
::Cinderella’s story.
20.What color are your eyes?
:: Black brown
21. How tall are you?
:: 5’
22. Where is your dream house located?
:: located the net and magazines hehe

oops I have to cut it short already

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A New Found Hobby?

I am hoping to drop by the nearest mall tomorrow to unwind a little bit; I also need to pay my Internet provider because there’s a payment center inside the mall. Right now I am multi-tasking, blogging, surfing , EC dropping and Adgitizing. Bro, opened the other computer and he’s been looking for a new second van that we can purchase soon.

Right after his van hunting , I peeped into his computer and saw some guns and I asked him what was that and it turned out that it was an aeg airsoft rifle that he saw at Zephyr Air Soft. He must have been interested with airguns and I am guessing he want to venture into a new hobby. Oh well if that is where he’ll be happy so let it be as long as it is not illegal.



I am actually lost of words and things to blog right now but I need to ..LOL. I have been blogging non-stop and working hard since yesterday. I am just following the saying "Strike while the iron is hot", so I am working double time because I know this has good result in the end. Right now I am cramming because I still have to finish several more before it expires early in the morning. I don't want to let it expire so I will just right whatever comes to my mind right now. Sorry for being non-sense right now.. lol

I Am 50% Peaceful, What about you?

I took this quiz How Peaceful Are You? at blogthings and here is the result. Actually I don't like confrontations that and as much as possible I avoid any argument bec. it is heavy to the heart.

In general, you think the world's a pretty great place - and you're happy to be a part of it.
Sometimes you struggle with life, but who doesn't?
You are quite level headed, though you have more inner angst than you'd like.

Medical Forum

It's weekend again and perfect time to browse online. I came across this Medical Marijuana forum whilst browsing for any good finds online. I can’t believe what I read and it seems this is a forum where members can discuss and share info or experience about cannabis being used to treat certain ailments. I am not sure it is legal yet in the US to use this as a treatment and I hope medical scientists will find a way to know if this really cures bec. it is so scary when someone might get addictive to it bec. as we all know it is prohibited and can be addictive.

Be True

Thanks Che
1. Yourself ? most of the times I do but there are times that I'm belittling myself
2. Love at first sight ? Maybe for some
3. Heaven ? Oh Yeah
4. Santa Claus ? when I was a kid
5. Sex on the first date? ? hmmm no.

6. Is there one person you want to be with right now? ? None that I can think of right now
7. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life? ? I can't say I am super happy but I am happy
8. Do you believe in God ? Oh YES!

Living A Good Life

In general, I can say that my life is going very well in my opinion. I am quite happy with what I am and what I am doing right now. Although I am living a single life, there are times that I feel lonely too and that is already given but as much as possible I don't want to dwell on that much because it will only put me down. I have good friends (offline and online) and they make me sane. I am not athletic but I found my strengths in the form of art. I love digital photography and digital scrapbooking. Many years ago, I am into cross-stitching and other crafts. Those are my hobbies that keeps my mind and creativeness.

I don't drink and I don't smoke and that is something to be proud about in my opinion. I try to keep myself informed with the things that are going in our world by watching news and browsing the Internet. I do get a bit off course but usually able to get back on track easily. I am not perfect but I am proud of myself.

New Additions To the Family

Arrival of a new baby is already so fun, but how much more if it’s twins that has come? A double celebration and a double joy for the parents. Share your joys by sending birth announcements to your family and relatives. I know they are more than willing to celebrate your new found blessings.

Even if you are still busy with all the euphoria and have no time to go out yet, just open your computer and go online as there are many baby birth announcements ready to be ordered at Just choose among the wide selection of birth announcements card on their gallery, preview it before purchasing and made necessary modifications if any. Your announcements birth will be ready to be shipped  by Birth-Cards for free once it is approved. No more hassle on your part bec. it will be delivered right in front of our doorstep.

Blue Host as my Webhost

I decided to set up a new blog few months ago but still keeping my other blogger blogs with me. At first is was so daunting for me to get even started because for all those years of my blogging since 2005 I already used in blogger and i can easily redirect them to my domain names. I saw lots of my friends have Wordpress blogs as well and they have their own web hosts and I asked them if it is worth trying WP for a change and they said definitely.

So I got a this domain name that i bought at Go-Daddy and asked my techie nephew if he can accommodate my domain and my WP blog on his web server. He agreed and he set it up for me as he has BLUE HOST as his webhost provider. The great thing is that Blue Host allows multiple domains and have unlimited space and that what makes it perfect. My nephew and I have been using Blue host for a while now and so far so good. Though my nephew has the one in control with the cpanel and all, I have to say that it’s worth it to have a WP blog and hosted at blue host.

If you are planning to look for a web host why not read this bluehost review that you can read at and I know this will greatly help you in knowing more about what Blue Host is offering. You’ll also have a great chance in finding your perfect host.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Birthdays and Halloween

So it’s your birthday during Halloween. You can always enjoy even if it’s a time for scary franks. Throw a party and gather your friends. Hand them Halloween Invitation with a birthday theme and for sure they’ll be knocking at your door to celebrate with you.

These kinds of Halloween Invitations can be ordered at Just choose among their Halloween Party Invitations, put your birthday wordings and preview your Invitation Halloween before purchasing it. Don’t worry if you made a wrong entry on your party details because Invitations-Shoppe will try to modify it at no extra cost. Your invites will also be shipped for free. Happy Halloween Birthday!

Elderly Man Buried Inside His 1973 Pontiac

Wow this is interesting and very unique. Found this video : Elderly Man Buried Inside His 1973 Pontiacat You Tube and it got my attention. It is about a 90- yr. old man from Carolina who wishes to be buried in his 1973 Pontiac Catalina. He was actually at the front seat and beside him was Lonnie Holloway's collection of guns.

Would you ever consider of being buried like this?

Web Hosting Choice

I guess you remember when the beeper gadget came that it became a fad that almost everyone else want to get hold of it? As I look back thinking about it, I can’t help but to smirk for while bec. I was one of those that bought a beeper. Then came the cellphones and so on and so forth.

The use of the Internet also become widely use and in fact these days, those that have computers at their homes would see to it that they use it from simple computing, gaming, shopping, paying bills and all.

Bloggers came along just like me who enjoys writing and sharing thoughts on my little corner on the web. While those entrepreneurs find the web a very great tool in reaching out o more clients and by making their own online site or stores. But there’s more than that, creating is not just 1,2,3. it requires a careful planning and of course someone to make your site just in case you don’t know how.

You also need to have a good web host for your site and you can read reviews and learn more things about setting up your own domain at web hosting choice. it’s actually a free research guide site that can help anyone in finding the perfect host for their site. Check them out and you’ll even see the Top 10 Web Hosting Sites.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

On Their Way To Their Mansion Project

I know my online friend Mai will get to read this eventually. She always comes directly in my mind every time I get to see home constructions that are undergoing here in our neighborhood. I very well know that she and her husband are very keen on having their own house too. In fact, they are on their 1st few steps in achieving their so-called M (mansion) Project.

I will not wonder anymore why they have these feverish thoughts and desires to have to own a house because as you all know payments for apartment rentals are getting high each year. Plus, add the fact that it’s not a rent to own kind of thing wherein the money that you pay will be summed up and in no time it’ll be yours, that’s a different story already. While those that are living with their in-laws are quite difficult as well so couples as much as possible will try having their own.

We had our house built many years ago with the hard work of my parents and dad was able enough to finance the construction of it without resorting in lending money from anyone. We are lucky I guess but for those that don’t have the financial means, they should not be discouraged as there are many options where you can still achieve what you have longed for.

Home Loans are very great option and the 1st step to undertake by those wishing to start already. There are many companies like First Option and even banks these days that lend people money to use for their dream houses. Sit down with them and discuss with them your wishes and I know they will be eager to help you out as they have lots of home loan programs that will suit your paying capability. However, you should see to it that you’ll strictly allot money for your payments on your loans so that there’ll be no hassles.

Home Alone

Wow it's cold and raining and I am home alone. I started working at 8 am and now it's almost 1 pm already and I have not yet eaten my lunch. I am sooooo productive this morning as I have no destruct ions unlike when I am at m shop.  I hope I will have a day like this everyday bec. I can finish a lot.

I guess I need to treat myself with a great lunch or snack today. Now I am heading on the kitchen to grab some food I'd continue my work. This weather is so perfect as long I will not go out and get wet in the rain.

Creating Your Own Blog/Site

So have you wondered all along why do we blog and want a site of our own? I actually created my own way back in 2005 out of curiosity and when I saw an online friend of mine created her own blog. It a venue for her to talk about anything so I was encourage to do so as a place also to share my thoughts and whatever i feel like sharing about.

It was after 2 years when I decided to get my own domain and it was really exciting especially I had my name in it. I blogged and blogged for more years and here I owned several blogs like this one, now using wordpress (yeah I upgraded). I also have blogs of different formats and different hosts.

Just in case you are interested in starting your own blog or website whether personal or business you’ll find lots of website useful in choosing your hosts or blog formats. There are companies that offer domain and hosting packages that are affordable and it’s up to you to decipher each one of them. Look for host that gives a good deal with regards to your bandwidth and host space and in no time your site/ blog will be on-line too.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Have a Spooktacular Party!

Put out your Halloween costumes in your closets and prepare for a Spooktacular Paty this Oct. Need to prepare for the party? Go ahead and start now! Order your as fast as you can so you can send them out early.

Don’t worry Halloween Party Invitations are never too hard to order as you can see lots of spooky and creepy Halloween Invitations over at Just choose the designs that you like and before you purchase your Invitation Halloween, you’ll have the preview it via their instant preview features that they are offering. Modifications are allowed, in fact, you’ll not be charge for it while shipping is for free as well.

Endless Rain

It's cool and rainy today since yesterday. I want to curl up in bed and just watch my fave Tv shows but I can't, my shop is still open and I am still open  till 8 pm. I am not sure if we have a typhoon right now or it was just brought about bec. it's still rainy seasons here. I still have few customers right now and they are all busy and I can see a lot of Facebook and Friendster accounts open.

I want to see our pet dog Sophie now, I know she misses me too. I wan't to go home now! Boo!

10 Bad Habits I Can’t Break

1. Getting annoyed easily.
2. Leaving my cellphone on my bag ALL the TIME when I'm at home or in my shop that sometimes I get to read my messages so delayed and not getting some calls LOL.
3. Trying out different clothes and not returning them back in my closet (sometimes)
4. Drinking COKE (I'm 1 week free coke right now but for sure Ill get back to it)
5. Paying some of the bills a bit late
6. Teasing and annoying my 6 yr old niece hehehe
7. Staying up too late watching TV shows or doing online works
8. Hating prime time tele novelas
9. An impulse buyer sometimes
10. Being lazy to go out

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our Family Vacation Soon

As soon as September stepped in all of us became already excited as it is drawing near to December. So what's in December aside from Christmas and other holiday? It is when we're all (almost) going on an overseas trip and mini-vacation in Hongkong!!!! Yebah, the kids will surely enjoy HK Disneyland and the mere mention of Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters make their faces lit up for joy. Not only the kids but we adults are excited as well as we are targeting shopping!!!!!

I hope with the grace of God, there'll be no hassle with this trip. It's our 1st family out of the country tour and I hope in the future we'll be blessed to go somewhere else. If luck and money permits us it would be nice to go to beaches and have another family vacation once again. Just saw Karisma Hotels offer family friendly locations as well great and luxury amenities. The kids will surely enjoy their times playing on the sand making sandcastles and more.

Sumptous Lunch

I was inspired to cook again today. Mom did the marketing this morning and she bought ingredients for The Calderetang manok. Actually I was not suppose to do the cooking but mom told me to season it so I end up cooking the rest. It was delicious , of course I will say it is bec. I cooked it hehe. But seriously we had a great lunch today.

Our lunch was calderetang manok and reltyenong bangus which is cooked by my sis in law. I hope I'll be cooking once again the future.

Blessed Sunday

Blessings are really pouring in these past few days and I am so thankful for that. I just came home from the church this morning and when I opened my computer another blessings came for me. It was unexpected but I am hoping for it for a long time and now it has come. I am but so thankful for it.

It's gloomy Sunday, raining and we have a long vacation till tomorrow. I hope you all had a great weekend too!

A Halloween Night To Remember

These days Halloween Party Invitations are easy to order online, no need to go to your local printing shop to purchase some. Invites also have evolved through the years and some have personalized it by adding a photo in it.Photo Halloween Invitations are also fun to give to your guests, it may include any photo of your choice if you want to veer away from the ordinary.

Choices of unique Photo Invitations Halloween can be ordered at Their in-house designers will also gladly make an exclusive invites for your while if you have other modifications on your Photo Halloween Invitation then it will be done at no extra cost. A great deal I must say. How much more if you learn that they ship your orders on the same day your orders are approved? I know you’ll be heading at Holiday-Invitations to put an order already.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Women Always Love Shopping

When it comes to shopping women will definitely have the authority over that. So what is in shopping that we get excited? I dunno but just seeing those nice bags, clothes, shoes, watches and jewelleries , they all make us drool. Blame it on the stores that display nice things, they surely know how to capture attention of shoppers.

How much more if there are sale? Women will literally go there are hunt for those deals. We are bargain hunters by nature, we love nice pieces and we always wanted to buy again eventhough we already have a bag. When online store sprouted over the years, women have more reason to shop as they are more accessible and easy to get hold of anything in just the click of a mouse.

Friday Fill-Ins #140

Gosh It's Friday once again..... Days are coming real fast !!

1. I feel inspired to write lots of posts today.

2. SHOPPING is always fun.

3. Right now, I can hear these things: rain drops and vehicles outside.

4. I'm working hard these days and I'm glad I have more work to do.

5. The last time I cooked something special was 2 weeks ago.

6. We have nothing to do this Labor day weekend.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finishing some more tasks, tomorrow my plans include cleaning my room and Sunday, I want to go out for a change and buy a pc chair!

Witches, Vampires, Ghouls and more

Let them scare you during the Halloween night. Invitations Halloween Party will be send out real soon as the scariest Halloween will unfold right before your very eyes. Party is always fun and one of the most celebrated one these days are Halloween. Bring out your spookiest costumes and join the party.

Let ttp:// make you the spookiest and scariest party invitations Halloween cards. They have wide array of unique kids Halloween invitation and more. You can even ask their designers to make an exclusive design for you. View your Halloween invites using Invitations-Shoppe’s patented instant viewer. An added 10 free invites will also be given and shipping is for free. Such a great deal.


Friday Frustrations: Intermittent Internet Connection

ConversationsWithMoms:Every day Conversations with a Mom Blog

It was 2 days in a row when my Internet Connection at home was on and off. Thanks to Smart Bro for being like that. (sigh). It was always in the evenings when that happen and it's really annoying especially when I need to finish some online works.

I texted my friend and oh geez her connection is the same as we have the same ISP, much worst I can say since she has no net almost the whole day and it sucks. I guess we need to call their repair service for that so that they will know that their service is not good these days.

I'm lucky last night that it did not went off or else I will be furiously mad. I am guessing they are having upgrades or something

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Food Friday: Gardenia Blueberry Muffin

Project 365: Blueberry Muffin
Sometimes it's so hard to think of what to east during snack. Kakasawa na rin eh, so I decided to try Gardenia's blueberry muffin for my snack. I bought a small pack one time at the grocery and the pack includes 3 small pieces and of it and it taste quite ok but not that great. Have you tried one? Join us at Image Hosted by

Customizable Car Reimbursement System

There’s no doubt that all employers want to have a healthy and harmonious relationship between their employees. Like many employers will say their employees are their gems and will do appropriate things to keep them in their companies. Good employers always look after their employees’ welfare by giving their suitable salary and from time to time will give incentives like bonuses or rewards to those who are deserving. With these kind of approach a positive attitude will remarkably be seen among their employers thus improving their enthusiasm at work.

Most companies now have mobile employees do transact business outside their office and mostly they will offer Car allowance program to them and it will benefit both the employer and employees. Employees just need to reimburse their expenses monthly.

With multiple mobile employees, tracking their reimbursements manually one by one by the employers can be a tedious work. The Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc, a corporate reimbursement company can do all the reimbursements for your company. They are highly customizable  Car Reimbursement System that can calculate all their reimbursements, mileage history, gas expenses and all.

The employees have also the power to access their employees’ records anytime they want bec. CRS Inc will give their unique login details.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Easy to Order Baby Shower Invites

I've noticed that more and more people are having a baby shower. For those organizing one will find it a bit of a work to conceptualize a theme while others would find it difficult to make baby shower invitation of their own. Thanks to the online stores sprouting on the net today for they simply make the party organizer’s life a bit easier.

Just let do the invitation baby shower for you. Just pick among the designs that they have, preview it on their instant preview feature, purchase it and they will ship it for free. Sounds a great deal huh? In the moment that you can find a design for your Baby Shower Invitations, Cards-411 will be more than willing to create one for you. A 10 free baby shower invitations will also be added to your cart when you order. Geez.. ordering is just trouble-free.


Ten Things I Hate About Traveling

Traveling is a lot of fun especially if it is overseas because you get to see new places, meet new people, explore new culture, you get can go shopping but sometimes it is tiring. Here are the Ten Things I Hate About Traveling:
1. Not enough leg room at the airplane
2. Not been able to sleep well while traveling
3. Long lines
4. When my stuff can't fit all in my luggage
5. Rude (or not so nice) airport officials
6. The waiting (but I have to be there ahead of my flight)
7. Fully booked hotels
8. When you are seated at a not so friendly traveler
9. Lost items/ baggage
10. Takes forever to check out of immigration bec. of some people not following rules

Where Did the Days Go?

Wow, it's September 1st already and looking back days have gone by pretty fast in the blink of an eye. You know when you are busy there are times that you simply forgot the date. There's one instance that I thought it's only a Friday and to my surprise it's already a Saturday hehe.

It's been a busy August for me and I must say it's a blessed one. Lots of online opportunities came my way and I am all open arms to grab them since they don't really happen all the time. It kept me busy all the time and I am very thankful for that and all I can wish is that I will be more blessed. I am doing my best as well do make it good but there are times that I can't just figure out what to write as maybe caused by exhaustion or burned out blogging.

Now that we have entered into the "BER" months, i have ever reason to be excited again as our upcoming Hongkong trip is becoming nearer. Yiha! Aside from that my sisters overseas will come home for vacation in December and my nephews are praying hard that they will get Wii accessories as a Christmas gift. My b-day is also coming in Nov. so pretty soon I'll give myself some gifts. Yes!