Sunday, June 5, 2016

Kids and Music

These days, there's no doubt that kids want explore new things that surround them. It's always been healthy and productive for them if they choose to be active and curious all the time as their minds are being occupied with new things to learn. Making them busy by letting them play, write, draw, engage in sport, sing or play instruments cam help them a lot in improving their intelligence, self confidence and more.

It's always nice to see kids play the instrument since not all kids also like music and can play. Parents should encourage and support them in this kind of filed. Sending them to music classes can greatly help the kids to hone their skills and express themselves. You can also get them guitars piano or any musical instrument that they have interest in. If musical instruments and accessories are needed, online is a good choice to find some supplies. Find alvarez at Musician's Friend and you'll see load of guitars to choose from.

Encourage kids and even adult to hone their musical talent and who knows they might excel in this field.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Finally... my blog is back!

Oh yes! After so many months of being offline .. this blog is back and hopefully it will stay for long.

A friend of mine is hosting this blog for years now but decided she no longer can accommodate my blog so she had to give it up. Being busy and all, I wasn't able to take care of this blog for so long that it was offline for long period of time. I don;t want to give up this blog yet so I decided to  renew the domain and look for someone to host it again and thankfully, Ruby was there to help me.

Now... I am back! eventhough the post from 2013-2015 was gone.. huhuhu... maybe may backup file was no good.