Thursday, May 6, 2010

It Needs Some Tune Up

Oh dear the weather is making us crazy lately because of too much heat. Just imagine having temps from 35-37C everyday with matching humidity then probably you’ll whine as well. I just got out of the shower few minutes ago and it feels like I’m inside a hot oven in the house. We have no choice but to drown ourselves with water and turn the electric fan full blast.

Not only humans are complaining but if only machines, gadgets and our vehicles can speak then for they will say that they got hot easily when used. Just last Monday, our Toyota Lite Ace broke down while my BIL was driving it in the middle of the hi-way on their route to the mall. With so much luck, my BIL was able to drive it again and fortunately the timing belt is not the one having a problem but they've got an overheated engine which brought the aircon  to shut down as well (yay too hot!).

How’d we wish we have a brand new vehicle, a Honda Accord is not bad to consider but we still need a bigger van that will carry us all when needed. Right now, my brother will have to schedule our Lite Ace for repair and hope he’ll find one a good one bec. good mechanics and shops are hard to come by.

Our second hand van needs some check up and I just wish nothing major repair that will require us to shell out lots of money will surface.

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