Tuesday, May 25, 2010

School Time Once Again

Since I don’t have any kids going to school, I don’t feel the pressure that every parents are having right now that another school year is about to unfold. I just saw my sisters-in-law preoccupied with their children’s enrollment at school. In fact, just last Monday, my SIL bought already books after she enrolled her daughter. Since SIL is working and earning, she didn’t opt to use her payday advance for the enrollment fees but I promised her that I will be the one who will buy school supplies for her daughter and son so that it will take some load off to their finances.

My niece already knew about it she’s been telling me to get her a Sakura notebooks (her fave cartoon character) and pencils. She's not going to buy school anymore because her uncle gave her a Barbie one as a gift on her 7th birthday last May. I bet she’ll be excited to buy her school things probably this weekend or early days of June.

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