Friday, May 29, 2009

Photohunt: (My Digital Photo) Books

It's my 1st time to join this blog at Photohunters so I'm pretty excited. I want you all to see all the Digital PhotoBooks that I have made this year. I'm a digi-scrapper and photo hobbyist so taking photos is my passion and I love to scrap and made them into a book.

Here are the 4 8x8" photobooks that I have done so far and I am more in line up actually. I had it printed over at ARTSCOW , you can order there as well. You don't need to be a scrapper to have a photobook bec. they have pre-designed kits there, you just need to add your photos. ARTSCOW also have other services like photo printing and more.
See more inside pages of my SIMPLY JEN PB HERE
Micah's Phil. vacation Photobook
See more inside pages of MICAH'S PB HERE
PROJECT 365: My 3rd Photobook Arrived
See more inside pages of MY AUSSIE VACAY HERE
Project 365: My 4th photobook arrived
See more inside pages of LEI'S 18TH BDAY PB HERE

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Is This Your Baby Aunt Jen?

Every night, after dinner time, it's already my routine to go to my brother's house which is beside our house (duplex) not just to play around with our cute dog Sophie but to play with my niece Reign as well.

Knowing Reign to be so talkative and curious, I didn't marvel anymore when one night when she was about 4 or 5 at that time she asked me this:
Reign: "Is This Your Baby Aunt Jen?" (putting her head and hands on my stomach)
I laughed so loud that I replied
Me: Why do you say so?
Reign: "Look, your tummy is big and for sure you have a baby inside but where is your husband and when is your baby coming out?"
Laughing hard, I told her that I am not pregnant and what she saw is just a big tummy full of fats.. LOL !! Up to this day, she still insists that I have a baby and she even suggested names.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beware: 15 flr Octagon Building San Miguel, Ortigas Pasig City

The phone rings.... I answered the phone and I heard a male voice asking if he can speak to my niece (he stated the complete name) . Thinking it was a very important call from her University, I immediately called my niece.Minutes later, my niece who looks puzzled at that time relayed to me about who called and what they have talked about.

She told me that a certain RUSTAN MANALAD from the US Biotechnology firm located at the 15 flr Octagon Building San Miguel, Ortigas Pasig City was looking for 2-3 young professionals to help manage their business (sounds doubtful already!!).

She was asked to exchanged cellphone nos. (she gave different no.), wear business attire and go to that address in Pasig on a certain date so that they can talk about the business in details. My niece was asking more questions but the caller told it was only a 3min call.

Right after that, I told her I sense that there is something fishy here bec. since other details are not given. She was kinda baffled because the caller knows her number, her high school details and other stuff.

We immediately researched the said company but nothing appeared so we are assured that it doesn't exist. We then researched for the 15 flr Octagon Building San Miguel, Ortigas Pasig City and oh gosh there are lots results that appeared. It was actually the address of a different company. Poor thing they are using that address.

We read that they were asked to sell something or do some pyramiding schemes. Crap, good thing is that my niece didn't go there plus we'll never allow her to go there.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ok I'm not Daring

I guess its my personality, I am a little afraid to go extra mile and that sucks sometimes but hey that's me.

You Are Placid and Peaceful
It's not that you're scared of most thrills, It's just that you don't need them to be happy. You're content with life as is... no need to change it. Just make sure to let loose a little every now and then!
What about you How Daring Are You?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Charice Pempengco's "NOTE TO GOD"

I am not really a big fan of her but I can't help but to admire her because she is making a mark in the US and I guess all over the world. A 17 year old considered diva have appeared in many TV shows in the US like Ellen and Oprah that made the Phils. gloat about her remarkable fleet.

With her great talent and humble personality, I reckon that God showered her a lot of blessings that she is keeping nowadays. With the debut of her 1st International single "A NOTE TO GOD" that she sung at Oprah show last May 18th more doors will surely open again for her. With David Foster on her side I know that she'll go more places.

I just hope that she will keep her feet on the ground just what Oprah had told her. With the looks of it this little girl who loves her mom so much will spread her wings more and will soar high in the entertainment industry.

Watch her performance that made her and Oprah shed a tear, CHARICE PEMPENGCO'S NOTE TO GOD .

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Expanding Her Horizon

My bestfriend Race for over 25 years finally decided to quit her 8-5 job because deep in her heart she is not happy with it anymore. There are times we talk about it and I know she had prayed for it very hard and with so much thinking and weighing the pros and cons, she finally decided to quit her work. Although she still works part time she is not tied on her waist, which she has longed for.

She has many things on her mind right now like putting up her own business so that she can be her own boss. Now she has also lots of time spent with her kids, I can sense that she is happy and ready to take a plunge on the next chapter of her life.

I reckon she will be adjusting from a full-time career woman to a semi-working and plain housewife but knowing her, she can do it in a snap and with flying colors. I just hope when all the things are settled, she'll be able to do the thing that she really most wanted to do. A firm believer, noble server of God that she is, I know that her faith will strengthen her more.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

To All the Mommies Out There

Image Hosted by
This is your special day today, so relax and enjoy the day!

We all heard the 10 am mass at the church this morning then later on had lunch. It was actually a very simple celebration. My sister in law cooked the BAKED HONEY SPARE RIBS and since we don't have an open, they just cooked it at the turbo broiler and the result was at least the same.

I in turn cooked 2 very easy shrimp recipes that I saw online. The buttered shrimps and the garlic shrimps. It was so simple and very easy to cook so made it after coming from the church. I also made a fruit salad that I made last night. We all had a feast and of course I will say my that my cooking is best..LOL.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm Losing Space

I opened my MY COMPUTER today and holy molly, there is a red sign on my hard drive already. It means that my HD space is about to lose space because I only have 160GB of space. I've been uploading photos each day because I have a Project 365 - photo a day and no doubt that is the reason why is my hard drive is filling up so quickly. I need an External hard drive already.

I am asking friends about what brand to purchase and I have been looking and researching online too and it looks like that Western Digital is a good choice. I am going to buy and I hope soon.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Manny Pacquiao wins against Hatton

Wow.. I can't believe my eyes with what I have seen... RICKY HATTON was down literally knocked out after a left punch of Manny Pacquiao hits him. It was only second (2nd round)!! What a great fight that is!! I was at the edge of my seat while watching with my family. We could not wait for the delayed telecast on TV so we decided to watch it online eventhough it has lag time.

The fight of Ricky “Hitman” Hatton VS Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao was held at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada USA today Sunday May 3, 2009 (PHil. Time) but May 2, 2009 US time .