Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Converting our Bedroom Into a Comfort Zone

Nothing beats a bedroom when it looks so inviting to relax and sleep. For many of us our bedroom serves our haven after hard days work in the office or doing the household chores and being a full time wife and mother.

If we want to convert our bedroom into a comfort zone, we always need to invest in good quality beddings. I know, some beddings can be a little pricey but you’ll get what you pay for when you know the fabric used and its quality. Choose the colors and styles that will match your whole room but it’s always best to choose classic designs and colors that will last for years.
One of the bedroom accessories that you need to consider buying are Goose down duvets, which are like blankets filled with soft luxurious white goose down clusters. They are perfect for cold weather and will make you more comfortable and warm. You can order online at The White Company for they offer heaps of classy and quality bedroom items.

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Baby is Coming Soon

Aside from having online friends who are also going to give birth in few months time, my distant cousin S. is also going to have her new baby girl by the end of this month or early November. It’s their 1st baby and just like any new mommy, she and her husband are pretty much excited to see their gift from heaven. A dream that they wanted to have since they got married 5 years ago. Now, that she is coming not only the couple are excited but also us their relatives.

Anyway, I’m praying for her safe delivery and I know that the baby will make them more happy and complete family. I guess I’ll send a cookie bouquet when they arrive home from the hospital and I’m sure she’ll love this unique gift of mine that can be eaten. 


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Preparin' for the Holidays

Wow, it's more or less 73 days left and Christmas time once again. Actually, I have started ordering online some of my small gifts for some of my relatives and I'm very sure that it will arrive right in time for the holidays even though it will come from Hongkong. I have not thought of putting up a Christmas tree because it's too early yet but there are some who have already started to decorate their house.

I think I’m  making or ordering holiday cards online for I want to send personalized cards this year to my relatives most especially those that are already residing overseas. I know, some of you just prefer e-cards but I reckon it’ll be more special if they will receive physical Christmas cards.

What about you, have you started preparing for the holidays??

Friday, October 7, 2011

Remembering My College Friends

I had a little time the other day and so I'm off to arrange some stuff in my room and in the living room. It was nostalgic while I'm running through some old photos of mine way back in college and it brought so many beautiful memories that is already kept in my mind. The days with my friends in 2nd college are just some of the best. Some of them were already doctors while others have different careers just like me, 1 passed away about 3 years ago (sad) while I have no contact with others. Can't seem to find them on Facebook too.

Anyway, I also remember my dearest friend college when I transferred to a new university and now she is working in Canada in one of the hospitals there as a Medical Technologist. We have not spoken for a long time but I was so surprised to get a FB message from her the other day asking me how am I doing etc. She was so busy with work and because they have transferred to a new house. I replied to her message but I’m not sure when will she be able to read and replied to it because she’s too busy with work.

I will not wonder anymore if one day, she’ll land one of those  Quality Assurance Director Jobs in the healthcare department for I know she is very dedicated to her work and would love to expand her career. Just hoping that one day she’ll come home for a vacation so we’ll catch up on each other again just like the good old days.