Saturday, February 13, 2010

Read My Mind

~I’m tired of: annoying, non-sense and hard to teach people
~I am listening to: Bubbly on YouTube
~Maybe I should: eat more veggies now
~I Wish: I will always stay in good health
~Chocolate is: fave of my mom, brothers and almost all my family, except me because I always ends up having zits. Yeah you read it right most especially if there is nuts on it. I'm allergic to nuts and if that happens I'm always on the lookout for the best acne treatments that I can get.
~I last ate: a banana.
~Right now I'm craving: for grilled chicken
~Love is: something to share
~Today: I'm going to have a blog marathon. Good luck to me hehe!
~Tomorrow: After the mass and lunch, I will just stay at home and work, work and work

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