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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jobs for Physical Therapists

Medical profession is a very noble job. One must not only like the field but needs to have passion over it for it includes intervention with patients that needs special medical care. Just one of the most in demand career in the medical field is physical therapy. I have a distant relative who is a PT in the US and I heard that she is doing well financial wise and of course, fulfillment in her chose career.

Lifestyle is rapidly changing and some patients may succumb to different health injuries that need special attention and care by physical therapists. They are professional health workers that assist patients and help patients to recover from their disabilities. Those disabilities can either be due to accidents, recent heart attack, disabling arthritis and other causes.
Those that have limited ability to perform physical functions can seek the help of a physical therapist that can aid them to perform physical activities, mobility tasks etc. that can help them recover from their injury. Physical therapist will make it sure that you’ll get the proper treatment and procedure that is appropriate to your physical limitations. They will do their very best to give your mobility back, relieve pain and even bring your lifestyle. That is of course with your full cooperation.

Jobs for physical Therapists are in demand these days and if you’re qualified and an experienced PT professional, Soliant can match your professional skills with hospitals or other medical facilities where you can work, improve your skills and practice your profession.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Career Change

Thanks to YM and social networking sites that let me communicate faster to my relatives most especially those that are already living in other countries. Not it can only made communication easier but it makes it more affordable since we can minimize calling on the phone because we can talk via Skype or YM chats for hours.

Anyway, talked to my cousins one weekend and I was more than happy to see them once again and talk about our lives. It’s always heartwarming to know that they are still much Pinoy inside even though they have lived there for over 2 decades already. Some have changed careers, from a corporate employee to a nurse. It was amazing to know that they have found their passion already.

Another cousin has been working in a company is also thinking about shifting too. It looks like that she loves fashion and beauty and that she wanted to go back to school. I’m sure she’ll do good on it most especially if she’ll put her heart and mind over it.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Becoming a Nurse

There are still many students taking up nursing to become nurses and work abroad. We can’t hide the fact that nurses’ salary if you’re working in the US and other country is incomparable than the salary you’ll get when you work here. I also noticed that nursing uniforms have been upgraded in the recent years. Gone are the days when they can only wear white uniforms because colored ones are acceptable in many departments in hospitals.

Working in a hospital where it can be very busy and tasking, a comfortable uniform and shoes is what nurses have to have.

I have many relatives and friends that are nurses and I believe that aside from wanting to earn more, they wanted to hone their profession and share their knowledge in health care.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Find Your Calling

I’ve always believed that when you love what you are doing, you’re very eager to wake in the morning and do what ever makes you happy. If you’re at a work but your heart is not there, you’ll feel it is a burden and obviously you’ll not work well. We all need to find our passion and what makes us happy for success will just come instantly.

If you love cooking and have passion for it but you’re in a corporate world chances are you’ll switch career to make you happy. I have known many people who have given up their former career to do what they wanted all those years. They have found their calling and passion and they’re pursing it now. If you’re leaning towards health care careers while serving patients and those in need, then go for it. As long as you’re happy and it’s your calling, then nothing should hinder you from doing that.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Her Mommy Duties

Saturday is always the day where my SIL usually do their laundry. Since she is too meticulous when it comes to how their clothes are washed most especially the white uniforms of her kids, she decided not to hire a laundry woman to do the job. She wants to do it by herself so that she'll sure it is clean according to her standards.

She's a semi-SAHM mom because she also works twice a week in the office and don't have a househelp so she has no other choice but to do all the house chores. With all the mommy duties that she needs to fulfill, sometimes it leaves her with aching joints and muscles and might already need a msm supplement or increase her calcium intake to keep her going. Sometimes, I want to salute mommies our their who'll do anything for their family.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

No One Followed Her Profession

My mom aside from being a certified midwife also happens to be a hairdresser during her younger years. She graduated at one of the prominent beauty school in Manila and with the knowledge she had after graduation she opened her own salon. I still remember, I saw some old photos of her parlor where she cuts, curls and style the hairs of her customers. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed on what she is doing at that time but sad to say that no one in our family really followed her being a beautician.

For those that love making others beautiful and have passion for beauty, you can always hone your craft by enrolling on accredited beauty schools like Regency Beauty in the US. Their facilities are upscale and their instructors are talented and with ultra-high standards of cosmetology education.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Call Center Agents

Another friend of ours jumped into the call center agents bandwagon lately. Few years ago we have seen the major influx of call center facilities here in the Philippines that has given so many jobs to young professionals and even those that are seeking jobs. Many have been enticed to apply because of the high salary that most of the call centers are giving to their employees.

Though there's a strenuous trainings involve and working on graveyard shift which means they are awake midnight to early morning entertaining calls from different parts of the world that have different time zone from us, that didn't hinder them from applying.

Investors are attracted to open call centers here in our country simply because we have so many talented English speaking professionals and easy to train people that is why they opt to choose us. Top call center companies for sure have many benefits, incentives and Call Management Tools can be very helpful for their call centers agents.

I just wish more call centers will open so that more jobless Pinoys will be benefited.