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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Freshwater Pearl

The pearl is a gem that is worn by thousand worldwide, specifically the
freshwater pearl. This gem is perfect for any occasion, dress them up or dress them down. Anyway one wears them, heads will be turned, and attention will be at your fingertips. They are stylish, fun, simple or intricate, and most importantly they never go out of fashion! Their powers are incredible, offering luck, love and protection providing the basic essentials in life. Natural or cultured one will be satisfied with their purchase creating a love for an inanimate object that makes you feel confident!

The best way to go about buying this gem is purchasing a Fresh water pearl set, this way you get more for your money. You can have a combination package of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for less than you would buy them individually. Sets are a great way to mix and match depending on the occasion of the event! Find your favorite design and get them in a set to create the look you were going for!

Friday, December 31, 2010

The Finest Timepiece to Demonstrate the Times of Two Time Zones - Rolex GMT Master Replica

All the watches presented by Rolex possess unique and exclusive features. Among these watches, the Rolex GMT-Master watch has the potential to display the times of two time zones. The significance of this attribute is better known by people who travel a lot and their travels mostly consist of international trips.

Initially, this facet of the watch was intended for pilots, since they are the most frequent travelers and they used to face trouble in calculating the difference of times of their original region and their destination. With the passage of time, and after observing the fact that even people belonging to general public might have the requirement of such an improbable watch, these watches were introduced for the general public usage as well.

Resembling the original Rolex watch, the Rolex GMT-Master replica is also one of the most excellent watches possessing the distinctive feature of presenting the times of two time zones.

For the purpose of fulfilling the needs of the people, these watches have been through various examinations and study. Only after that, these wonderful replica watches have been produced and the end result was as anticipated, these replicas are widely accepted like the original watches.

It has been figured out by people all over the world that in these days of worldwide economic crisis, the replica watches are much more feasible to be used as compared to the original Rolex watches. The capability of wristwatches of being attached with the wrist of the user all the time is very crucial and due to this characteristic of a watch, it is exceptionally intelligent to affix as many features as possible to the watch. This notion has been ideally applied on the Rolex replica. With the passage of time, even additional attributes useful to people are being successfully introduced.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Elegant Timepieces

I’ve always been a watch lover and looking for new styles and designs online and at watch stores at the malls excites me. I have a small collection of watches, even though they are not luxury ones, I still considered them my priced possessions. I also wish to have one those elegant and rare time pieces like Ulysse Nardin Macho Palladium that are sold over at Lussori, offers elegant, luxury, unique and even rarest watches in the world. They have a showroom at Main Street in downtown Los Altos in California and houses certified watchmakers, gemologists and custom jewelers that will see to it that their customers’ discerning taste in timepieces and jewelries are met.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Sis Got Another Bling

When it comes to jewelry, diamonds in particular, I can say that my sister Joy and brotherinlaw in Sydney have really an eye for it. BIL who loves giving precious diamonds to my sis as a token of his love for her given during wedding, anniv. or even birthdays. Sigh.. wish I can have at least one or even those loose diamonds in my collection.

When sis came home here in Pinas last year, she showed me yet another bling. This time a studded bracelet with diamonds on it. I was wowed by it but she is smirking and told me it's only a replica lol. Wow but it looks oh so real.! That is the only fake diamond that she is wearing and they bought it in Hongkong when they took vacay there in December.

Friday, November 13, 2009

I Love Watches!!!

I don't know about you but I really love watches. For many years I have not bought watches for myself because most of them are given. Lucky me! Just like last year, I went to Australia for vacation and when we went to Hamilton Island my broinlaw gave a beautiful gold Guess watch from me and to my sister as well. I never expected that he will give me such but he said it’s a small token for all the things that I have done to his family. Ahhh I was so touched.

Before I even went back home here in Pinas, my girlfriends in Australia went on shopping and I spotted a watch sale so we all end up buying Fossil and Guess watches. Oh dear, my sis told me that I have a collection of watches already and I should stop already hehe.

Oh dear she is wrong because my love for watches grew more, just this year I bought another watch and this time through a friend Faye, who is in the US. I bought a beautiful DKNY silver watch that I got for a lesser price than the store price here. Now, if you might call it an obsession, I wanted to order yet another watch from her and his time I want a leather one. You know big or oversized watches are in these days so maybe I’ll get one of those. Yebah!

If you also love watches like I do, I know you’ll find it very tempting to buy watches even if it a replica. If you can’t afford those expensive Swiss watches then perhaps you’ll find it interesting to see some Swiss replica watches. You can actually save more without breaking your bank at Just choose among Gucci, Patek Philippe, Rado, Tag Huer and more branded replica coz you might end up buying a nice watch for yourself or as a gift.

Watch out I'll be buying a new watch for myself soon...LOL

Friday, September 4, 2009

Women Always Love Shopping

When it comes to shopping women will definitely have the authority over that. So what is in shopping that we get excited? I dunno but just seeing those nice bags, clothes, shoes, watches and jewelleries , they all make us drool. Blame it on the stores that display nice things, they surely know how to capture attention of shoppers.

How much more if there are sale? Women will literally go there are hunt for those deals. We are bargain hunters by nature, we love nice pieces and we always wanted to buy again eventhough we already have a bag. When online store sprouted over the years, women have more reason to shop as they are more accessible and easy to get hold of anything in just the click of a mouse.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Fave Guess Watch

Litratong Pinoy entry
I love watches!! I think I have 6 of them that I use everday but some are used for special occasion. One of my favorite watch is this GUESS watch, it was bought and given by my brother in law when we are in vacationing in Hamilton Island.. How sweettt.. right?