Thursday, February 25, 2010

Heavy Heart

A friend online shared a video from Youtube of a 5-yr old kid who saved the life of her dad when she called 911. With her calmness and alertness, she was able to talk to the 911 dispatcher and hanged on till the rescuers came inside their house. I also thought that she is so cute and bright just by hearing her voice.

After watching that video, i started to browsed more videos and it lead me to more disturbing 911 videos and it teared me up into tears. I was really crying and sobbing and could not believe what I've been hearing. Makes me value my life more and and consider of browsing for an instant life insurance quote just in case.

My browsing didn;t stop there because I watched the Sept. 11th videos and the last minute calls of flight attendant Betty Ong of Flight 11. I was having a heavy heart. The last video I watched was the hanging of Saddam Hussein. Woooo what a morning I had! I had to stop watching because it's only making me sad and disturbed.

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