Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Bes Wants a Lappy

Why not? We use it for our work.

Actually she already has a desktop at home located inside their room but she wanted work in the living room or maybe near the kitchen when she is cooking so a laptop will be more handy for her. There are also times that she wanted to watch TV while still working or surfing so she considered of having a laptop.

Last year, my bestfriend Race and I went on a laptop window shopping in Greenhills seeing all those branded laptop computers with different specifications. She wanted to wait for more options so she is not buying yet. Now she told me that a friend of her sister is selling it's Compaq laptop for only 10K, i told her to ask the specs first before buying it.

Personally I don't like to buy a second hand laptop, because you'll never know how it is used or how many more years or months it will work so I guess the best is just to buy a brand new. It doesn't have to be expensive brands like my Dell or HP but as long as it is new and the specs is just right for your needs.

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