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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Typhoon Ondoy's 3rd Anniversary

September 26, 2009, how can we Pinoys forget Typhoon Ondoy? For many of us, it's a day where many lives have never been the same again.

Actually, we are not that much affected because the floods where just on our garage but only an inch away it will enter our house already. I'll never forget the experience of walking with my niece on thigh-high floods where tree logs are rushing while we are trying to reach our home. We're suppose to go to our internet shop but floods went up so quickly that we need to go back. Our vehicle can't pass anymore so we decided to walk.  The water just went up crazy!

Anyway, many have died and properties lost. I'm praying that no more typhoon or even habagat in that magnitude will ever happen again.!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Symphony in the Rain

Ahhhh.. it rained hard last night brought about by the ‘Ambo’, the 1st typhoon here in the country this year. I woke around 12 midnight due to the sound of the rain, gusty wind and the symphony of toads around. They are singing endlessly trying to catch a mate during this rainy season. What a nice sound to hear but it’s getting annoying later on. With that I guess I went back to sleep at 2 pm already.

This morning is the same, I can hear them loudly and it reminds me also of the music I heard when I was at the mall on weekend. It’s was soothing and beautiful.  I passed by a music store, trying to find Elixir guitar strings for my nephew who is playing the guitar and thankfully I got some for he asked me to buy it for him. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be hearing a lot of symphony of frogs since rainy season has just started.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Weather Can Be Crazy

Thankfully, the weather is getting a bit cooler everyday. There’s even a fog the other day that made a lot of us surprised but it was believed it was only a smog so people are advised not to be exposed to it all the time.

In some parts of the world, it’s winter already and I have to say that they need to bundle up so much as the weather can be brutally cold. For riders, they can use heated motorcycle clothing while on the road. At home, they can also use heaters and warm blankets to make them warm. Brrr..

Though it’s cold in the mornings here, we expect hot and humid days ahead that can make a lot of people mostly kids sick. So be sure to load yourself with vitamins C and eat healthy!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Crazy Weather, Crazy Me

I woke up late this morning but I thought it was still early in the morning for it's a bit cool and still dark. It was already 8:30 am but it's gloomy outside. I was suppose to go out to the nearest mall to buy shoes, blouse and some cigars for my sis and BIL that they asked me to send them overseas but I feel so lazy today that I decided not to go. It feels like my hormones are tumbling up and down inside me making me crazy since yesterday.  Oh I hate this feeling.

The gloomy and cool weather made me think of Christmas already. I guess I need to get my sweaters in the closet for I believe that cold weather will stay until January.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Survive a Storm Shelters

How many times have we heard people have been killed by a powerful storms and tornado in some parts of the US and the world? Not only lives have perished but houses, properties and even their business. It's such a heartbreaking scene to see the massive destruction that a powerful tornadoes can do to all of us.

Tornadoes can be very violent and I reckon if you’re in an area where storms and tornadoes frequent and you don’t want to relocate, I suggest you do invest in having a storm shelter like this for it can save you and your family when tornadoes hit. image

Monday, June 20, 2011

Finally It’s Gone

It’s been how many days that I’m under the weather. I’ve been taking some cold medicines for days now and thankfully I'm getting better. The changing weather seems to have affected my health and eventhough I didn’t get so sick, having colds and cough are already uncomfortable and made me become too lazy to work.

Aside from that, the continues rains had out internet to lost it’s signal once in a while. I guess all the antennas that are connected on our base station are also affected. Just few hours earlier, I thought that the signal will completely be gone but as soon as I have reset the antenna it was back to normal again.

I learned that the storm that hits other portions of the country is gone already but a new low pressure area is seen to be coming in again. I’m not surprise anymore since it’s already rainy seasons already, we just hope that it will not be destructive like Ondoy. Sis is coming home for vacation this week and praying for their safe flight back home too.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Combating Air Pollution in Our Homes

The weather lately is not that good, it changed dramatically for the last few weeks. It started out so cold at the beginning of the year where we found ourselves wearing jackets when we go outside or even inside the house. There are even times when I have to put on socks for the cold temperature is making me chill and uncomfortable. We thought that weather will last for more weeks but as when February just came in, the heat has started to creep. Oh boy, we're already complaining how hot it was most especially outside.

I guess the weather makes a lot of people getting sick most especially the kids. My 8 yr old niece got sick for few days with colds and fever and her parents need to consult her doctor for medicines. The weather and the pollution are just some of the factors that makes us sick. The air that we breath everyday can also make us acquire diseases for there are allergens that are floating in the air.

Keeping our homes safe from these allergens can be minimized if not totally eradicate them. One of the many solutions that we can do is by getting air purifiers like those made by Rabbit Air. Molds, pet dander, odors and even cigarette smoke can be filtered this making the air in our house more safer to breathe.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Rainy Days are Here

Wow, the rain is pouring so madly right now and it was so dark and gloomy and looks like it's one of those rainy days that we are having. It's been raining for many days already and there's no doubt that summer is officially over and we need to get prepared for the rainy days ahead of us. I'm guessing that many typhoons will be coming at our country this year and I just hope that nothing like Ondoy will come ever again as it is so destructive! We should all pray for that.

My SIL and I have been talking about buying big plastic bags, a big rope and probably a  whistle just in case. I'm not wishing that we'll ever use that during the rainy days but we'll never know. I could not imagine or don;t want to imagine myself and my family to experience the horrible experiences that others had last year.

It's really nice to sleep at nights when it is raining but for some raining and floods will give them sleepless nights.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yay it's 38C!

Oh my goodness.. it was darn hot lately.!! I was so uncomfortable and sweating and saw it was 38C yesterday afternoon. It was humid and sticky even after taking a cold bath.

I guess this is the hottest year that I have experienced in my whole life and I will not wonder anymore why there are many kids getting sick. Old folks are also very vulnerable to suffer hypertension and heat stroke bec. of the weather.

The weather really have changed for the worst and experts are still continuing their study and weatherization training to learn more ways on how we can protect the Nature. We should also do our own little way in being an eco-friendly household.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Scorching Heat

Looks like that summer is here already. I can feel the temperature is getting hot each day except for early morning where it is a bit chilly but it will suddenly get hot mid-morning. I can't even go out anymore without putting my sunglasses on and my umbrella for the sun will burn my skin immediately. You know how Pinoys hate to get sunburn.

What makes me a bit worried is that the weather bureau already announced a hot-hot summer and el niƱo so that means it's gonna one sticky and humid summer for all of us. I can only feel sorry for those that have skin asthmas or those eczema because for sure their skin will be more rough and itchy. I bet those eczema treatments kits will be sellable once again.

Worse is that babies will have sun rashes and hope they will keep cool this summer. Oh btw , we also need to conserve electricity bec. meralco announced an increase in their rates.. BoOOOooo!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Storm Isang Left Me & Others Stranded

How can I forget yesterday?

I could not leave our house because It was raining real hard yesterday morning but I still went ahead as I have to pay some bills. It was about almost 12 noon when I am heading back to my shop but the continuous rain made our street flooded. The jeepney that I was in didn't want to drive across the floods so he gave my money back to I can ride another one.

I boarded another jeepney but the driver saw the deep floods ahead so all passengers are then instructed to go down. Arghhhh.. I don't want to walk in the floods so I decided to wait for a while. Finally after waiting for about half an hour, a brave jeepney driver drove through the floods and finally I reached our place. It will flood easily here in our place if there is a continues rains.

My nephew on the other hand, went to Manila and was on his way home round 5 pm when he got stranded. Nothing to ride he decided to walk till he reached the place where buses are there. He managed to squeeze himself in the bus and he got home at 11 pm. YAY!

Floods everywhere!! No classes in NCR right now and other parts of the nation. It's raining still, cold and gloomy. What a nice weather to sip hot soup and laze around.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Updates on Typhoon Feria

Yesterday (24th) Metro Manila and other surrounding provinces suspended classes in pre-school, elementary and h-school classes due to Typhoon Feria. There are floods especially in low lying areas but here in our place it didn't rain that much.

Anyway, I was watching the news last night and I heard that Typhoon Feria already weakens and the storm signal no. 2 in Metro Manila was brought down at signal no. 1 but despite that there's still no classes (pre-school, elementary and h-school) in METRO MANILA, BATAAN, BATANGAS, and CAVITE today.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Changes in the Weather

It's summer and it's getting hotter each day. 33-34C outside, almost everyday how can you be comfortable?

Though it's the month to go to the beach the rains have started to fall. The weather bureau says it is still summer but hey we are having a RAINY SUMMER. That doesn't make the temperature cool down though because it is still hot.

Sorry for complaining but the weather really have changed this year. Summer have become hotter and it easily floods easily. Poor earth, how can we saved it?