Sunday, February 14, 2010

Scorching Heat

Looks like that summer is here already. I can feel the temperature is getting hot each day except for early morning where it is a bit chilly but it will suddenly get hot mid-morning. I can't even go out anymore without putting my sunglasses on and my umbrella for the sun will burn my skin immediately. You know how Pinoys hate to get sunburn.

What makes me a bit worried is that the weather bureau already announced a hot-hot summer and el niƱo so that means it's gonna one sticky and humid summer for all of us. I can only feel sorry for those that have skin asthmas or those eczema because for sure their skin will be more rough and itchy. I bet those eczema treatments kits will be sellable once again.

Worse is that babies will have sun rashes and hope they will keep cool this summer. Oh btw , we also need to conserve electricity bec. meralco announced an increase in their rates.. BoOOOooo!

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