Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Sis Got Another Bling

When it comes to jewelry, diamonds in particular, I can say that my sister Joy and brotherinlaw in Sydney have really an eye for it. BIL who loves giving precious diamonds to my sis as a token of his love for her given during wedding, anniv. or even birthdays. Sigh.. wish I can have at least one or even those loose diamonds in my collection.

When sis came home here in Pinas last year, she showed me yet another bling. This time a studded bracelet with diamonds on it. I was wowed by it but she is smirking and told me it's only a replica lol. Wow but it looks oh so real.! That is the only fake diamond that she is wearing and they bought it in Hongkong when they took vacay there in December.

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