Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Cousin's Got a Big "C"

After sobbing while watching disturbing videos on Youtube early today I was faced with a heavy heart once again. I was chatting with my older sister over at YM this afternoon and we were talking about our reconnecting to our cousins in the US via Facebook . I remember my sis telling me that one of my cousin has undergone another surgery and is recuperating so I asked about her once again.

I was dumbfounded when I learned that she was diagnosed to have breast and uterus cancer. Deadly "c' got her and my sis told me that she has few more months or years to live. This is sooooo sad news that I only learned today. I am speechless!.  After losing 2 aunts from breast cancer, now it's her who is affected.

I am actually scared to know that because that only means that it runs in our family and I should really be worried about. I only hope that my cousin can still recover and still a miracle can happen. My prayers are with her.

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