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Monday, February 22, 2010

Call Center Agents

Another friend of ours jumped into the call center agents bandwagon lately. Few years ago we have seen the major influx of call center facilities here in the Philippines that has given so many jobs to young professionals and even those that are seeking jobs. Many have been enticed to apply because of the high salary that most of the call centers are giving to their employees.

Though there's a strenuous trainings involve and working on graveyard shift which means they are awake midnight to early morning entertaining calls from different parts of the world that have different time zone from us, that didn't hinder them from applying.

Investors are attracted to open call centers here in our country simply because we have so many talented English speaking professionals and easy to train people that is why they opt to choose us. Top call center companies for sure have many benefits, incentives and Call Management Tools can be very helpful for their call centers agents.

I just wish more call centers will open so that more jobless Pinoys will be benefited.