Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spending ...

I can say that I’m a bit frugal but when I really wanted something, I save hard for it. I also see to it that my things are kept safely and I know if someone gets it without my permission and it that happens they (my family) can really hear words from me. I can also say that I spend my money wisely, thinking many times if i needed that item or not but of course like any other person I have also my impulsive behaviour. There are instances when I’m at the mall and saw something that makes my heart beats fast. I tend to buy it on impulse and later on regret it.

I love bags and clothes but not much on shoes. If only I have more money I would also like to gold or perhaps buy gold bullion as an investment. We all know that gold’s value rises as time pass by and I reckon that is good investment.

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