Monday, November 29, 2010

House Maintenance

These past few days, mom is kinda busy checking for the things in the house that needs some repair. Our water pump is not working automatically for the last 5 months but we can still use it by manual mode to pump water in our reservoir (tank). We’ll have it replaced with a more durable one like those commercial pumps once it stops working already.

Aside from that, a technician came to the house to fix our La Germania stove. The other burner is not working for few weeks now and since it’s hard to cook with only 1 burner being used, mom had to call someone to fix it. It’s been years that we’ve been using that stove and due to water and oil spilling, rusts and dirt formed in the burner. Thankfully, the technician only billed us Php500 for the repair.

Bulging Muscles

Frankly, I don't fancy seeing guys with too much muscles on their bodies. I just feel eeky looking those big bulging muscles that looks like it's going to burst lol. I know those muscles are for muscle builder that have been seriously and religiously going to the gym with the hopes to build muscle. Though some women find it sexy but not for me.

Funny thing is that, some men will really try to show their big muscles by wearing tank tops or too tight shirts so that it can form to their bodies. Oh well, that's their thing.

Are You Afraid to Grow Old?

Growing old is inevitable and are you prepared for it?

Some would say that they are afraid to grow old and much worst afraid to die. As you look at yourself in the mirror, what thoughts are going through your mind? Laugh lines, dark circles around the eyes that already needed an eye wrinkle cream, hair balding, grey hairs, sagging skin, weakening health and motor skills can make us feel sad and depressed but that is all part of life and we should embrace it. All of us will grow old so we'll just need to make the most of what we have and enjoy life to the fullest.

As for issues about appearance, if you have the money, cosmetic procedures can slow down your aging and can even make you look younger.

Blogging Mojo Where are You?

Weekend has passed and I had a relaxing one. Usually, Sunday is really my rest day from my blogging tasks but there are times that I need to work most especially when I have a deadline trying to beat. Last night, eventhough my eyes and brain are shutting down, I have to make 3 posts on my other blogs so I can keep up with my quota for the day.

Today, it's already late afternoon now when I started to work on my tasks and it seems that my blogging mojo rested once again. I also need to check out and learn more about it. I know later on my mojo will flow freely as I need it badly.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Being Financially Sane Over the Holidays

Financial sanity is one of those things I try to strive for. It isn't always easy, of course. Sometimes you just feel like chucking it all, and seeing if those old communes from the '60s are still around so you can grow food and not care about money any more. Of course that isn't going to happen because I love the Internet (and you guys) way too much to ever abandon all the creature comforts I'm hooked on. But still, being financially sane is about enough to drive me crazy. Take saving, for instance. Yeah, please. But seriously, saving really can be tough as nails.

Take the holidays; wait, keep the holidays right where they are, but let's get over the notion that Thanksgiving has to be this big deal where everybody is all uncomfortable and awkward. And why does Christmas have to be all about buying a bunch of stuff for everybody around you? I know, it's good for the economy and it creates jobs, and it's a nice thing to do for people. But when you think about it, this is the only time of the year where everybody and their brother feels like spending every dollar they have just to get people they barely know stuff that they may or may not like.

I mean, if you have tons of money it's fine to do stuff like that. But if you have to visit just to be able to afford your household bills after you binge out on holiday spending (have you seen how much they're selling a pie for these days?), it's getting to a point that only a crazy person would think is financially sane. But what are we going to do about this problem, anyway? There is just this psychological bent we all seem to have during some parts of the year, when it comes to giving people gifts.

Are New Chevrolet Models Right For Me?

chevroletFinding the right new car is a big deal. I particularly like the new Chevrolet models that have recently become available. These look as if they could provide an individual with some of the most interesting and up to date features. I am considering the benefits of buying a new vehicle, but before I do, I need to better understand my options and what discounts I may be able to find.

As I look at the options in this particular line of vehicles, I first consider the vehicle style. There are sporty vehicles, which are great for those who are single and looking for something fun. There are outstanding coupes and family sized cars, which are probably the most logical of choices for those who are on a limited budget or who want a practical vehicle. There are trucks and vans of all sizes, too. And, there are SUV models available as well by this manufacturer.

After narrowing down those options, the next thing I need to consider are the features important to me. Some things are not options and must be included, such as air bags and the right engine. Others are less important but would be appreciated, such as having safety features and incorporating entertainment and GPS systems. I realize that some of these may be at a higher level of importance than others, though.

Finally, it comes down to the price. As I consider the options available to me in new Chevrolet models, one thing that remains most important is the price. I will spend some time comparing my options online to find out which dealerships can offer the best price for my particular needs. I will then spend more time negotiating with the dealership to get the best deal. If I can research online, though, I can find more opportunities for the vehicles that are right for me.

Slow Play Poker Strategy

The more I play Texas Hold-em the more I believe it is best to slow play a hand. Whether you are playing poker online or in a live game, the better job that you do of concealing your hand the better chance you have of winning a big pot.

Maybe it is just that women are inherently less aggressive than men but I think making small bets early on or even checking when you have a good hand is a good way to keep the other players off guard. Let the hand develop and wait for the flop to see if your hand is going to get better or worse. I know there are those who say you should bet big when you catch a pair early to get the players who might flop a flush or straight out, but I would rather slow play and take my chances.

If you are sitting on a pair headed to the flop why tip off everyone else at the table that you have a good hand? Once the dealer turns up the first three cards in the middle then you can make a bet if you match something. Since you didn't bet the first time, the other players will have you figured for just a pair when you actually have three of a kind or two pair and they are more likely to stay in the hand.

You might not think there is so much strategy to playing cards but it really is a mind game. I highly encourage you to get a group of friends together and start a regular poker night. The competition makes for great fun. If you really want to be the ultimate host, look at the custom poker tables for sale and get one to transform your rec room into a real poker room like the ones in the casinos.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Potential Dangers of Weight-Loss Medications

Weight-loss medications like Fenproporex (an amphetamine), Furosemide (a diuretic) and Sibutramine (an appetite suppressant) are purchased each day across the world. The dieting industry is a multi-billion dollar cash cow. The previous three ingredients are typically found in products sold as weight-loss pills. Unfortunately none of these were listed as ingredients and are no longer approved by the FDA for use in weight-loss medications. Any company can label weight-loss without proof that it is safe or works.

Federal Drug Administration (FDA) Involvement
There is no law in the United States that any agency has to approve supplements. Therefore, its goes back to the old shopping rule, “buyer beware.” Over-the-Counter (OTC) and prescribed medicines must go through a rigorous testing process to be approved for use. In many instances, OTC approval is granted after being prescribed for many years.

The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994
This act stated that any company selling a product in the classification of a dietary supplement does not have to register with the FDA and are not required to show proof of their product. The FDA will only become involved if the product is continually causing harm. Customer complaints are the trigger for these types of investigations.

Be Cautious
Customers should always be careful when taking pills as a diet supplement. Although many celebrities, sports icons and tapout models claim to take specific supplements, they can still be harmful. It was uncovered that nearly 100 dietary supplements did not list ingredients. Since there is a lack of regulation, these products could contain a much higher dosage than what was originally listed.

Interactions among Other Drugs
In addition to the potential for contamination and incorrect ingredient listing, when taking dietary supplements there is the risk of harmful interactions with other drugs you are taking. Some supplements trigger bleeding or increase tolerance to anesthesia.

Pacquiao Now a Boxing Icon

The unbelievable career of Manny Pacquiao will carry on for a few more years, but not much longer according the man who might be one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the history of the sport.

Pacquiao might be the most famous person from the Philippines, since, maybe ever. But the boxer, singer and congressman will not be in the ring forever to the disappointment of his legions of fans around the world. After his thrashing of Antonio Margarito, Pacquiao announced that he plans to spend only three more years in the squared circle. While the news might be disappointing to boxing fans it certainly is not surprising. Pacquiao is the first boxer in the history of the sport to hold championship belts in eight different weight classes.

He was willing to take on Margarito, an opponent who was banned for fighting in many destinations after being accused of loading his gloves. However, after the Pacquiao fight it looked like Margarito was the one on the receiving end of a beating from brass knuckles or another foreign object.

Due to his combination of hand speed and relentless offensive attacks, Pacquiao has become the top of the sport and perhaps the one fighter that is a bigger draw than Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Mayweather had been considered the top draw of the sport until Pacquiao arrived on the scene. After the last performance and Mayweather’s legal problems it seems as if Pacquiao has passed up his former rival in the minds of fans and boxing observers.

While Pacquiao might be a popular figure attracting everything from top affiliate programs to endorsements for popular products it was not until recently that he was considered superior to Mayweather. While boxing fans dream of a super fight between the two, if that match-up does not occur it seems that history will look more favorably on the boxer who did not hide from competition.

Choosing The Best Payday Loan Lender

Whether it's the holiday season or a loved one's birthday, we all have times when we might need to spend more cash than we have on hand. Those of us who find ourselves in this position may want to look at the idea of using a payday loan or other types of emergency cash loans.

It is important to choose the best payday loan for your particular situation. You do have the ability to look around for the payday loan program that has the best APR (annual percentage rate) for your budget and your needs. Keep in mind that you want to avoid lenders who want you to pay a fee upfront before you can receive any funds.

Another consideration to keep in mind, especially when searching for a lender via the Internet, is how professional the lender’s site looks. If it is fraught with grammar and spelling errors, it might be in your best interest to steer clear of that particular lender. This shows a lack of professionalism and attention to detail. You certainly don’t want this type of lender providing you with financial services. And always avoid any type of offshore lenders. Also make sure that the website is a secure site so your personal information is protected.

Find out if the potential lender is properly licensed by the state in which they are doing business. These licensing regulations vary from state to state, so do your homework and research whether the potential lender meets your state's requirements. Do not do business with lenders who will allow you to “roll over” your loans above and beyond the regulatory limits.

Always make sure you read and understand the fine print of the loan agreement. This fine print will include the all-important interest rate and repayment schedule. Avoid lenders who pressure you to sign without actually reading the document.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Will he Pop the Question Over the Holidays?

I am consumed by a big mystery at the moment – I’m wondering whether my boyfriend is finally going to propose. We have been together for seven years already and we bought an apartment together last year so I really feel like the commitment is there, but still there is no ring on my finger.

I have to say it is getting a bit depressing watching the bridesmaids dresses accumulate in my closet as one by one my girlfriends waltz down the aisle with the man of their dreams. The latest one to tie the knot had only known the groom for a year, so I admit wholeheartedly to feeling a heavy sense of “no fair” as I preceded her down the aisle on her big day.

I know, I know, they say we can’t push men into marriage, but dropping a few hints is OK, right? Well, I think it is anyway, which is why I have begun to stare wistfully at my naked left hand ring finger sighing loudly as I do so, especially when my boyfriend asks me what it is I want for Christmas.

I have also begun to “accidentally” forget to log off from the Internet after browsing through the selection of Tacori engagement rings to find my favourite.

We will be spending the holidays with my parents and then heading up to the mountains for New Year, I can’t help hoping that one of these locations will provide me with the long awaited proposal. Although, I am also beginning to worry that I am over-thinking the whole thing, because I have tried so many times to practice how I would answer the big question that I am worried that when the moment finally arrives I’ll just spout a whole load of nonsense! Might make myself some crib notes: one word – yes!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

All I Want for Christmas

It's 32 more days and it's Christmas already. Are you starting to buy your Christmas presents already? I do, as I hate the Christmas rush where there are more people shopping and cramming to find gifts. If you also shop a little  bit late, chances are the items that you'll buy is already out of stock, so if I were you, start buying now.

I'm sure the Black Friday sale in the US will also be a good opportunity for shoppers to score a great deal. My twitter friends are getting super excited over the sale as they are shopping as well. I'll just wait for a friend's items that she will be selling and hope that I'll find nice bag (yes.. bag again!).

Aside from that, I planned on replacing our old and about to give up washing machine and electric fans and I promised my mom that we'll be buying them this December. I also wanted to have one of those lg tvs that I found online and with only $229.99 as a price, I'm getting tempted already.
I'm sure it'll be more fun to watch my fave TV shows and movies using this 19" LCD HDTV. Maybe next year,  I can buy this already but for the meantime, this will goes to my wish list.

Shopping... Shopping and Shopping

November and December are my shopping months. I can't help myself to shop, splurge and spoil myself since November is my birthday month. I already shopped for too many things before and after my birthday this month and I'm still shopping up to now hehe. Can't blame me as I have been penny pinching for the last months and now it's the time to enjoy after all the hard work I have done.

But with all the spending that I've been doing lately, mom and friends keep telling me to think about my health too. With that, I need to get a health plan that similar to that of NC Blue Cross Blue Shield in the US. I'm not getting any younger so I really need to focus more on my health as well.

Anyway, just this morning, I passed my the tiangge in our town to buy some shirts that I can give as Christmas gifts. There are too many people buying already and since it's also the place where wholesale items can  be bought, there are also buyers buying by the bulk. Yay, I can't help but to shop.

Applying for Passports

Since the new system of applying for passport is already implemented, appointment at the DFA is already done online and it makes applicants save more time lining up and waiting so much in line. My niece, nephew and my SIL will be applying for their passports and they thought that their appointment will be next year already since we heard from others that sometimes the dates of reservation are already loaded.

They tried online last week and luckily they got the November 30, 4:30 pm slot. With the reviews and experiences that I read online about the process once you're there at the said time, it's much faster and more convenient to many people.

I'm sure they got a new document imaging system and more computerized processing that's why it's already convenient already. I sure hope when it's my time to renew my passport come 2012, the system will still be faster.

Most Viewed and Commented Post on this Blog

I posted an experience that my niece and I experienced over the phone last May 2009 about a certain guy who spoke to my niece about a possible job. Right after that, it was on the1st page of Google search up until now. It also has about 76 comments to date and for sure many will be sharing more info and comments about the issue.

It was quite interesting to read all their comments and their own experiences about some people calling up fresh graduates or young professionals over the phone and luring them to go to a certain place in Ortigas for a job offer.

Find out the post and comments at my post entitled "Beware: 15 flr Octagon Building San Miguel, Ortigas Pasig City" and who knows you might share your own experience as well.

Procrastinate Less


Ok, I have the tendency to procrastinate at time that I end up being rushed. I need to learn to procrastinate less so I can be more productive.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Season of Eating

Christmas is not only a season for gift giving, shopping and merry making as it is also a season of eating. Left and right there will be Christmas parties, reunions and get together and that only means that lots of food will be served.

It's a time for people who loves to eat, indulge and drown themselves with foods. They have every reason not to diet because they'll make this season as a good excuse not to watch what they eat. The best fat burner available in the market will be their best friend once they realized that they have eaten enough and their waist has ballooned once again.

I can't wait for more parties and gatherings coming soon for I know that more friendships and love will surface once again.

Getting Help for Mesothelioma Victims

Workers that are too exposed to asbestos for long periods of time have greater risk of developing cancer. Studies show that asbestos can cause cancer called Mesothelioma. The tiny fibers of asbestos which are floating in the air can be inhaled and swallowed and as a result, tumors can form in the mesothelium that can turn into deadly cancer.

Asbestos which is used primarily in manufacturing of cements and roofing has already been banned due to many cases of Mesothelioma. If you have been a victim of this ailment or you know someone, contacting a Houston asbestos lawyer can be helpful in filing a case and getting claims for the damage it has brought to your health.

Yo-yo Dieting

If there is one wish that my older sister wants to achieve this coming year is how to get rid of belly fat fast for she’s been really bothered by her growing belly fats. I have seen her yo-yo dieting and how she lost and gain weight alternately. I think she also needs to exercise and have self control on what she eats then she's going to be good.

Her kids are even teasing her that she’s been trying too hard to look lean but in the end she’s still going back to her real weight. In my opinion, I think she just need to maintain the weight that she has since she is not that big anyway because the more she stress herself in trying to lose weight, the more she gains weight, lol.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

1. My birthday yesterday!
2. Dine out with friends.
3. Shopping galore in Greenhills, bought some stuff like blouses, jewelry and other items as Christmas gifts. Stroll the mall while canvassing for hiking backpacks for a friend, cellphone and rechargeable batteries.
4. Ensaymaditas with caramel filling from "Must be Moms. Yummm... but too sweet for me.
5. Mom's almost done home improvements
6. Fried chicken!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Blogging and Investing

Blogging can be a lot of fun. I started blogging way back in 2005 at my bravejournal account and soon after that, I opened accounts at blogger and at WP. I just love how I can share all my thoughts, experiences, online finds and everything on my blogs and how I can monetize them too. Through hard work and penny pinching, I was able to save a little. I can also buy things that we need and want.

My other blogger friends are also enjoying blogging and they’re also been saving for their children and family’s future. Invest in gold and venture in other business are what I’ve been hearing from them and in this way we can properly invest our money.

Time to Shop for Christmas Gifts

Teehee.. I’ve already started buying some of the Christmas gifts for my friends and family and I have to say that sometimes I have a hard time thinking of what to give. Sure, it’s fun to look around for gifts but most of the times, picking the ones that will make the recipient happy is sometimes hard.

I still have many to shop and put in my list, at least I still have lots of time to shop. I went online to look for possible gifts to my brothers and I stumbled upon christmas men red envelope items and they are many ideas that I found. I saw watch organizer, (which I also want for myself), leather wine carrier and more.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Travel Itch

My oldest sister is itching to travel once again. She's been e-mailing me back and forth about their plans and she's really quite excited over it. Another Asian trip is cooking up and just like what she's been telling us, we need to have fun once in a while. She also wanted to my mom to experiencing traveling until she's still fit to board an airplane.

I hope sis can get a great deal on tickets because we'll not worry about the place that we're staying since she has a bestfriend who has a house already in SI. I hope we'll also experience Branson vacation the next time we'll have travel itch. Yay, I'm getting excited now!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Working Hard

I've been working so hard these days and if you don't know my work, you'll wonder why I'm in front of my computer all day long. Some people are quick to judge and they even have the nerve to ask me that how come I can bear doing all computer stuff all the time. Sometimes I got irked with their remarks and have to tell them what I do so that they will know that I'm not just wasting my time online.

Hahaha, for some if only they know that I earn $$$ while I'm sitting and can even buy lots of gold, clothes and all then that for sure will shock them.

Want to Join the Gold Rush?

If you want to invest your hard earned money on gold bullion then you need to read and peruse US Gold Bureau. The site has lots of good information about gold: coins, bullion and other precious metals. You can learn the tips and tricks on investing in gold even before venturing on this business. To give you a sample, a 100 gram (3.215 oz) gold bars costs around $4,573.40 according to their site.

For more information, you can call their Precious Metals Hotline at 800-775-3504. To get you started you can also request for Investor’s kit and for their newsletter. Join the gold rush now and protect your family’s wealth.

Another Blog Contest


Check out the contest at Faye's blog and who knows you might win any of this nice prizes. This is the second time Faye is holding a contest so be sure to join so you'll have a chance to win. I wanted to get that Fossil watch so I hope I'll win. Check out for the mechanics HERE.

Prizes are:
1st prize - Fossil Ladies Watch
2nd prize - Fossil Ladies Watch
3rd prize -Kate Spade kikay kit (orange)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Saving Up a Little

Every Monday morning, my 7-yr. old niece is always ready to come to our house that is just next door. She’ll greet me good morning Tita (aunt) with her smile almost from ear to ear. I already know what she’s up to but I still let her tell me why she’s excited to look for me. Without being shy, she’ll reach out her right hand to ask for her weekly allowance in school.

I give her enough allowance to buy what she wants after school. Usually, she goes home with candies or small toys but there are times she’ll tell me that she didn’t buy any and she just put the coins at her piggy bank instead. Well at least she knows how to save money and I bet she’ll saving to buy another toy this Christmas.

I guess if she’ll save more till she become an adult, for sure she can even buy not just toys but at US Gold Bureau as well. She can invest on them or just have it as a collection.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Bring the Sunlight into your Homes

I’m always looking forward to weekends for it means the time to relax and unwind together with the whole family. Spending time together doesn’t mean that we need to go out to the malls or take a vacation all the time for we all can bond together and have fun at the comfort of our house. It’s also less expensive than going to the mall where your wallets can be drained when your kids will ask you to be extra things that are not needed.

We can have movie time in the living room, play games on the computer, have a barbeque at the backyard, or just relax and chill at the gazebo or sunroom. Sunrooms are perfect place to hang out with family and even your friends. It can become a luxury place, an extension in your home, where you can all have the view of the backyard as glass is surrounding the walls. Sunlight can generously come inside the sunroom making you opt not to open your lights making you save even more.

Calling Mister Sparky

I’m ready to work the other day when the electric fan in my work area is not working. The blades are not rotating and it’s only giving a very loud sound similar to an airplane landing. Afraid of having the motor to explode or something, I just unplugged it, called my brother, and asked him to fix it. He’s our handyman at home being the only guy who can fix almost anything. It seems that the motor of the fan needs some rewinding of sorts so I just didn’t use it anymore. I guess I just need to buy a new one instead of having it repaired again.

We need to have our electrical stuff in the house checked occasionally since having poor electrical installations may lead to short circuits that are actually fire hazards. Don’t forget to call Mister Sparky, your handy man for they will be at your doorsteps to fix things up.